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July 16, 2013
Online via Collaborate
Heartland REFORMA Chapter Meeting Agenda


Attending: Sarah Velazquez, Christine Peterson, Anitra Steele, Jean Hatfield

I. Welcome

II. Previous meeting minutes approval by consensus

III. Treasurers report – Jack was unavailable to attend the meeting. The treasurer's report is attached.

IV. National treasurers report – Sarah attended the board meeting of National REFORMA at ALA and reported that is suffering losses of revenue and is asking chapters to contribute more to the national organization. They discussed raising membership dues, having reduced rates for students and retirees. The treasurer's report was taped and Sarah will send out the link to add to minutes.

V. Old business

a. Google Talk: The group discussed the feasibility of using it since we don’t need permissions. This will enable us to meet without having to reserve a room with the state library. We decided to do a test meeting to see how it worked. Sarah proposed that we have some kind of trial run. Anitra asked that directions be made clear so that those who were less computer savvy could easily understand how to participate. Trial meeting proposed for Aug. 12 at 6:30 pm. Sarah will it up and publicize it.

b. Mock Belpre: Anitra and Jean met with Dr. Jaime Naidoo, Univ. of Alabama, and asked if he was interested in co-hosting the event. He was enthusiastic about the possibility and said that we can use their online software for discussion. Anitra will contact Jamie and set up a date and how to get the list developed.

c. Webinar: Everyone who attended the webinar believed it was successful. Many attendees were recruited from an email that Anitra sent to the ALSC discussion list. Attendees were from all over the US. Both attendees and presenters were satisfied with the event. Many thanks to Cindi Hickey for her help in making it happen.

VI. New business

a. Elections

i. President – Anitra Steele, retired, MCPL

ii. Vice President – Christine Peterson, Johnson County Library

iii. Secretary – Jean Hatfield, Wichita Public Library

iv. Treasurer – Jack Granath, Kansas City KS Public Library

v. Communications Officer – Sarah Velasquez, KUMC

VII. Next meeting date – It was thought that we could possibly hold a face-to-face meeting in conjunction with the Kansas Library Association conference in Topeka in October. Sarah will talk to Mickey Coalwell, KLA President, for advice on when it would be a good time to schedule a meeting. Jean suggested Friday afternoon, Oct. 11. Time and place will be announced later.

VIII. Announcements: Anitra mentioned the Nelson Museum's exhibit on Mexican art. She took the Frida and Diego puppets to Jack's library for a program with staff from the Nelson.

Sarah reported on the chapter meeting at annual. She would like to contact others to see what ideas we can do that other chapters have done. Everyone seems to be struggling financially and for members. The REFORMA listserv is back up. (I missed the opportunity to link to the listserv and therefore am not able to access it. Is there a way to become a member of the listserv now?)

Jean suggested that we need to increase our membership. Sarah is going to work on a communications plan to get new members.

Meeting adjourned – 7:14 pm
April 11, 2013
Online via Collaborate
Heartland REFORMA Chapter Meeting

9:00 am

Present – Cindi Hickey, Anitra Steele, Christine Peterson, Denice Adkins, Jean Hatfield

After some technical difficulties everyone was logged in and had audio. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. Treasurer Jack Granath was not present, but sent a note that there was no change in the treasurer’s report from the last meeting. Jean mentioned ALSC was offering free webinars promoting Dia de los Libros and Cindi was able to find the link and post it on the webpage. Jean also mentioned that ASCLA was presenting a webinar with Yolanda Cuesta.

We need more people following our Facebook page! Jean suggested that other members of the group promote our Facebook page to their colleagues. Christine encouraged everyone to look at the new Johnson County Library Facebook page promoting their programs.

Jean is a member of the REFORMA Librarian of the Year committee and encouraged everyone to look at the application and think of who might be a good candidate. The emphasis is more on emerging leaders rather than “lifetime achievement.”

Sarah and Jean had seen that Google Talk is a possibility for online meetings. Christine had some experience with using it with a small group. Jean’s concern was that when Cindi leaves the group and retires for good that we will not have anyone experienced with using the Collaborate software from the State Library. Christine expressed an interest in learning how to manage the meetings using Collaborate so she will work with Cindi on how to do that.

Jean discussed the planning for the webinar and the group talked about the structure of the webinar and the topics to be covered. Jean will moderate the discussion and Cindi will manage the slides and the whiteboard.

Next meeting set for Thursday, July 11 at 6:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Hatfield

February 21, 2013
Online via Collaborate
Heartland REFORMA Chapter Meeting

On a snowy Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013 – online via Collaborate.

Attending: Anitra Steele, Jack Granath, Naomi Solomon, Denice Adkins, Sarah Velazquez, Cindi Hickey, Jean Hatfield

Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m. – everyone snowed in! Sarah was not able to connect her microphone, so Anitra led the meeting via voice with Sarah chiming in via text. The joys of online meetings!

The minutes of the Dec. 8 meeting were approved.

Jack gave the treasurer’s report:
• Started $2,836.98
• Income: 0
• Expenses: $25.00 Reimbursement for food at Mock Belpre
• Ended: $2,811.98

The report was approved.

Jean reported on contacts she has made for the collection development webinar. The date was set for Apr. 30 from 1 – 2:30 pm. Cindi will arrange for a room in Collaborate. Cindi suggested that the speakers have visuals to add to the presentation. She will work with them on their presentations. Jean indicated that she will send questions and suggested topics to the presenters. If anyone has something they would like to have addressed, be sure to let Jean know. Anitra suggested that we ask about regional differences in Spanish and how selectors can find out about them in materials published in other countries. Cindi can prepare a certificate of attendance that participants can use for CE credits. Denice offered to “sign” them as national president. Suggestions for promoting the webinar were discussed. Denice and Sarah will promote in their graduate programs. Jack offered to have a viewing site if others want to attend at his branch.

Denice gave a report from National REFORMA. The organization is experiencing financial difficulties. Denice outlined reasons for this, plus steps that have already been taken to remedy the situation. The Board is considering raising dues and changing the structure of reimbursement for the chapters and wanted to get feedback from the chapters. The feedback from Heartland was that we understood why dues would need to be raised since they haven’t been raised in a long time.

They are considering holding a REFORMA National Conference in southern California, since there is already a structure in place there and it can draw a good number of attendees. The Board is also pursuing methods to raise funds and to increase and retain members. Suggestions for fundraising included offering webinars and charging attendees. Jean suggested that REFORMA partner with state and regional associations to offer pre-conferences as a way to make money for the organization.

Denice indicated that they are planning to bring back the listserv to foster communication.

Next meeting will be Thursday, Apr. 11 at 9 am via Collaborate.

Meeting adjourned at 10 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Hatfield, Secretary

December 8, 2012
Heartland REFORMA Chapter Meeting

South Branch, Kansas City Kansas Public Library

Attending: Cindi Hickey, Jack Granath, Jean Hatfield, Anitra Steele, Jane Hatch

Meeting called to order at 2:30 pm by Vice-President Anitra Steele.
Minutes from previous meeting and treasurer’s report were approved.
Treasurer’s Report and minutes from Oct. 4 meeting were approved.

Agenda: 1. Recruitment of new members –
a.Jean staffed an exhibit at MPLA/NLA in Omaha and created a mailing list of people who expressed an interest in REFORMA.
b.Discussion of drafting a letter to area library directors and/or branch managers was tabled in Sarah’s absence.
2.Mock Belpre –
a.Jan. 9, 2013 at 9 – 1 pm at the new South Branch of KCKPL.
b.Anitra will take the RSVP’s for lunch and will provide a lunch for attendees.
c.Cindi will post information on how to log on to the session on the webpage and on KANLIB.
3.Continuing Ed –
a.Jean has been working on getting presenters for a webinar.
b.A possible time would be in late March or early April.
Next meeting will on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. online.

Adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Hatfield, Secretary

October 04, 2012
Online via Collaborate
Heartland REFORMA Chapter Meeting

Attending: Cindi Hickey, Jack Granath, Jean Hatfield, Anitra Steele

Meeting called to order at 6:31 pm by Vice-President Anitra Steele.

Minutes from previous meeting and treasurer’s report were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Starting amount: $2,855.93
• Income: $25 donation
• Expenses: $100 (NLA/MPLA exhibit registration)
• Ending total: $2780.93


1. Recruitment of new members –
a. Sarah sent email to SLIM students and Jean will staff an exhibit at MPLA.
b. There were a lot of people from the metro area attending JCLC so we should try to recruit more from those attendees. We could try sending a letter to area library directors or branch managers encouraging them to join REFORMA or to promote it to their staff. Anitra will work with Sarah to draft the letter.

2. Mock Belpre –
a. Jan. 9, 2013 at 9 – 1 pm at the new South Branch of KCKPL.
b. Jack said they have 20 laptops that can be checked out and a projector in the meeting room.
c. Jean will get suggested titles on webpage by Nov. 1.
d. Anitra will send announcement of event to ALSC listserv and Jack will send announcement to KANLIB.. Sarah can promote to SLIM. Jean will promote at MPLA
e. Jean suggested having a shorter list for discussion to speed the discussion and perhaps attract more attendees. Could mention other titles but not discuss. We could shorten the time from 9 – 12 with lunch served afterward. The shorter time frame may attract more attendees.
f. Cindi suggested that she promote it to the system directors to host a “watch party.”

3. Continuing Ed –
a. Cindi suggested that we present a Collection Development workshop in the spring. Maggie has done one in the past. Jean suggested that we have someone from a publisher or distributor participate since it is can be offered as a webinar.
b. A possible time would be in late March or early April.
c. If we can get a time and place figured out, we can promote it at the Mock Belpre.

Next meeting will be a holiday social on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 2 pm at the South Branch, KCK, 3104 Strong, 66106, KCK 913-722-7400 potluck and bring a gift for the new branch.

Adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Jean Hatfield, Secretary

July 27, 2012
Online via Collaborate
The meeting started at 6:38 with Cindi Hickey, Jack Granath, Sarah Velazquez, Anitra Steele and Jean Hatfield in attendance.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Jack presented the treasurer’s report. The chapter received $140 in membership reimbursements from National REFORMA. The chapter has $2,855.93 The annual financial report is appended to the minutes. The financial report was approved as presented. Anitra reported on the REFORMA membership meeting at ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. The meeting included an address by ALA President-elect Barbara Stripling and an announcement concerning FIL, the Guadalajara book fair.

