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Dance Orchestra Music
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O-6152 'taint Me Davis, Palmer
O-6146 'taint No Use Lane, Magidson
O-6059 A Penny A Kiss, A Penny A Hug Care, Kaye
O-6336 Adios Muchachos Johnson, Sanders
O-6308 Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life Herbert
O-6486 Anniversary Waltz, The Dubin, Franklin
O-6389 Answer Me, My Love Rauch, Sigman, Winkler
O-6206 April In Paris Duke, Harburg, Hochberg
O-6014 As Long As You Believe In Me Chase, Davis
O-6331 At Sundown Donaldson
O-6270 Autumn Leaves Kosma, Mercer, Prevert
O-6347 Avalon Jolson, Rose, Yoelson
O-6089 Baia Barroso
O-6110 Beautiful Ohio Earl, King
O-6323 Beg Your Pardon Craig, Smith
O-6318 Begin The Beguine Porter
O-6091 Besame Mucho Velazquez
O-6352 Bim Bam Bum Camacho, Morales
O-6068 Bizet Has His Day Bizet
O-6375 Blossom Fell, A Barnes, Cornelius, John
O-6309 Blue Danube Strauss
O-6208 Bye Bye Blues Bennett, Hamm, Lown
O-6092 Cachita Hernandez
O-6458 Carioca Eliscu, Kahn, Youmans
O-6271 Ceilito Lindo Fernandez
O-6268 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White David, Louiguy
O-6224 Chicago Fischer
O-6058 Chino Soy Cugat
O-6015 Collegiate Love Doyle, Heath
O-6481 Commando's Serenade, The Matthews, McIntyre
O-6460 Desert Song, The Romberg
O-6033 Didn't I Tell You Monaco, Rose
O-6260 Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me Ellington, Russell
O-6304 Down By The Old Mill Stream Taylor
O-6020 Dream Girl Schertzinger
O-6368 Dreamer, The Loesser, Schwartz
O-6350 Drume Negrita Grenet
O-6437 Earl, The Powell
O-6278 Early Autumn Burns, Herman, Mercer
O-6253 Easter Parade Baline, Berlin
O-6096 El Rancho Grance Costello, Ramos
O-6329 El Relicario Padilla, Raven
O-6482 Elegy Massenet
O-6320 Embraceable You Gershwin, Gershwin
O-6326 Espana Cani Marquina
O-6436 Everybody Loves My Baby Palmer, Williams
O-6435 Exactly Like You Fields, McHugh
O-6434 Feeling Zero Hawkins
O-6433 Fidgety Feet La Rocca, Shields
O-6340 Flatbush Flanagan James
O-6432 Fluid Jive Dorsey, Norman
O-6252 Foggy Day, A Gershwin, Gershwin
O-6392 For The First Time Kapp, Tobias
O-6109 For You Burke, Dubin
O-6279 Four Brothers Guiffre
O-6401 Four O'Clock Jump Paxton, Siravo
O-6090 Frenesi Dominguez
O-6204 Frosty The Snow Man Nelson, Rollins
O-6431 Genius At Work Dorsey, Mann
O-6430 Ghost Of A Chance, A Crosby, Washington, Young
O-6280 Gigi Lerner, Loewe
O-6429 Gin Mill Special Hawkins, Lowe
O-6104 Girl Of My Dreams Clapp
O-6428 Goin' To Chicago Blues Basie, Rushing
O-6372 Good Night Wherever You Are Hoffman, Robertson, Weldon
O-6427 Goodnight My Love Gordon, Revel
O-6106 Goodnight Waltz Medley Various
O-6107 Gypsy Love Song Herbert
O-6384 Happiness Magidson, Oakland
O-6443 Harbor Lights Kennedy, Williams
O-6471 Harlem Nocturne Hagen
O-6441 Harvard Blues Basie, Frazier, Smith
O-6442 Harvard Song Watson
O-6440 Hawaiian Wedding Song, The King
O-6265 Hello Young Lovers Hammerstein, Rodgers
O-6467 Hello Young Lovers Rodgers
O-6461 Hey, Look Me Over Kidd, Nash
O-6390 High And The Mighty, The Tiomkin, Washington
O-6439 Honey Gillespie, Simons, Whiting
O-6324 Hot Diggity Goffman, Manning
O-6451 Hour Of Parting, The Spoliansky
O-6448 How Am I To Know King, Parker
O-6449 How Deep Is The Ocean Baline, Berlin
O-6225 How High The Moon Hamilton, Lewis
O-6282 Humoresque Dvorak
O-6450 Hungarian Dance No. 5 Unknown
O-6420 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With M Gaskill
O-6426 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With M Gaskill
O-6420 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With M McHugh
O-6426 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With M McHugh
O-6425 I Can't Escape From You Rabin, Whiting
O-6424 I Can't Face The Music Bloom, Koehler
