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Annual Meeting

The Kansas Folklore Society Annual Conference and Celebration is the annual gathering of Kansans with interests in the collection, documentation, study, analysis, and/or celebration of folklore, will come together June 10th and 11th at Fort Dodge.

GPS: N37.976 W99 56.143
Located approximately 5 miles East of Dodge City, Kansas, on Highway 400 (formerly 154). Fort Dodge dates back to 1865 when Fort Dodge was ordered to be built as a supply post for people and wagon trains traveling the Santa Fe Trail.

Friday afternoon a folk historic orientation of the Fort and surrounding area will be followed by a business meeting after dinner at Cowtown Caseys Club and Steakhouse at 503 E. Trail in Dodge City.
Saturday sign-in starts at 8,presentations start at 9am, lunch break from 11:30 am -1:00 pm, when afternoon presentations will run until at 4:30pm. At 5pm begins a JAM-boree of regional musicians in ‘open mike’ style sessions punctuated by a potluck supper for sampling of regional foodways.

The musical Jamboree and the 2005 Ks Folklore Society conference end Saturday at 8pm.

Other Meetings:

2004 KFS Annual Meeting
Wichita, KS, April 23 & 24, 2004
—Read details—

Annual Meeting 2003
The theme of the 2003 annual meeting was Food and Folklore. Co-Presidents Ron & Cynthia Pederson decided to have the Annual KsFS meeting May 2 & 3,2003 on (and off) the Campus of Washburn University in Topeka.

Please drop us an email at
with suggestions for dates you might like to attend future
Annual Spring Meetings.

Founders awards, a proposal:

A very healthy way to honor those in the past, who've made the commitment in time and energy of “bringing forward folk traditions” might be to recognize those around us, succeeding in similar efforts.
   S.J. Sackett in his review of the Kansas Folklore Society for the American Folklore Society Journal in 1964, wrote that after his presentation to the 1956 Conference of Teachers of College English on “The need for a Folklore Society in Kansas”. It was William Koch and Joan O’Bryant who responded to his appeal and became the key players in the formation of the Kansas Folklore Society—in the last half of the last century.
   In the Kansas Folklore Society Newsletter of November of 1958, noted was a suggestion by Wm. Koch that plans be made for a ‘citation’ (an award) to be given by the Kansas Folklore Society for valuable service to folklore. Thirty years later, the Kansas Folklore Society initiated and awarded the first “William Koch Award” for achievement and dedication to the Collection, and Study of Folklore in Kansas. The first recipient--appropriately enough, was Bill Koch himself. One of our current members [Gloria Throne] remembers, delivering the award to him at his home in Manhattan before his passing, in 1991.
nother--of our “founders awards,” the “Joan O‘Bryant Awardfor dedication to the Performance, and Presentation of Folk Music found in Kansas.

We include a memorial award for those succeeding in fieldwork, and the documentation of oral histories, and traditions, titled the “Sam Sackett Award~mlw

Verbal lore? What other song is sung to the melody of the well known German hymn 'Beulahland' ? What are it's wet and dry versions?

Customary lore? Why was a Kansas "water well" named for a religious figure?

Material lore? What are the origins of imagery on quilts?

To help investigate answers to the above questions
and other folklore questions:

Plan to join us at future meetings of the Kansas Folklore Society.


ORAL HISTORY WORKSHOP to be held at KU Student Union Ballroom -- March 18th, 2005

Folklore Rumors and News:

Rumors say Doc. Hoy has launched folklore study into the 21st century with an online or 'remote' studies program in folklore.


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