Anitra also discussed the activities of other chapters that Heartland may want to consider. The Orange County Chapter gives a grant of $150 to elementary schools to celebrate Dia de Los Libros. Anitra suggested that Heartland could consider giving a grant to a public library to help promote the celebration in our area. The Colorado Chapter had a program by an immigration lawyer and they offer free translation services to non-profits. The Tucson chapter did poster session at ALA on banned books.

Old Business

JCLC conference: Several members have volunteered to assist at the conference but the idea of having a table to promote our chapter did not pan out. It was suggested that Heartland members take membership brochures to have them available for distribution. It was also suggested that Heartland members wear a button to identify themselves when they attend. No one volunteered to make the buttons, so that decision was left open in order to find someone with access to a button machine.

Elections: Cindi Hickey reported on the election results. Jean was elected secretary and the by-laws revisions were passed. Anitra Steele was a write-in candidate for the office of vice-president/president-elect. It was moved and seconded to accept Anitra’s nomination and the motion passed unanimously. Incoming officers are Sarah Velazquez, president; Anitra Steele, vice-president; Jean Hatfield, secretary; Jack Granath, treasurer. The position of communications officer was not on ballot because the position was not official until after the by-laws changes were affirmed by the membership. Cindi expressed that she was discouraged at the low participation of members. She also encouraged us to recruit new members. Sarah indicated that she is planning on a recruitment activity at ESU-SLIM in the fall. She is hoping to find someone who may be willing to volunteer to help with the position of communications officer. Sarah will report on possible ideas for recruiting new members at the next meeting.

Membership: Jack reported that 7 people turned in their membership. We receive money for memberships twice a year. We had $243 in memberships for the year.

New business –

Cindi thanked the new officers for their willingness to serve. She was thanked by all for her service and foresight in facilitating online meetings.

The annual report is due to be sent to National. Cindi said that she would do it so it can be posted on the REFORMA website. (This is a reminder that we can see the reports from other chapters online at the REFORMA website.)

The topic of the upcoming Nebraska Library Association/Mountain Plains Library Association conference in Omaha was discussed. Jack said that he will submit paperwork for our chapter to have a table at the conference. Jean will attend and will set up and staff the table during no-conflict exhibit times. Cindi said that she can help create the table display. The membership brochure needs to be updated and printed so it can be distributed at the conference.

The Mock Belpre was tentatively set for Jan. 9 at Jack’s new KCK branch in Argentine. It was decided to set the time from 9:00 - 1:30 and provide lunch. Sarah said that she could be in charge of taking reservations for lunch. Cindi said that she will publicize the event.

Next meeting: Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned 7:30. Respectfully submitted by Jean Hatfield, Secretary

Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2012
Heartland Chapter REFORMA

Income 388.33

Membership Reimbursements from National REFORMA
• November - 213.33 • May - 140.00

Donations for RNC IV - 35.00*

May 3, 2012
Attendance: Cindi Hicky, Jack Granath, Sarah Velasquez, Jean Hatfield, Christine Peterson, Anitra Steele

Following a short discussion about CEU's and providing certificates for program/meeting attendees to receive them, the minutes were posted and approved.

Treasurer reported a starting/ending balance of $2715.93 and that paperwork is in place to receive reimbursement from National. Current membership information was also requested.

Jean reported on the program she presented at KLA . . . similar to the one she did in Nebraska.

Cindy will send out the Bylaws. Please read and reply by May 18. Some suggestions made were to update dues information to align with National, change the Historian position to a Communications/Media Officer, re-evaluate Secretary's duties and word meeting frequency to "at least quarterly".

Jean suggested that the membership list on the website be monitored so that a welcome note can be sent to new members with online meeting information.

Cindi will alert members to volunteer opportunities with the Librarians of Color conference in KC this September.

Elections: Our Bylaws call for July elections so a slate of nominations is needed soon. There are openings for VP/P elect and Secretary. Cindi volunteered to be appointed Communications Officer when that position is established.

KLA Council would like a Heartland representative. There was discussion as to how to word this appointment and if it should be added to the Bylaws.

Jean recommended that Heartland have a table at MPLA in Nebraska [Oct. 17-19, LaVista Nebraska, Omaha area]. She will check on logistics of this and to find help staffing table.

Having midday online meetings was discussed as a possible way to increase participation. Cindi will continue to facilitate the meetings online.

Elections: July 1

Next meeting: July 26, 6:30 pm online.
February 2, 2012
Oak Park Library
and online
Attending: Christine Peterson, Vicky Ortiz, Denice Adkins, Sarah Velasquez, Jack Granath, Jean Hatfield, Anitra Steele

Following introductions, Christine presented information on the newly revised ALSC Día website, which includes history, pictures of Mora prize winning programs, an extensive downloadable handbook of activities, booklists, coloring sheets, the opportunity to register your event and receive free handouts and educational opportunities i.e. Webinars about Día programming. Meeting [chaired by Sarah]

Minutes of the last meeting approved. Treasurer reported a total of $2715.93 in the Treasury after income of $213.34 dues from National and outgo of $1150.00 for Yolanda and Jean's conference expenses.

Mock Pura Belpré: Anitra and Christine reported on the Mock discussion. Appreciation was expressed for the quality of many of the entries.

Spectrum Email Blast: Jack crafted a message sent out to all Kansas libraries and shared it with Anitra [who sent it Missouri libraries via the State Library] and Jean to send to MPLA.

Sarah sent [with Cindi] a Heartland Report for the Reforma Newsletter. See it on the website.

Bylaws: Tabled until Cindi is able to participate in the discussion. Members are encouraged to read over the existing ones [Jack agreed to place on website] and make comments. They need updating to reflect current technological options.

Continuing Education: Heartland members will be offering a Spanish for Librarians class through Mid-America Library Alliance [KCMLIN] on May 17.

Next meeting: May 3 6:30. . .online and in person at Oak Park Library

        Suggested topic: Finding publishers and distributors of Spanish Language materials

Other items of interest:

National Librarians of Color to meet in Kansas City Sept. 19-23. Opening speaker is Sonia Manzano [Maria on Sesame Street] . Lauren Myracle and Sharon Flake will also speak. Consider volunteering to help.

Jean will be presenting at KLA on Latino Books for Kids. . .Ap 11-13 in Wichita.

October 27, 2011
Cindi opened the meeting, introducing Sarah Velesquez, our new Vice President. Sarah told us about herself.

Continuing our efforts to include learning with our meetings, Jean Hatfield presented her Nebraska Library Association Conference program....Libros Para Niños.

Minutes were read and approved with no corrections.

Treasurer's Report: $4152.84 minus the $500 donation to RNC for a balance of $3652.84.

Our share of dues paid to National and training on their software to come. Reimbursement for NLA and MLA conference expenses still outstanding. Yolanda's fee of $1000 was approved and will be paid [Anitra moved, Jean 2nd, approved unanimously] As Jean stated...we certainly got our money's worth.

Sarah reported on the MLA conference program. Noisy competition from the performers showcase affected audience but there were good questions asked.

Jack is working with KSL on sending out an email blast for the Spectrum Scholarships. Jean will adapt for MPLA and Anitra will adapt for Missouri.

Bylaws have been distributed to Jean and Sarah but not yet adapted. Cindi will do the final copy.

New Business:

Anitra will report Heartland events to the Newsletter...Cindi to send info.

Yolanda's workshop had 50 registrants from 12 states. Attendees agree she did a great job and provided thoughtful assignments. Notes from the program will be posted once KSL changes its web page.

The Mock Pura Belpré will be held Thursday Jan. 12 at JCL's Central Library. See Heartland's web page for list of discussion books.

Next meeting: Feb. 2 at Oak Park Library 6:30pm

Additional information:

Cindi will be retiring in April.

Jean thanked KSL for letting Heartland use Collaborate [previously called Elluminate].

Dover Book publishers has clip art for Day of the Dead.

Attending: Cindi Hickey, Jean Hatfield, Anitra Steele, Jack Granath & Sarah Velesquez
July 28, 2011
Associated documents: Following a presentation on Mental Health Resources in Spanish and English by Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Health Information Literature Coordinator, Creighton University Health Sciences Library, Omaha, NE [see PDF of the presentation above]

Attending: Cindi Hickey, Elena Bonjour, Jean Hatfield, Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Anitra Steele, Sarah Velesquez, Christine Peterson, Carol Kotsch, Jack Granath

President Cindi Hickey called the meeting to order with a greeting and reading of the minutes which were approved as read. Treasurer Jack Granath reported a balance of $4152.84 which included $300 donated towards supporting the Reforma National Conference. This report was also approved. Jack is working with National to get our membership roster aligning with National’s fiscal cycle [July 1-June 30]. If you have sent in your dues, let Jack know.

The Chapter’s Annual report was sent in by Cindi and Jack.

Following a brief discussion on the forums on REFORMANET, Siobhan suggested a future meeting session on accessing the forums.

On Tuesdays Oct. 18 & Oct. 25, Yolanda Cuesta will be presenting online sessions about Marketing Library Services to Spanish Speakers. Watch for time information and plan to attend.

On Thursday, Oct. 6, Jean Hatfield will be presenting a program on the Pura Belpré at the Nebraska Library Association and on Friday, Oct. 7, Sarah, Christine and Anitra will be presenting a program at the Missouri Library Association. Motion was made by Siobhan to reimburse registration fees [and for NLA travel expenses] for the presenters representing Heartland REFORMA at these conferences. Passed.

Supporting RNC. . .after discussion it was voted to support RNC for a total of $500. . .$300 in previously donated money and $200 from treasury.

Scholarships to attend conferences were discussed. Cindi will send out a proposal for scholarship development. She will also send out a call for VP candidates [see Aug. 9]. Submit suggestions by Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Planning ahead for our Mock Pura Belpré, Christine will check availability of the computer lab at Johnson County Library-Central for Jan. 13 [Friday]

Cindi posted the bylaws for review and updating. Send revisions to Jean and Cindi.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm.

Next meeting: Thursday Oct. 27 6:30 pm.
April 29, 2011
Attending: Denise Adkins, Cindi Hickey, Anitra Steele, Julie Hildebrand, Tone Mendoza, Charlee Glinka, Jack Granath

Online via Elluminate Live

Cindi welcomed the group. Minutes of the Feb. 11 meeting were posted, moved, 2nd, and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Started with $3877.83, paid $24.99 [PBelpre refreshments], current: $3852.84. Jack will check on national reimbursement on membership. Treasurers report accepted.