O-6397 I Cover The Waterfront Green, Heyman
O-6403 I Cried For You Arheim, Freed, Lyman
O-6423 I Don't Know Why Ahlert, Turk
O-6487 I Got Rhythm Gershwin, Gershwin
O-6402 I Hadn't Anyone Till You Noble
O-6383 I Heard You Cry Last Night Grouya, Kruger
O-6380 I Know That You Know Caldwell
O-6438 I Know That You Know Caldwell
O-6380 I Know That You Know Youmans
O-6438 I Know That You Know Youmans
O-6411 I Love Paris Porter
O-6256 I Love You Porter
O-6417 I Never Knew Egan
O-6398 I Never Knew Fiorito, Kahn
O-6417 I Never Knew Marsh, Pitts
O-6415 I Should Care Cahn, Stordahl, Weston
O-6413 I Still Get A Thrill Coots, Davis
O-6414 I Surrender, Dear Barris, Clifford
O-6464 I Whistle A Happy Tune Rodgers
O-6010 I'd Rather Cry Over You Dougherty, Pounce, Yellen
O-6009 I'll Close My Eyes Friend
O-6421 I'll Never Be The Same Kahn, Malneck, Signorelli
O-6382 I'll Never Stop Loving You Brodszky, Cahn
O-6396 I'll Remember April Johnston, Paul, Raye
O-6108 I'll See You Again Coward
O-6348 I'll See You Again Coward
O-6011 I'll Think Of You Lyman, Schoenberger
O-6410 I'll Walk Alone Cahn, Styne
O-6214 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You Bassman, Washington
O-6086 I'm In Seventh Heaven Brown, De Sylva, Henderson, Jolson
O-6242 I'm In The Mood For Love Fields, McHugh
O-6455 I'm Only Making Believe Coots, Davis
O-6412 I'm Thru With Love Kahn, Livingston, Malneck
O-6453 I'm Walkin' Around In A Dream Lewis, Spencer, Yoell
O-6419 I'm Yours Green, Harburg, Hochberg
O-6407 I've Found A New Baby Palmer, Williams
O-6399 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Baline, Berlin
O-6493 I've Got You Under My Skin Porter
O-6135 Idaho Stone
O-6137 Idaho Stone
O-6422 If I Could Be With You Creamer, Johnson
O-6400 If I Had You Campbell, Connelly, Shapiro
O-6017 If I Should Lose You Burtnett, Stowell
O-6354 If That's The Way You Want It Baby Lewis, Tobias, Tobias
O-6418 In A Mist Beiderbecke
O-6241 In A Sentimental Mood Ellington
O-6082 In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town Little, Siras
O-6388 In The Chapel In The Moonlight Hill
O-6037 In The Evening Dowling, Hanley
O-6220 In The Mood Garland, Razaf
O-6240 Indian Love Call Friml
O-6285 Indian Summer Dubin, Herbert
O-6416 Intermezzo Mascagni
O-6321 Irish Waltz Medley Various
O-6307 Irving Berlin's Waltz Medley Baline, Berlin
O-6207 It Had To Be You Jones
O-6239 It Had To Be You Jones
O-6207 It Had To Be You Kahn
O-6239 It Had To Be You Kahn
O-6409 It Isn't Fair Himber, Sprigato, Warshauer
O-6395 It Must Be Jelly MacGregor, Williams
O-6288 It's All Right With Me Porter
O-6325 It's Love Love Love David, Kramer, Whitney
O-6408 It's The Talk Of The Town Livingston, Neiburg
O-6364 Ivory Tower Fulton, Steele
O-6334 James Session Matthias
O-6043 Japansy Bryan, Klenner
O-6406 Jazz Me Blues, The Delaney
O-6488 Jersey Bounce Bradshaw, Johnson, Plater, Wright
O-6237 Jingle Bells Traditional
O-6405 Jive At Five Basie, Edison
O-6244 Johnson Rag Hall, Kleinkauf
O-6362 Jones Boy, The Curtis, Mizzy
O-6128 Josephine Bivens
O-6476 Josephine Bivens
O-6128 Josephine Kahn
O-6476 Josephine Kahn
O-6128 Josephine King
O-6476 Josephine King
O-6333 Jump Town James, Matthias
O-6492 Jumpin' At The Woodside Basie
O-6139 Jumpin' Off Place Hathaway
O-6189 Junior Unknown
O-6127 Just A Kid Named Joe David, Livingston
O-6138 Just A Simple Melody Cahn, Chaplin
O-6394 Just In Time Comden, Green
O-6404 Just One More Chance Coslow, Johnston
O-6124 Keep Me In Mind Bacharach, Wolf
O-6234 Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now Razaf, Waller
O-6025 Kids Again Natoli, Stokes
O-6071 Killer-Diller, The Goodman, Mundy
O-6230 King Porter La Menthe, Morton
O-6231 King Porter Stomp La Menthe, Morton
O-6101 Kiss In The Dark, A De Sylva, Herbert
O-6046 Kiss Me Again Blossom, Herbert