Unfinished Business:
  • NLA program proposal turned in by Jean Hatfield
  • MLA program proposal accepted, tentatively scheduled for Friday Oct. 7, 10-10:45 am. Christine, Sarah and Anitra will present.
  • Spectrum in process
  • Puppet kits. . .one still missing. . .others will be in use for Día de los niños. . .economic recording studio located.
  • Yolanda program being pursued by Cindi
New Business:

Vice President—after discussion it was decided to call for nominations and hold the election by email. To quote our president:
The office of vice president for our chapter is currently vacant. By this e-mail I am calling for nominations for the office of vice president to be voted on in a special election. The election will take place by e-mail. I would like to have all nominations by 5:00 pm, Tuesday, May 31st. Please feel free to nominate yourself if you are interested in serving.
Please forward your nominations and questions to me. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Cindi Hickey, President
Heartland REFORMA

Bylaws—-Our 12 year old bylaws need updating. Cindi will revise and present to a subcommittee prior to presenting to the chapter for acceptance. If you have an electronic copy of the original bylaws, please contact her.

Reforma National Conference Sept. 15-18 in Denver. National Reforma is asking for donations from chapters to help support the conference. Jack will find out when delivery of funds is expected and we will decide in July how much and from where [fund raise? From Treasury?]

Cindi suggested we schedule a future meeting with a continuing education aspect/program with it.

Did you see the KCMLIN class information?

Next meeting : In July. . .vote by Tuesday May 17, 5:00

Submitted by Anitra Steele, secretary
February 11, 2011
Attending: Cindi Hickey, Jack Granath, Crystal Moore-Stambauge, Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Jean Hatfield, Anitra Steele, Christine Peterson

Meeting called to order by Jack Granath. Jean thanked Cindi for facilitating the meeting.

Minutes: Minutes of the Nov. 4 meeting were read and approved. Questions were raised about membership funds returning to the chapter. (New online membership forms and member listings are now available on our website:

Treasurer’s Report: None (Arlene has resigned)

Mock Pura Belpré: Jean reported hearing from folks who listened to the archived discussion at Midwinter. Heartland Reforma will continue to hold this event.

Spanish Health Information workshop: Pt. 1 was presented to about 20 with Pt.2 scheduled for Feb. 16. Attendees were from all over. . .coast to coast! It was hosted on Webjunction and archived on the Heartland Reforma website. It was suggested that the presentation be written up for the KLA newsletter on how useful the workshop was. Siobhan has offered to repeat it.

The Nebraska and Missouri Library Associations coincide this year. . .Oct. 5-7. Christine and Jean offered to present at NLA. Siobhan mentioned possible supporters and will send their information to Jack. MLA will be at the Airport Hilton in KC with program applications due March 1. NLA program applications will be available AFTER March 1.

Marketing Library Services workshop continues as a project. Now thinking of a series of 4 online workshops late summer/early fall starting in August with materials on marketing Hispanic Heritage Month.

Future Spanish for Librarians workshops tabled as Maggie was absent. Discussion of offering a 1/2 day preconference at KLA with development of a group for online discussions. This model could also work for MPLA/NLA in 2012 giving a wider scope.

Jack investigated sites for Spectrum Scholarship fundraising. KCK Community College has a room available $90 for 3 hours. More than funds, recruitment is needed. Jack offered to develop contact lists of directors etc. to contact to encourage qualified staff to consider applying. It was suggested that a UTUBE video about library careers be developed. {Check out Masters of Librarianship} The ALA Diversity Office was mentioned by Jean as a resource for eligibility.

Puppet Sets: one set of Perez and Martina is missing. Still researching recording. Anitra is finding new resources.

Membership: Use the new online membership form.

Election of Officers:
Nominated and elected by acclamation [Anitra moved, Jean seconded]
President: Cindi Hickey
Treasurer: Jack Granath. Jack has been directed to have his name added to the signature card and Arlene's removed.

Christine, Maggie and Marina will be presenting a KCMLIN workshop on How to Grow Services

Jean will be attending the Reforma National Conference Sept 15-18 in Denver and looking to carpool. An I-70 Express?

Next Meeting: Ap. 29 6:30pm online and if arrangeable, face to face in a library or wired restaurant.

November 4, 2010

Attending: Cindi Hickey, Charlee Glinka, Christine Peterson, Denice Adkins, Jack Granath, Jean Hatfield, Siobhan Champ-Blackwell

Jack started the meeting at 7:00 pm on Elluminate, coordinated by Cindi Hickey. Attendance was enhanced by this on-line option.

Minutes of the Aug. 13 meeting were read and approved. [Moved: Jean H., 2nd: Denise]

There was no Treasurers or membership report. [Arlene sent later: $3.877.33 in treasury, Eight paid members]. If you or someone you know paid membership through National Reforma, please let us know. We don't receive contact information.

Anitra reported about her puppet promotion efforts at MLA. Diego was the hit of the Story Swap and Frida was quite jealous. Next MLA is in KC at a hotel by the airport in early October, 2011.

Cindi and Christine have submitted a program proposal for KLA, Ap. 7, 2011 and will investigate presenting a program at the Nebraska Library Association in 2012. [Late breaking news: KLA Conference proposal turned down]

All 3 workshop presentations planned for October/November were cancelled due to low enrollment. The Spanish Language Health Resources workshops will be rescheduled to: Wednesday mornings Feb. 2 and Feb. 16. 10-12noon. They will be archived.

There was discussion on sponsoring the Marketing Library Services to Latinos as an online workshop. Cost would still be $1000. It was moved [Jean H] and 2nd [Christine P] for Heartland Reforma to fund up to $1000 to sponsor the online Yolanda workshop. PASSED. Additional sponsors [Kansas State Library, Webjunction, Nebraska State Library, Missouri State Library?] will be solicited.

On Dec. 10, the Mock Pura Belpré will be online** and at the Johnson County Central Resource Library [9875 W 87th, OPKS from 9-1. If you are attending in person, please bring headphones & mikes if you have them. See our webpage for a list of titles to be discussed and directions for accessing Eluminate.


Future Spanish for Librarians workshops were discussed, possibly at several locations in April or May. Cindi will help set up with Maggie and Christine as possible presenters. Ideas of working Spanish into summer reading programs, providing follow up role playing opportunities and even an online Practice club were mentioned.

The puppets were filmed and that film is being edited.

A discussion of a Scholarship Dinner, possible locations, promotion, ensued* . . . at this point my laptop timed out to run updates. Most of the discussion was verbal and not shown in the text. You will be further up-dated on this event.

Election of officers was discussed. Information on term of office etc. was not available at this time so the Bylaws will be consulted [Jean Hatfield found & will forward to Jack].

Next event: Mock Pura Belpré Discussion & Voting, Friday, Dec. 10, 9-1pm

Find title list & sign info at:

Next meeting: Feb. 11 6:00 online.
August 13, 2010
Mi Ranchito,
Shawnee, KS
Attending: Jack Granath, Christine, Jean, Maggie, Cindi, Anitra

Minutes of the April 16 meeting were reviewed and approved

There was no Treasurer's report. Arlene was contacted to supply numbers for Annual Report.

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 26--KCMLIN will host an Adult Literacy in Libraries workshop. REFORMA will present a section on ESL {Cancelled}

Oct. 21--Yolanda Cuesta will present a workshop about serving Latino populations at Johnson County. REFORMA is a co-sponsor. {Cancelled}

Sept. 30 at the Argentine Library--Anitra will present Perez & Martina for taping so that others can see how it is done.

Nov. 10 at Mid-Continent Public Library, 9-1--Online Health Resources for English Speakers Serving Spanish Speaking Communities -- FREE hands on workshop presented by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. [You can still sign up @]

Unfinished Business:

Mock Pura Belpré: Considering remote webcast with Jean in Wichita and Arlene as our local discussion leader. Access to microphone/headsets discussed. Next meeting [Nov. 4 – 7:00] will be a "shake down" cruise for this.


Cindi and Anitra will investigate program opportunities for KLA & MLA—-specifically collection development & using the puppets at KLA and a puppet Table Talk at MLA.


Eulenspiegel Puppets of West Liberty Iowa has several bilingual puppet shows available. The Rabbit in the Moon & the Musical Ant are great fun. All shows have music and come with study guides.

It has been requested that each chapter host a Spectrum Scholarship Dinner to raise funds for the scholarship. It is hoped that each chapter can raise $500.

Next meeting online Nov. 4, 7:00pm

The Heartland chapter of REFORMA will have its next quarterly meeting online. We usually meet in the Kansas City area, so this is an opportunity for those living elsewhere in the heartland to get involved.

If you're interested in sharing ideas about promoting library services to Latinos and the Spanish-speaking, please consider attending.

When: November 4th, 7:00 p.m. CST

Prepare: First time Elluminate Live participants, please get ready for the meeting at 30 minutes in advance of the start time. To prepare, visit the Elluminate Support center at to configure your system and test your audio.

If you have questions or need help, contact Cindi Hickey, 785-296-2146 or at least 30 minutes prior to the start time for your meeting.
April 16, 2010
Oak Park Library
Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: Arlene is on the account. Checks were ordered. $3877.83 in account.

Membership: 8 renewed/new members
  • Jack Granath
  • Jean Hatfield
  • Cindi Hickey
  • Lily Morgan
  • Vicky Ortiz
  • Anitra Steele
  • Magali Vallazza
  • Arlene Wiler
Policy Statement for REFORMA was signed and returned.

Anitra made a report on the KCMLIN Program. It was well received.

Puppet sets are still in process.

New date for Pura Belpré was set: Dec. 10, 9-1 Central Library JCL with internet capabilities.

October Training: Oct. 21-Yolanda Cuesta, 9-3:30, one hour for lunch, two 15 min. breaks. Will be set up for video. JCL will underwrite $500, Heartland will pay $500 and not charge for workshop. Maggie proposed, Arlene seconded and it was voted unanimously to provide the workshop free of charge. Box lunches will be available for purchase. Focus on Marketing and Outreach for the Latino community. Will get handouts ahead so outlying sites will have them ahead. Maggie will get info from Yolanda re program. Jack will create before survey with Yolanda. Handouts and survey on website?

Spanish language classes or workshop? Mango could create a program? Webjunction also has self serve lessons. Or other online experience. Think of as a goal for 2011? Monthly chat group? Focus on practical applications etc.

  • FACEBOOK is up and running. Become our Friend and post possible Pura Belpré titles.
  • KC conference in 2012 of Librarians of Color. Consider volunteering.
  • Consider a KLA/MLA conference programs for 2011.
Next meeting: Aug. 13, Mi Ranchito / 95th and ? or new KCK restaurant, 6:30.

Anitra strongly recommends Firefly Letters by Marguerita Engle.

Meeting adjourned.
February 10, 2010
Oak Park Library
Next meeting: April 16 Oak Park Library 6:30 p.m.

Meeting started with review and approval of minutes. There was no treasurer's report. Jack will contact Janine to facilitate transfer of Treasurer's books to Arlene.

Mock Pura Belpré Report:

The webcast has been archived with the first Mock Belpré. Six attended on site and there were 3 attending by remote access. Our winners were subsequently selected as Honor books. For sound clarity at future Mock Belpré's, head sets and microphones for all participants were discussed. Christine offered to make available some she had and we hope to schedule the next one in a computer lab. The date was set for Friday, Jan. 7, 2011 and Jack will set up a Facebook account to make collecting titles easier:

[From Jack. . .

At the last meeting we decided to create a Facebook page for Heartland REFORMA and use it for suggesting potential Mock Pura Belpré titles as they come out throughout the year.

Log in to Facebook and enter Heartland Reforma in the search box. Then click "become a fan." You can use the discussion tab or just post to the wall.]

As you read reviews etc. and see something you believe would be eligible, please post it so others can read ahead also. The Mock Belpré will be available to anyone with access to Webjunction.

Puppet Progress Report:

A demonstration of the Perez & Martina puppet show and using the Frida and Diego puppets will be given at the KCMLIN Children's Workshop in March. New arrangements for taping the scripts for "Terrible Terrible" and the Frida and Diego monologues. Christine will check with her recording connections for possible dates.

Connecting with Los Ninos @ the Library {KCMLIN workshop}:

The program was reviewed and participants were asked to send in the titles they will be booktalking.


Yolanda Cuesta's program in October may not be available. Jack will contact and if needed we will brain storm ideas at our next meeting. Suggestions already include Denise Adkins, Salvador _________ from Los Vegas. It was also suggested that possibly someone mentioned in the upcoming webinar on mini conferences could present.

Anitra shared some possible storytime books:
  • Tortuga in Trouble, Ann Whitford Paul [Holiday House 2009]
    Tortuga's friends, Conejo, Iguana and Culebra save him, his Abuela and his dinner [ensalada, tamales and flan] from Coyote in this English/Spanish, Little Red Ridinghood/Brementown Musicians mash up. Glossary & pronunciation guide included.
  • Zoo Day Ole! A counting book. Phillis Gershator [Marshall Cavendish 2009]
    Abuelita counts in Spanish the animals the children see as they visit the zoo.
    "Historic Resource":
  • The Hungry Moon, Mexican Nursery Tales by Patricia Fent Ross [Knopf 1946]
    A poem in Spanish introduces a short tale usually set in a Mexican village about how the poem came to be. [These tales are not "run of the mill" and have possibilities for flannel board, puppet presentation or storytelling. The book is available through interlibrary loan/World Cat and is part of the Schmidt Storytelling Collection.]
    One More. . .
  • MultiCultural Folktales: Stories to tell Young Children by Judy Sierra & Robert Kaminski [Oryx Press 1991]
    contains 3 flannel board stories with Spanish translations. . . The Elegant Rooster, The Goat in the Chile Patch and La Hormiguita.
Upcoming Conference in KC looking for volunteers:

Also, at the last meeting we discussed participating in the 2nd National Joint Conference of Librarians of Color in 2012. The link is here:

Reformanet: Cindy talked about the discussions on Reformanet and the social issues versus library issues/tasks.

November 13, 2009
Oak Park Library
Next meeting: Feb. 12, 6:30 Oak Park

Minutes of the Aug. 7 meeting approved.

Treasurer reported a balance of $3,952.49.

Membership dues now due. See form on REFORMA website . . . mail to new treasurer Arlene Wiler.

Unfinished Business


Anitra presented the two Bunruku-type puppets of Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera commissioned by the chapter for presentations. A short demonstration of how to use them was given and there was discussion on filming how to use them with suggestions of uses beyond the biographical monologues. [They are approx. 30 tall and designed to be held in front of the presenter with their feet on a table.]

Christine will seek out recording studio to record puppet scripts in hand [Terrible, Terrible and the Frida, Diego monologues]. Recording is tentatively planned for between Christmas & New Year's with completion date by end of January. Discussion of creating short video clips [YouTube] to show how to set up and manipulate the puppets.

Pura Belpré Mock election & discussion:

West Wyandotte Library, Friday Jan. 8, 10 am see title list on website. The list was developed by Jean Hatfield, past Pura Belpré chair.

New Business

Training opportunities:

A motion was made, seconded and passed to coordinate a full day staff training opportunity with Yolanda Cuesta [nationally recognized trainer/consultant in helping libraries serve ethnic and culturally diverse communities] on or around Oct. 21, 2010. Members to attend at a $25 charge, non-members at $25 + membership cost.

Maggie [?] will investigate support from other library systems or the network for this training opportunity.

Election of Officers:
  • President: Jack Granath [KCKLib-West Wyandotte Br]
  • Vice-Pres: Cindi Hickey [KS State Library]
  • Secretary: Anitra Steele [MCPL]
  • Treasurer: Arlene Wiler [JCL-Oak Park]
  • Past Pres: Maggie Vallazza [JCL-Oak Park]
  • KLA liaison: Cindi
Jack will retain his web duties.


Jack shared about new access to information classes being held at West Wyandotte.

Cindi spoke about Wichita's staff development and information discovered about the Spanish speakers in that area. [Amy Ramsey. .Wichita Library Association. .would be the contact for HEARTLAND REFORMA to do programs there.]

Maggie announced that Oak Park has started a bilingual storytime [hired a bilingual preschool teacher to present it] and that JCL offers Spanish lessons and a Spanish Club to reinforce the learning.

KCK has 2 Spanish Language Book Clubs and is starting a bilingual storytime.

Upcoming dates:
  • Jan. 8: Mock Pura Belpré West Wyandotte
  • Feb. 12: Heartland meeting Oak Park
  • Mar. 18: KCMLIN Children's meeting
  • Oct. 21: Yolanda Cuesta workshop
August 7, 2009
Oak Park Library
Minutes submitted by Jack Granath because of Anitra's absence

Attendance: Maggie Vallazza, Christine Peterson, Jack Granath, Marina Vildoso, Arlene Wiler

Minutes from the May 8 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report
There was no treasurer's report. Members were reminded to renew their memberships.

KCMLIN Workshop
We haven't received a response from KCMLIN about REFORMA presenting a children's workshop. Jack will follow up with a coworker who is on the KCMLIN Continuing Education Committee.

Puppet Kits
Maggie gave a progress report on the new puppet kits. Summer Reading slowed us down, but we are still working on the project.

Heartland Libraries
Christine reported on activities at Olathe:
  • Computer classes in Spanish
  • Upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at Center of Grace
  • Painting sugar skulls for the Summer Reading "Be Creative" theme
  • Weeding their heavily used Spanish-language collection
Christine also reported on authors circulating well in her collection: Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sanchez, Gary Chapman, Joel Osteen, Nora Roberts, and Stephenie Meyer. She offered to share her suggestion lists with Maggie and Marina.

Marina and Jack reported on activities at West Wyandotte:
  • Upcoming English classes
  • Hispanic Health Fair, October 6
  • A Spanish-language writing group meeting at the library
  • Plans for computer classes in Spanish
  • Attempting to establish the KCKPL Main branch as a Plaza Comunitaria
They also reported on the retirement party for Heartland REFORMA member Jane Hatch.

Maggie reported on plans for Johnson County Library's Hispanic Heritage Festival on October 23 with poetry, art, music, dance, food, games, a Mexican ethnic dress show, and tables representing various cultures. The event will be broadcast by radio remote.

In other news at the Oak Park Branch, REFORMA participant Arlene Wiler will be working there in the near future.

Web Site
Jack showed the new features on national REFORMA's Web site, where there are links to REFORMA's many social networking activities: Flickr, YouTube, ALA Connect, Twitter, REFORMA Wiki, and Facebook.

Next meeting: November 13 at 5:30 pm – Oak Park Library
May 8, 2009
Oak Park Library
Attendance: Jean Hatfield, Jane Hatch, Arlene Wiler, Christine Peterson, Jack Granath, Cindi Hickey, Anitra Steele, Maggie Vallazza

Minutes from the February 14 meeting were approved. Jack was thanked for his work on the Heartland brochure he prepared for the Conference and the chapter.

Tim Wadham’s workshop was discussed. We received good feedback to assist with future use of technology with REFORMA meetings and felt Tim presented some excellent information and ideas.

KLA: The pre-conference and Camila's part was successful. Somewhat disconcerting was that KLA does not recognize co-sponsors.

*Hint: encourage library staff learning Spanish to read Spanish language brochures etc. for phrases and vocabulary.

Puppet Update: Juan Bobo still in process. Stephanie Stokes [CA] who had borrowed a Perez & Martina set, returned it with a nifty jumping bean shaker pattern and samples and a script for dialogues between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera with coloring sheets. Heartland will order a set of Frida and Diego puppets, record the dialogues and upload the coloring sheets so the dialogues can be presented as stick puppets or larger, soft body puppets. Maggie and Anitra will meet and rehearse "Terrible, Terrible" for future recording.

Día de Los Niños: Cindi offered WIMBA [an on-line classroom environment] to hold a meeting on ideas for celebrating Día and Hispanic Heritage Month. . .possible even a series of meetings on different levels. A planning meeting was set [?] to plan these WIMBA sessions.

Setting Goals: Discussion led to the idea to explore having 4 WIMBA workshops and participating in the KCMLIN Children's Workshop in the Spring.

Books shared:
  • McGee, Randel Paper Craft for Day of the Dead
  • Winter, Jonah Frida
  • Holt, David More Ready-to-Tell Tales
  • Iakovakis, Laurel Puppet Plays Plus
Titles to look at for possible Pura Belpré:
  • McCoy, Sarah The Time It Snowed in Puerto Rico
  • Alvarez, Julia Return to Sender
  • Lopez, Diana Confetti Girl
  • Argueta, Jorge Sopa de Frijoles
If you come across a possible Pura Belpré title. . .please send it to Jean Hatfield or Anitra Steele.

Next meeting: Aug. 7. . .5:00pm Oak Park Library
February 14, 2009
Oak Park Library
Next meeting: May 8 - 5:00pm - Oak Park

Watch for Heartland sponsored events at KLA!