O-6366 L'amour Toujours L'amour Friml
O-6093 La Conga Grenet, Sunshine
O-6248 La Cucaracha Traditional
O-6247 La Cumparsita Rodriguez
O-6472 La Cumparsita Rodriguez
O-6387 La'e La'e Berrios, Martins
O-6359 Laroo, Laroo, Lilli Bolero Dee, Moore
O-6293 Laura Mercer, Raskin
O-6356 Learnin' The Blues Silvers
O-6186 Linger A While Owens, Rose
O-6369 Lisbon Antiqua Dupree, Portela
O-6222 Little Brown Jug Unknown
O-6328 Little Shoemaker, The Parsons, Revil, Turner
O-6322 Little White Lies Donaldson
O-6294 Liza Gershwin, Gershwin
O-6447 Lonely Acres Robinson
O-6446 Lonesome Road Austin, Shilkret
O-6444 Loose Lid Special Oliver
O-6445 Losers Weepers Oliver, Young
O-6190 Lost In The Shuffle Bernier, Emmerich, Spier
O-6187 Louella Meissner
O-6233 Love Is A Many Spendored Thing Fain, Webster
O-6027 Love Is The Sweetest Thing Noble
O-6232 Lover Hart, Rodgers
O-6147 Lullaby In Rhythm Goodman, Profit, Samphson
O-6228 Lullaby Of Broadway Dubin, Guaragna, Warren
O-6035 Lying In The Hay Nohain
O-6141 Main Stem Ellington
O-6385 Mam'selle Gordon, Goulding
O-6094 Mama Inez Grenet, Wolf
O-6229 Man I Love, The Gershwin, Gershwin
O-6140 Manhattan Serenade Alter
O-6298 March Of The Goons Lavalle
O-6105 Marcheta Schertzinger
O-6188 Marching Along Together Pola, Steininger
O-6131 Margie Conrad, Davis, Dober, Robinson
O-6022 Marianne Ahlert, Turk
O-6121 Marie Baline, Berlin
O-6122 Melody In F Rubenstein
O-6192 Memoirs Of A Dilemma Lavalle
O-6125 Memories Of You Blake
O-6130 Memories Of You Blake
O-6337 Memories Of You Blake
O-6125 Memories Of You Razaf
O-6130 Memories Of You Razaf
O-6337 Memories Of You Razaf
O-6477 Mexican Hat Dance Traditional
O-6299 Minnie The Moocher's Weddin' Day Arlen, Koehler
O-6193 Miss You Tobias, Tobias
O-6123 Mississippi Simmons, Williams
O-6249 Misty Burke, Garner
O-6194 Mobile Holt, Wells
O-6195 Mole, The Holmes, James
O-6272 Mona Lisa Evan, Livingston
O-6470 Monte Carlo Song, The Endor, Steinberg
O-6226 Mood Indigo Bigard
O-6213 Mood Indigo Ellington
O-6226 Mood Indigo Ellington
O-6213 Mood Indigo Mills
O-6226 Mood Indigo Mills
O-6078 Moon Nocturne Woode
O-6100 Moon Of Manakoora, The Loesser
O-6103 Moon Of Manakoora, The Loesser
O-6100 Moon Of Manakoora, The Newman
O-6103 Moon Of Manakoora, The Newman
O-6126 Moonglow De Lange
O-6198 Moonglow De Lange
O-6327 Moonglow De Lange
O-6126 Moonglow Hudson
O-6198 Moonglow Hudson
O-6327 Moonglow Hudson
O-6126 Moonglow Mills
O-6198 Moonglow Mills
O-6327 Moonglow Mills
O-6212 Moonlight In Vermont Blackburn, Suessdorf
O-6196 Moonlight On The Ganges Myers
O-6039 Moonlight Sonata Beethoven
O-6038 More Than You Know Eliscu, Rose
O-6031 More Than You Know Youmans
O-6038 More Than You Know Youmans
O-6258 Moritat Brecht, Weill
O-6116 Mr. Sweeney's Learned To Swing Hudson, Mills
O-6391 Mr. Wonderful Bock, Holofcenter, Weiss
O-6117 Muddy Water De Rose, Richman, Trent
O-6115 Music, Maestro, Please Magidson, Wrubel
O-6300 Muskrat Ramble Ory
O-6319 My Blue Heaven Donaldson, Whiting
O-6099 My Dear Garber, Large
O-6018 My Flame Is Just A Match For Me Fain, Herbert, Murray
O-6210 My Funny Valentine Hart, Rodgers
O-6267 My Happiness Bergatine, Peterson
O-6114 My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice Saint-Saens
O-6032 My Last Affair Johnson
O-6211 My Reverie Clinton
O-6132 My Shawl Adams, Cugat
O-6041 My Silent Love Heyman, Suesse
O-6393 My Sister And I Kramer, Whitney, Zaret
O-6102 My Wild Irish Rose Olcott
O-6254 My Wild Irish Rose Olcott
O-6133 Negra Consentida Harper, Pardave
O-6040 Never In A Million Years Gordon, Revel
O-6113 Night Is Young And You'r So Beautiful, The Kahal, Rose, Suesse
O-6112 No Regrets Ingraham, Tobias
O-6338 No, Not Much Allen, Stillman
O-6044 Now It Can Be Told Baline, Berlin

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