First on the agenda was the Heartland Mission statement crafted by Christine. The completed and approved statement is:

1] Mission statement: (words in italics were added for clarification. . .let me know if you approve)

The Heartland chapter of REFORMA is committed to create and maintain quality library services and information to the Latino and Spanish speaking.


  • Advocate the development of Latino materials and resources in library collections
  • Develop services and programs to meet the needs of the [this?] community
  • Provide networking opportunities for professional librarians and support staff
  • Support and establish partnerships with organizations that serve the Latino and Spanish-speaking communities
  • Provide continuing education opportunities for libraries to promote the understanding of the issues and needs of the Latino and Spanish-speaking public
A Heartland promotional brochure will be designed by Jack for KLA and other places with the mission statement and goals, membership information and website. Possibly puppet booking information will be included.

2] The Mock Belpré was discussed. As our first one it was a learning experience but did receive national {ALSC} interest. Additional mikes and a weekday time were strongly recommended. We will do one next year: Friday, Jan. 8, 2010 either at Antioch, JCL or West Wyandotte, KCKPL. Jack will post an on-going list of suggested titles on the website for members to read from all year. Jean Hatfield and Anitra Steele will watch reviews and add titles as they show up.

3] KLA. . . Camila will be part of a panel on the Wednesday preconference, will present a Thursday program on advocacy and leadership and participate in Café and Conversation. Heartland will pay for her KLA registration --$100--[moved, seconded & approved]. Jean will take care of. Transportation costs may need to be covered. . . .we will wait to know costs before voting on that.

4] Library Services to Spanish-speaking patrons with an emphasis on Children's Services, presented by Tim Wadham will be presented March 6 at JCL. Heartland REFORMA is paying half his fee and transportation/lodging costs and this workshop is free to Heartland members. See the informational poster on the website. . .linked thru . .Christine will coordinate "Hispanic" cookies and candy for the workshop.

5] There was no report about the pre-conference.

6] KLA Café and Conversation was discussed. The brochure should be available and the goal is to highlight practical applications. Table tents for topics will be provided although the group may want to discuss topics as a whole. Three top topics: partnerships, programming & collection development.

Coffee will be ordered from the hotel as soon as they provide menu.

7] New puppet show project. . .

Anitra will create a brochure/info sheet on how to request/schedule puppet show kits. New shows are in the works [Terrible, Terrible & Juan Bobo and the Pig] and Jean knows of a script for JUST A MINUTE that she will try to get a copy of. Paco and the Giant Chili pepper and the Littlest Mariachi were suggested. April 18 has been scheduled for recording at least Terrible, Terrible. . .Oak Park. Christine's son will provide music. Anitra will contact recording studio.

New Business
  1. Voted to provide $20 for treats at March 6 workshop.
  2. On website, Jack will remove libraries that are not institutional members but still highlight branches with significant Spanish language collections.
Announcements/Good ideas
  • Contact ESL classes to offer library tour. . .have translator if possible and ask teacher to have an assignment for students to use library materials to complete.
  • Quinceañera Fashion Show is a popular, low cost program.
  • March 2 the Johnson County Spanish phone reference line starts. Ultimately they hope to expand it to give community services information and directions.
January 3, 2009
Antioch Library
Next meeting: Feb. 14, 9:00am Oak Park Library

The Antioch Branch of Johnson County Library hosted Heartland's first ever Mock Belpré. Discussing from a list developed by past Belpré chair Jean Hatfield and under her leadership, the group first winnowed the nominee list and then voted.

Our winners. . .for illustration Rudy Gutierrez for Papá and Me by Arthur Dorros and for narrative Surrender Tree by Margarita Engle made the list of winners announced at ALA midwinter.

December 13, 2008
Oak Park Library
Next Meeting: Feb. 14, 9am Oak Park Library JCL

Minutes from the October 4 meeting were approved.

Cindi Hickey was not able to attend the meeting but planning continues for the KLA/MPLA Reforma preconference with Camila Alire as part of it. The Hyatt will comp the hotel room. Other expenses are possibly airfare/mileage and thank you gift.

The Café & Conversation event at KLA is scheduled for Thursday Ap. 2. There will either be 2 tables or one big table with the topics being Collection Development and Programming suggestions. Maggie and Jane will facilitate. Expected expense: Coffee

The agenda of the Jan. 3 Mock Pura Belpré discussion/voting was discussed after a list of the possible nominees was distributed. It will be available for interested others to access via OPAL in real time and archived for future use. It will be promoted via KanLib, MoYAC and other lists. Jack will post a list of the titles and a link for the discussion on our website.

A possible March workshop on Library Service to Spanish-Speaking Patrons with Tim Wadham was discussed, coordinating with a planned JCL workshop. [Tim Wadham Library Services Workshop March 6, 9-3 JCL Central Resources Library. Reg.:]
October 4, 2008
Oak Park Library
Next Meeting: Sat. Dec. 13, 9:00am Oak Park Library

Attendance 8. Quiche/salad lunch provided by Maggy.

The minutes were reviewed, corrected—-REFORMA rep to KLA, Jane Hatch not Hodges—-and approved with corrections.

Treasurer's Report [after deposit for development of web-based resources] $4,449.18

President Maggy Vallazza reported on attending the 3rd National REFORMA conference in El Paso and sessions, programs and networking opportunities. She reported that the REFORMA website will post the papers presented. While there she asked about 1] what states comprise the Heartland chapter and 2] access to a list of Belpré eligible titles so we can hold a Mock Belpré. They will get back to her on our area and was referred to chapter member Jean Hatfield for development of a list of eligible titles.

It was mentioned that we need to add the new members from the KS library workshops to our membership roster & email.

A Mock Belpré discussion/voting has been scheduled for Jan. 3---11-3pm, lunch provided. Invitations will go out widely to libraries and schools etc. and through the auspices of the KS State Library, the discussion will be available over the internet inviting participation throughout the Heartland area. Tentative location: Antioch branch of JCL.

The upcoming KLA conference [April 1-3] was discussed. Cooperatively with the KS State Library, [pending their approval] a pre-conference for Wednesday will be planned. Heartland REFORMA will also host? ALA President Elect Camilla Alire speaking on “Leadership in the New Millennium; Service, Advocacy & Demographics” and a Thursday morning “Coffee & Conversation” [written in Spanish] event for REFORMA members. Camilla will participate at the Pre-conference and Debra Staley was also mentioned.

Web Resources Project is progressing. Oak Park will be offering system wide reference help in Spanish and staff are creating a list of basic collection Spanish language resources. Sources and similar lists were mentioned including on the REFORMA website and through Webjunction Spanish Language Outreach section.

Puppet Shows
Two more puppet shows will be prepared for circulation. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE, a clever bilingual puppet argument between a tiger and a bear will be recorded [with live music by Christine Peterson's son on guitar] for circulation with purchased puppets and a Juan Bobo story using stick puppets will be designed and recorded. Patterns for the stick puppets and the recorded script will also be posted on the web for download, allowing a library to easily duplicate and "put on a show." Publicity materials [posters etc.] will be included among the downloadable items. Other stories were discussed as well as the possibility to create plays for other special days. . .i.e. Day of the Dead.

Mission Statement
Still in process. . .will be sent to members for review before accepting.

Jane Hatch talked about her Binational Health Fair upcoming Oct. 6. With many participating Health and Wellness providers and agencies and help from the Consulate, it looks to be a good time for all. The local Spanish language radio station will be doing a live remote broadcast [purchased through Reyes Media Group] and a pair of concert tickets for a sold out show will be raffled off.
August 8, 2008
Oak Park Library

Minutes from the January 25 meeting approved. There were no minutes from the May 30 meeting.

Treasurer reported $2516.69 in our account. She will complete the requested profit and loss statement and submit it to National.

Jack requested photos etc. for website. Send those charming Día pics to him at

A mission statement for our chapter was discussed and Christine would like to work with a few other members to help develop one.


The KS State Library could help fund a project such as web-based resource or partial conference. Janine will get the FEIN number to Kathy to facilitate this opportunity. As part of the series of service to the Spanish speaking workshops, the KS state library awarded 4 Reforma memberships.

Hispanic Heritage Month programming was discussed. JCL offering many programs as is Olathe Public Library. On WebJunction, the KS State Library will be posting a calendar of programs. Possible programs our group could do included hosting a Mock Pura Belpré discussion or even holding a chapter meeting online. . .perhaps offering a program such as Collection Development in conjunction with the meeting. A practice session meeting was suggested with Cindi providing the specifics on how to get it going. 2:00 was decided on a good time of the day to schedule it.

Through the Spanish Language Outreach project, library employees in KS have access to classes.

KLA Preconference. . . . Have a good idea? Send to Maggy. With Camile Alire President elect of ALA, we have a good chance of having her attend and present.

Preparation of another puppet show was discussed. Anitra was given a Juan Bobo story and another script to investigate development costs.

ELECTIONS for 08-09

President: Magaly Vallazza

Vice President: Christine Peterson

Secretary: Anitra Steele

Treasurer: Janine Estrada-Lopez

Web guy: Jack Granath

Reforma rep to KLA: Jane Hatch
January 25, 2008
Olathe Public Library
Attending: Cindi Hickey, Don Martin, Magaly Vallazza, Lorie Hyten, Anitra Steele, Jack Granath, Kate Capps, Janine Estrada-Lopez, Christine Peterson

Following a tour of the Olathe Public Library, the January meeting of Heartland REFORMA came to order in the Library’s Board Room. The minutes of the Oct. 19 meeting were read and approved. The treasurer reported a balance of $2335.35 with many member’s dues coming due. Send 2008 dues to Janine Estrada-Lopez. There was discussion about contributing to National Reforma’s request for donations towards this year’s Celebración. No action was taken.

Jack Granath, KCKPL, West Wyandotte Br., reported on the updated website. He requested pictures of programs presented at libraries, information about Spanish language collections etc. Send them to:

The upcoming Webjunction Spanish Language Outreach workshops were discussed as were various ways Heartland REFORMA could meet around our multi-state area. The KS State Library has an on-line conference room that can be scheduled. Feb. 20, Magaly will be presenting one at KCKSPL-West Wyandotte.

Outreach packets to libraries containing REFORMA information as well as useful library related Spanish language materials [i.e. a brochure “Library Cards are Free” in Spanish] were discussed. These would include a short explanation on why it is important to reach out to the Spanish speaking etc. We would seek partners in this through Webjunction.

MOTION: Create packets promoting REFORMA memberships with possible partnerships with other entities as a project for 2008. Passed with consensus. Lorie Hyten Chair, Christine Peterson & Magaly Vallazza committee members.

There was discussion to develop a second puppet show kit using a Juan Bobo story. Juan Bobo and the Church lady was suggested.

  • Camila Alire’s book is out in its 2nd edition.
  • Libraries can order free a Citizenship kit--Civics & Citizenship Toolkit: A Collection of Educational Resources. This kit includes books, flash cards and other materials to help people study to become citizens.
  • Prentice-Hall has a middle/high school level US History book in Spanish. Good addition for history background.
  • Día plans information to come from Magaly.
Next meeting: May 30 noon Oak Park Branch JCL

October 19, 2007
Oak Park Branch
Johnson County Library
Attending: Christine Peterson, Janine Estrada-Lopez, Jack Granath, Jane Hatch, Maggaly Vallazza, Lorie Hyten, Arlene Wiler, Anitra Steele

Maggie reported on her Train the Trainer Institute by Webjunction and the Gates Foundation. She and 2 other Kansas Librarians will be doing workshops around the state for librarians about the importance of Spanish language technology training. Similar presentations will be made in Missouri including one scheduled for Dec. 5 at KCPL's Ruiz branch. Maggie's will be in February or March 2008. Cindy Hickey [KS state library] requested Heartland Reforma's help in promoting the workshops. VOTED to allow that.

Christine relayed information from National Reforma re: financial accounting and membership.

Anitra announced the Perez & Martina puppet shows have circulated 5 times with 2 bookings up-coming.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities
West Wyandotte branch, KCKPL presented a bilingual Prime Time Reading program with KS Humanities Council.

Olathe had Zoomba perform and hosted a series of Cultural Dialogue programs on the theme of unity.

Johnson County held Fiesta events at several branches including flamenco dancers and puppetshows.

Desoto branch presented an Hispanic Crafts program.

New Business
Maggie suggested we work with Univision in KC and the Mexican [?] consulate on their Día de Los Niños event at the KC Zoo. Last year's bike safety event drew several thousand people. Suggested ideas...joint PR and supportive library programs.

Jack Granath will update website.

Denise Adkins received a scholarship to study in Spain.

Next meeting: Friday Jan. 25 Olathe Public Library Lorie Hyten
July 20, 2007
Oak Park Branch
Johnson County Library
Minutes from the previous meeting reviewed and approved.

There was no Treasurer's report.

Unfinished Business
  1. The Spanish For Librarians workshop held in March was well received with 24 attending. Plans for a follow up workshop in November were made.
  2. Perez & Martina puppet show is completed and available for scheduling. Contact Anitra Steele [] to book. Borrower pays postage [about $5 each way] unless set can travel with library courier. Borrower provides puppet stage and CD player and 1-2 puppeteers. Kit contains puppets, props and CD with script & music.
Developing a circulating collection for your Latino community
Pam talked about Leavenworth's experiences. She promotes it at the health clinic and local churches but would like to have a connection with a community leader.

Arlene reported that the Spanish language materials at Antioch circulate to Spanish students, helped by the fact that it is highly visible. Antioch also hosts an ESL classroom.

Even if you believe you don't have the population to warrant a Spanish language collection, remember that a library is more than books. It is also websites, internet access, English classes and some things like music are universally popular.

We considered doing a survey to discover what area library offers the best service to the Latino community and wondered if Reforma has standards of service that rates libraries.

Maggie, who is going to Webjunction training in Seattle this fall, may be able to gather statistics on this.

Information on Reforma activities at ALA Annual was distributed. Also National Reforma's White Ribbon Campaign was discussed. This is an attempt to open a dialogue with the objective to achieve calm, rational discussion on immigration reform. Libraries should take part.

Next meeting: Oct. 19 6:30 pm Oak Park Library
February 2, 2007
Oak Park Branch
Johnson County Library
President Christine Peterson welcomed members to the meeting at the Oak Park branch of Johnson County Library.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved and the Treasurer reported a balance of $2592.38. It was reported that we need to recruit more members.

At ALA, our chapter is represented by Loida Garcia-Febo who sent us a report of REFORMA activities and discussions at Mid-Winter. Her report was shared as well as one on the review of bylaws.

Unfinished Business

The puppet show Perez and Martina will be ready for booking for Día de Los Niños. Leavenworth and Johnson County have asked for it. Members interested in scheduling it for Hispanic Heritage Month or other times, contact Anitra Steele []. It comes with puppets, props, and a CD and can be performed by a single person [although 2 is better]. It has both a sad and a happy ending and wonderful, recorded live music. There are 3 sets available for circulation....borrower pays return postage.

A proto-type Spanish for Librarians class will be offered March 24 at the Antioch branch of Johnson County for a $10 donation. Watch for publicity.

New Business

Christine brought up that a number of local organizations work to get books to children and offer the possibility for cooperation. These include:

     Books for Peace and Kansas Paraguay Partners.

Do we as a chapter want to help with one of these efforts? Do we want to partner with a library in Latin America or partner with one of these organizations?


The Leapfrog Learning Friend toy is available in an English/Spanish version.

KS libraries offer instant immersion downloads for foreign language study if you have an MP3 player and high-speed internet.

Future meeting subject: developing a circulating collection for your Latino community.

Next meeting: TBA

November 3, 2006 Minutes from the June 4 meeting were approved. [There were no minutes from the Aug. 13 meeting because the secretary was in an accident on the way to the meeting].

The treasurer reported a balance of $2,555.75 with National dues paid for 2006. 2007 dues will be due in January, watch for a renewal notice. Send to:
            Janine Estrada-Lopez
            9208 Robinson
            Overland Park, KS 66212
Please use the membership application on the REFORMA website [it covers all the necessary information] but send it to Janine.

Spanish for Librarians classes were discussed. The Learning Light [] offers workshop kits that teach basic Spanish. Possible workshop at a conference? Tentative plans for a Spanish for Librarians class were made for March 24, 2007 at the Antioch branch of Johnson County Library. Watch for follow up.

Spanish language signage source: This site gives the wording for various common library signs.

Elections: It was moved and passed to retain current officers one more year. Reforma has a chapter leader manual available. Christine has a copy and will share.

National Reforma has reaffirmed the role of the Chapter representatives to bring concerns & chapter business to the Board. This should streamline meetings. Our representative is Loida Garcia-Febo. She can be reached at Reforma members are still encouraged to attend Board meetings as observers.

Jean Hatfield was able to get a copy of the script used in San Antonio and members agreed to have 3 sets of the puppets made to go with that script by the Puppetry Arts Institute in Independence. Janine [and her father] offered to help with the costuming and guitar music.

Reforma pencils were distributed to use for membership recruitment.

Meeting adjourned 7:45

Next meeting: Feb. 3, 6:30 Oak Park Library
August 13, 2006 There were no minutes from the Aug. 13 meeting because the secretary was in an accident on the way to the meeting.
February 3, 2006 Attending: Christine Peterson, Janine Estrada-Lopez, Edys Cacy, Jane Hatch, Pam Barba, Tita Lemanua, Anitra Steele

The minutes from the Dec. 9 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report: $2441.49

Membership: 18 -- 2006 membership is now due -- send to Janine

Information & New Business:
MLA would like a Heartland Reforma member to attend Board meetings. Denice Adkins [unconfirmed] has been asked to represent us. If you have ideas for conference programs/presenters, please send them to her and Christine.

Robin Imperial, National Reforma membership, has asked Christine to work with membership in 2006. Christine and Robert Morales developed a presentation which you can view on the National Reforma website.

Our webpage needs work and especially up-to-date information. Anitra moved, Edys seconded that Christine pursue having a mock up preview made of a new webpage with a cost proposal. PASSED

Holding a Mock Pura Belpré was discussed…possible in Spring 2007…with instant messaging and/or conference calling, out-state members could also participate.

Jane distributed her Heartland Reforma KLA report. She mentioned that the current longtime conference manager is retiring and future conferences may be organized differently.

Unfinished Business:
Anna did not respond to Christine with additional information on the raffle which took place at Midwinter.

Hispanic Heritage month activities were discussed some more.
Teatro looks to be too expensive and needing too much space to bring to KC. Anitra mentioned seeing a puppet show of Pura Belpré's Perez and Martina and suggested that perhaps we could have puppets made and tapes made so that Heartland Reforma members could check them out and present the show. Pam moved and Edys seconded for Anitra to pursue looking into the development of this show to be available April 2007 [earlier if possible] PASSED. Christine offered to develop the Spanish script.
Seen at Midwinter: Consuelo Samarripa…bilingual storyteller… 254-541-2529.

Pam Barba asked about good books in Spanish for her library [Leavenworth]. Materials/sources mentioned included Cinco Puntos Press [], National Geographic Windows on Literacy science and social studies titles available through their school publishing catalog. There are 36 of these and they are very basic but a few titles would have higher interest e.g. Looking for a New House and Jobs: Making and Helping. Catalogs are available from David Robinson, [816] 407-9789

Seen in a review journal: or ATRIA Books---Spanish language fiction and Esperanza non-fiction titles such as: How to Buy a House, How to fix your credit, How to write a resume, There is an Answer..How to Prevent and Understand HIV/AIDS and U.S. Citizenship for you and your family.

Check BOOKLIST Jan. 1 & 15, 2006 pg 120 for a list of Spanish books for Youth by Isabel Schon.

Carumba [an area free Spanish language newspaper] is now MiRasa.

Jane Hatch shared KCKS bibliographies of Latino Families and Hispanic books and booktalked 2 titles….Erandi's Braids and Mama does the Mambo. Janine talked about KCKS's emailing "Newsletters." You can access these through the KCKS webpage.

Looking for videos? Consider 100 Mexican Films of the Century….locatable by Google.

Next meeting: June 4 Argentine Library 2:00

Jane will demonstrate Ebsco Host searching/reviews for Spanish language materials.

**Missouri State Library is presenting workshops on Bilingual Story Hours in April. See information at:

December 9, 2005 A Heartland REFORMA meeting has been scheduled for Friday, December 9th, at 6pm (or, after everyone has arrived).

At the last meeting, it was agreed we would meet at a restaurant for dinner (Dutch) and go through the agenda.

The restaurant is:
            TAQUERIA MEXICO #4
            3300 RAINBOW BLVD
June 10, 2005 In Attendance: Edys Cacy, Janine Estrada-Lopez, Jean Hatfield, Leslie Nord, Christine Peterson, Magaly Vallaza, Jan ?

Leslie is the branch manager of the Oak Park Library, is a new member, and was introduced to the group.

El Día De Los Niños
Programs were discussed. Jan mentioned that 4-H Leadership teams helped them with the Argentine program, and are frequently looking for volunteer opportunities.

Those who ordered kits had been sent satisfaction surveys. The group looked over the surveys, discussed comments and suggestions. Comments were positive. Christine asked the group if they thought it would be appropriate to submit the kits for the Pat Mora Award. This award is given to a library that has the most exemplary program to celebrate this event. The group agreed and Christine will submit the kits as an entry for the Heartland Chapter. Jean suggested that a report of the comments would be helpful.

Bilingual Music CD
José Luis Orozco produces an excellent music CD with popular children's songs in both languages such as "This Land is Your Land."

JCL's Hispanic Fiesta
This program is designed to introduce Latinos to local services available to them. After its second year it has outgrown the Oak Park Library location. This year it will be held at Strang Park behind the Central Resource Library on Sunday, September 25th from 1-4pm. JCL is partnering with the city of Overland Park, the parks department, and the Hispanic Chamber. Up to 10 booths will be offered to vendors, with the funds used to provide more entertainment. Requirements for having food vendors are being discussed.

New Business
  • Christine passed around the June issue of Smithsonian. It features a good article on border issues by Jonathan Kandell entitled "Cross Purposes."
  • An order form for the A/V kit "Inglés sin Barreras" was passed out. This is a highly popular English language kit, well known in the Hispanic community. It is heavily advertised on Hispanic TV and in magazines. It is especially good for people who are learning "just the basics."
  • Christine discussed Hispanic basic computer & Internet classes. She highlighted some good websites with Spanish tutorials:, and (Houston).
  • Jean spoke of the upcoming anniversary in 2006 of the Pura Belpré Award. It will be celebrated at the next ALA in New Orleans and plans are underway for how this might be done. Pura Belpré was Puerto Rican author and storyteller in New York. The honor books and winners are always announced at ALA every other year.
  • ESL storytimes were discussed and ideas shared.
  • Missouri Library Association will have their convention this year Oct 26-28 in Kansas City at the Hyatt. It has a good REFORMA program.
  • There will be a Health Fair for Latinos this October.
The next two meeting dates were set:
            Friday Sept 9, 6pm at Oak Park Library
            Friday, December 2, 6pm at Oak Park Library

Respectfully Submitted 6/13/05 by Leslie Nord due to Anitra Steele's absence
February 25, 2005 Attending: Edys Cacy, Marguerite Spencer, Tita Lemanua, Pam Barba, Christine Peterson, Janine Estrada-Lopez, Magaly Vallazza, Anitra Steele

Memberships are now due. Send to Janine Estrada-Lopez, 9208 Robinson, Overland Park, KS 66212. Forms are on the webpage.

When you sign up for Reforma-Net, be sure to indicate which email address you want used.

If you want to advertise in the Reforma Newsletter, please note there is a rate change.

Pura Belpré Award endowment…individuals and chapters asked to donate. Pam moved and Edys seconded that Heartland Chapter donate $250 to the Pura Belpré Endowment. Passed.

Edys will contact Jean about the KLA/Reforma Preconference.

LA IGUANA, a Spanish language children's magazine was mentioned by Christine. Out of Scottsdale, AZ, Christine gave a contact website at but I was not able to find it there. If interested, contact Christine Peterson.

A short discussion was held about American libraries sponsoring sister libraries in Cuba as mentioned in an article by Nat Hentoff read by Pam. Since this is not a program supported by National Reforma it was suggested that the sister library idea may not be very easy to implement with current governmental positions.

MANA [a National Latina Organization] of Kansas City has offered to work with us [both monetarily or with volunteers]. They have a mentoring program for teen girls--La Hermanitas . They host a Latina Women's Professional Day in September at the Convention Center and encourage us to have a table there to recruit and promote Reforma. Their website is

Spanish language collection development was brought up with mention that there was heightened interest in self-esteem and poetry titles and non-fiction in general.

Christine challenged Heartland Reforma members to do outreach to Latino communities, to develop computer basics classes for non-English speakers, to seek out the churches with Spanish services to get library information into the church information and to have business cards containing library information always available to offer to folks you hear speaking Spanish.

The rest of the meeting was spent assembling the Día de Los Niños/Día de Los Libros kits. Kits were distributed to 20 libraries who had applied to receive them. Leavenworth Public Library will do a follow up on the recipient libraries to see how they were used.

A spring meeting date was not set.

December 10, 2004
Oak Park Library
Johnson County, KS
A sign in sheet was circulated and introductions were made around the table. We had a member from Tulsa visiting who shared information about a large, children's multi-cultural event they partnered with the Girl Scouts on but are now doing on their own. focused on outreach to Latinos with links to presentations, on-line classes and Spanish computer instruction.

Christine shared a bilingual program where the children made Stone Soup in both languages, danced and made paper flowers.

The winner of the 2004 Pat Mora Award was announced--Providence Public Library, Rhode Island. There was discussion about our applying for it.

Participation in the ALA program Major League@the Library is encouraged by REFORMA President Jose Alverez.

Future programs were discussed, defined and developed.

KLA Tuesday afternoon Mar. 29 at Leawood City Hall [$250 rent, adjacent to conference site].
  • Jean Hatfield to head planning committee with Maggie and Margie Spencer
  • Focus on Children's Collection Development [Rose Trevino? Denise Adkins?]
  • Social Services to recent immigrants [Suzanne Gladney? Melinda Lewis? El Centro?]
  • Information about the KS state office that assists in immigrants
  • Librarian's Service checklist?
This program to be duplicated for MLA in Oct. [MLA-Oct. 26-28]

Día de Los Niños, Día de Los Libros kits
We will be making 25 kits for Día de Los Niños, Día de Los Libros for area libraries. Contents will be:
  • Flannel board story & patterns Anitra
  • ALA Dia materials Janine
  • Press releases/Community Resource list Christine
  • Craft patterns/directions Tita
  • 15 copies FIESTA paperback Anitra
  • Resource book [either Spanish big book or Spanish Piggyback Songs] Anitra
  • Program resource list [stories, fingerplays etc.] Janine/Christine
We will meet in Feb. or early March to pack kits and distribute to libraries. Libraries who requested kits but live outside the Heartland area will receive the paper but not the books. MONA, a Hispanic Women's Club will co-sponsor [underwrite] the preparation of the [offer made by Janine].

Meeting adjourned 8:45
No next meeting date set.
No new date set.
June 4, 2004
Leavenworth Public Library
Leavenworth, KS
Attending: Marguerite Spencer, Janine Estrada-Lopez, Edys Cacy, Christine Peterson, Magaly Vallazza, Lorie Hyten, Denice Adkins, Ramona Youngblood, Tita Lemanua, Pam Barba, Jean Hatfield, Anitra Steele

Marguerite Spencer, Asst. Director welcomed us to the Leavenworth Public Library. Minutes from the Feb. 22, 2004 were approved as sent. Edys Cacy, treasurer, reported a balance of $1,719.47.

Discussion followed on how to put the money to use...bring in a speaker?, provide scholarships? plan a Hispanic celebration/program etc. It was decided to develop an easily duplicable library children's program for Día de Los Niños/Cinco de Mayo. A program planning committee of Christine, Maggie, Janine, Jean, Anitra & Pam was formed. Packet inclusions could include: Big books, craft ideas & directions, outreach information [where/how to find a Spanish speaking volunteer to help read the shared books etc.] copies of books for the children to take home etc. It is hoped to have these packet/programs ready for Spring 2005 so that libraries all over the Heartland can celebrate Día de Los Niños.

A conference at KLA [March 30-April 1] was discussed but a timing change at the conference makes it less doable and the speaker we hoped to bring in was cancelled. Other ideas ... showcasing our Día de Los Niños program, bringing in another speaker for the 2006 conference were discussed. It will be in Kansas City. Speakers who could focus on Outreach were especially of interest.

Other up-coming meetings/events:
September meeting-date/place TBA--Camila Alire coming to speak at UMC and we will ask her to meet with us also.
January meeting-date/place TBA--Report of the Conference Board Meeting
Guadalajara Book Fair...get your applications in for ALA support
Cambio de Colores Conf. in Columbia...should we have an exhibit table?

Elections: All candidates elected unanimously

President: Christine Peterson
VP: Maggie Vallazza
Treasurer: Janine Estrada-Lopez
Secretary: Anitra Steele
Webmaster: Denice Adkins

Leavenworth Library was thanked for their gracious and generous hospitality.
February 22, 2004
Cass County Public Library
Northern Resource Center
Belton, MO
Host Christine Peterson welcomed a small but interested group to Cass County's newest library. She shared the history of the new facility that merged 3 small branches [Belton, Raymore and Peculiar] into one large accessible library. The new location has 15 public access computers, 4 of which have many language learning programs [Ellis: English Language Learning and Instruction System -- funded through a grant from the Missouri State Library -- ]

She showed off proudly the Spanish language materials, housed front and center as you enter the new building per their Board's request. [Aside: This special collection was noted in a recent KC STAR investigative article on how homeless people were treated in area public libraries]

Christine also shared with us information about a series of video classes available free through the Mexican consulate that enable Mexican citizens living in the US to complete their High School educations, readying them to take the GED. Christine will be offering the classes at her library.

Also available from the Mexican Consulate are Spanish textbooks and children's books. While these books are free to public libraries, there are shipping and handling costs. Christine spoke to facilitating the shipment of these books as a possible project of Heartland Reforma, especially if they could piggyback shipment with ones already coming to the International Trade Zone just north of Belton [Mazda has a factory in the Mexican sister city to Belton and ships cars to the Trade Zone] Contact Christine if you are interested. [].

Other items discussed:

Treasurer's Report: $1,439.00
Dues to National were paid. There is some concern that Heartland Chapter received no information about folks who join our chapter through the very least we need name/contact information...esp. email and our 2/3's of the dues payment. How can we hope to include these folks if we don't know who they are?

Also our Heartland web page is woefully out of date.

Plan an area wide Día de Los Niños program...submit for Pat Mora Award?

Two resources...

Programming with Latino Children's Materials
Tim Wadham
Neal-Schuman Publisher 1999

May 9, 2003
Townsend Hall,
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
Attending: Denice Adkins, Edys Cacy, Christine Peterson, Micaela Marcus, & Anitra Steele

The group met casually around pizza in a classroom on campus. Tornado warnings and threatening weather affected the turnout of local students and the scheduled speaker who was to talk about ESL programs. Introductions were made around the table and minutes from the February meeting were read. The treasurer reported a balance of $ 1,713.51 with national dues paid for 2003. There are 16 paid members. There was discussion about using Heartland funds to help underwrite registration/travel expenses for the Mountain Plains Library Association/REFORMA National Conference [Nov. 5-8, Incline Village {Lake Tahoe area} Nevada]. Application for the Guadalajara International Book Fair scholarships was also promoted. Christine Peterson [new member, Bilingual Specialist for the Cass County [MO] Public Library] reported on her Día de los Niños program. She had a guest reader [with a Cuban heritage] from a local radio station to present stories bilingually, had decorated the library with colorful God’s Eyes, made tissue paper flowers for a craft and served Mexican Wedding cakes. Additionally she is working on Spanish signage in the library branches. Her library also celebrated Cinco de Mayo with piñatas [made from decorated brown paper grocery bags] and stories. Micaela [UMC library student] reported on the Columbia Public Library’s program. CAPS FOR SALE was read in both English and Spanish and then performed with children from the audience playing the part of the monkeys. "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes" was sung and acted out in Spanish, Simon Says was played in Spanish and READ TO YOUR BUNNY was presented in both languages. The activity was streamer dancing [streamers were made by attaching a strip cut from a colorful plastic tablecloth to a craft stick]. The frustration of having the materials in the location where and when they are needed was discussed. Many systems own Spanish language materials but if they are not located at the branch were the patron is looking for them, it doesn’t help. Other programs were discussed including a "Baby Book Shower" [a library could host one to get donations of Spanish language children’s books for the collection] and Paper Picado [a fun program for older elementary/YA’s].

Next meeting: Sept. 5 - KC area, location & time TBA

Oct. 1-3 Springfield Missouri Library Association Conference -- program on Attracting Hispanics to Librarianship

If you are attending ALA in Toronto, plan to attend some REFORMA programs/meetings.

September 4, 2002
Ruiz Library
Kansas City, MO
Attending: Denice Adkins, Darren Nelson, Michelle Diaz, Janine Estrada-Lopez [and son], Edys Cacy and Anitra Steele

Prior to the meeting being called to order, Darren mentioned wanting to pass along website maintenance information to another member before he leaves. [Darren will be moving to Eugene Oregon the end of the month. Our VP position will be open]. Don Martin was nominated to take over website maintenance but this position could be done by an out-state member if they wished to volunteer.

President Denice Adkins will arrange for copies of Críticas to be sent to Maggie prior to her MLA conference presentation.

Minutes from the July meeting were accepted as mailed.

Treasurer's Report: Edys reported a balance of $1,757.00 in the checking account. $500 was sent to the scholarship fund. She will seek out a new bank as Bank of America wants to charge a service fee of $10 a month on our account.

Don Martin sent REFORMA pencils to be sold at $1 each as fund-raisers. Contact him for a supply. They are black with gold imprint saying "Mas que libros, mas que nunca" and the Reforma website.

Meeting planning: October: Maggie will present a program about Spanish collection development at MLA

After Midwinter/early February, a Wednesday night at Cedar Roe Library...Denice will send out a request for date info.....program: discussion of Reforma events at ALA

March/April ....KLA tri-conference

May/June/July...annual meeting in KC area, elections, ALA news

Contact Denice if you would like to host an out-state meeting. Consider applying for a National Reforma Grant for programs with partners.

Website: Michelle Diaz and Anitra Steele will be sending programming information to the website for sharing with others. If you have done a program, bibliography or other informational piece for the Spanish speaking in your area, please share it.

Discussion: Denice was asked about her study with Hispanic students and why more don't enter the library field. So far she has discovered students with high aspirations for professional careers and wanting to be in "helping" professions but that they have had very little contact with public libraries and librarians so don't consider librarianship as a career option. We need to take our recruitment message to the high school level and to college students in fields of history, Fine Arts and English [where jobs after school are limited if they don't want to teach]. Consider volunteering for VP, hosting a meeting and/or doing a program. Get your pencils from Don. Watch the website for meeting information. Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm
June 27, 2002
Antioch Branch
Johnson County Library
Mission, KS
President Darren Nelson opened the meeting with approval of the minutes from the last meeting. Treasurer Edys Cacy reported a current balance of $2349.00 with a paid membership of 15 "local" members and one national member. Jean Hatfield has membership materials for 3 additional regular & two students. The treasurer reported that National dues were paid in May and that $100 was donated towards the Pura Belpré celebration.

Darren and Jean reported on National's proposals....the dues/financial proposals failed but National is working towards a smaller Board and a better fiscal handle on things.

The Pura Belpré Celebration was exciting with all but one of the authors & illustrators present as well as a dance group. Heartland's donation went towards hand painted leather bookmark souvenirs from Central America.

Spectrum Scholarships--Jean talked about the new goal for the Spectrum Scholarships and Camila Alire's letter urging Reforma chapters to do fund raising. After discussion about what as possible, Jean moved, Nancy Green seconded donating $500 to the Spectrum scholarship fund now. PASSED. A fall event with a local Spectrum scholarship recipient, music and margaritas, maybe at KLA, Lawrence or Topeka was mentioned. A planning committee of Jean Hatfield, Don Martin and Tone' Mendoza will report at the next meeting. As another fund-raiser, Jean moved and Nancy seconded Don purchasing imprinted fundraising pencils for members to sell. PASSED. Bright colors and various slogans or Reforma's web address were mentioned for imprinting.

Elections: The slate of President: Denice Adkins and Vice-President: Darren Nelson was put in nomination. They were elected unanimously by acclimation. Edys Cacy and Anitra Steele will continue as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

Mountain Plains Conference--Oct. 2-4 in Fargo, ND. Jean mentioned the opportunity to have a Reforma presence at this meeting and suggested Ghada Elturk [Boulder PL Outreach Librarian] as a possible speaker. Anitra moved and Darren seconded that Heartland Reforma support a program at MPLA up to $350. PASSED.

The Heartland Reforma at KLA was not as originally planned but quite successful nevertheless. When Darren was unable to attend at the last minute, Jean asked Katie Mediatore and Kimberly Reed from Kansas City Kansas Public Library to report on their Spanish language magazines and Hispanic resources. They were able to develop a power point presentation over lunch that wowed the standing room only audience along with Jean's Pura Belpré presentation.

Next meeting: Sept. 4th [Wednesday] 7:00 pm at the Ruiz Branch, Kansas City Public Library

New president Denice Adkins has set up a Heartland mailing list. To subscribe either send her your e-mail address or go to: --- leave subject field blank --- in the body write: subscribe Heartland
January 28, 2002
Ruiz Branch
Kansas City Public Library
Following introductions around the table, Treasurer Edys Cacy gave a financial and membership of Dec. 31, 2001: $2,164.79 and 17 paid members. Because of changes at National Reforma the membership year will be January-December. Edys will be notifying members who recently joined with pro rated dues information.

Mid Winter Report: Denice Adkins was our representative at Reforma meetings at Mid-Winter. Unfortunately she was ill and could not make this meeting. She will send in a report.

Hesston: Twenty attended the Hesston KS meeting at which Denice Adkins spoke.
Garden City: set for March 9
Tri-Conference: April 3-5 Wichita---Reforma program April 4--Fotonovelas poster display, Pura Belpré discussion
**** Story Telling Celebration April 17-20 -- bilingual storyteller Olga Loya coming--could be available for a program...WOULD SOMEONE LIKE TO SPEARHEAD HIRING HER AND SETTING UP A PROGRAM? There are treasury funds and the chance for a programming award if applied for. Contact Darren and copy Jean to volunteer.
Día de Los Niños April 30 ---KCMLIN workshop --Outreach Programming for Latinos
Westport Library - General Membership June 27th 7:00 p.m. Antioch Branch JCL. -- Election of Officers
MLA Oct 2-4 Downtown Marriot KCMO
Theme: Missouri Libraries: Changing Faces Enduring Values
Possible programs: folks from San Francisco? Ask Camila Alire to repeat pre-conference?

Membership Drive: Each member is asked to recruit one new member--tell them about benefits of membership etc. Applications are on the web page T-shirts/tote bags: Don Martin will investigate costs/minimum orders etc. on T-shirts, tote bags and pens for publicity and as a fund raiser.

Pura Belpré Award: Jean Hatfield spoke on the experience of serving on the Pura Belpré Award Committee and the qualities of the winning books. She also shared some personal favorites among the candidates....including CRAZY LOCO, QUINCENARIA MEANS SWEET 16, MICE AND BEANS, CUBAN KIDS, & GRANDMA'S RECORDS

ESPERANZA RISING winner for author
CHATO AND THE PARTY ANIMALS winner for illustrations

June 25, 2001
Cedar Roe Branch
Johnson County Library
Overland Park, KS
President Darren Nelson called the meeting to order just after 7:00 p.m.

First on the agenda were elections for Secretary and Treasurer. Anitra Steele and Edys Cacy were nominated respectively and duly elected.

Treasurer's Report: Current balance: $2044.44. There are still some outstanding expenses and income from the workshop [hosting expenses and book sales]. Current membership: 18. Lapsed members needing to renew: 5

Fund Usage: There was a discussion on how to use some of the funds raised by the workshop. Suggestions included bringing in speakers for meetings, offering scholarships or paraprofessional stipends to attend conferences. The conference stipend created the most interest and Darren will look into how to structure and promote offering two $400 stipends to non MLS Reforma members to attend a conference of their choice. These would be competitive and merit based.

Web page: Darren encouraged members to help make the web page more useful by sending him bibliographies, program descriptions, reviews etc. He also encouraged us to take advantage of Reforma net and its joint mentoring assistance.

2001-2001 Program Planning: The number and variety of programs for the new year were discussed and the following [tentative] schedule was developed:

Oct. 3-5 MLA [in St. Louis] "Poster session" on fotonovelas
Oct. 11 West Branch, KCMO [their new Hispanic area branch] Children's materials, Hispanic Heritage Month
Nov. 8 Heston, KS
Jan./Feb. KC area TBA
April Kansas Tri-Conference
April 30 Día de Los Niños, Dia de Los Libros TBA [Columbia, MO?]
May/June TBA

There was also a discussion about the Marc Aaronson article in HORNBOOK about the proliferation of awards. It was suggested that members respond via letters to the editor of Hornbook [copying Reforma if possible] if they wish to respond.

Meeting adjourned: 8:15 p.m.

Next meeting: October 11, in the evening.


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