KANZA Chapter OCTA Minutes

September 11, 2011

Belvue, Kansas


KANZA Chapter Oregon California Trails Association called to order at 2:15 PM in Belvue Firehouse meeting room by president, Alicia Keegan.  The meeting had 18 in attendance representing 36 hours and 661 miles donated to OCTA today.


Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes of previous meeting of 3/13/2011 as read by the secretary.


The secretary then read the minutes of the KANZA Chapter meeting held in Rock Springs, Wyoming 8/9/2011.  They noted 13 were in attendance representing 1268 hours and 11790 miles donated to OCTA by our chapter during the convention.  Motion duly made and seconded to approve these minutes also.


The secretary called on Jim Coder to come to the front of the room.  He then made a presentation of a National Neckerchief to Jim for his efforts in recruiting two new memberships for OCTA.


Alicia read the Treasurer report in the absence of Arleta with a balance of $8145.45.  Motion duly made and seconded to approve the treasurers report.


Alicia reported we have 94 paid members in the KANZA Chapter.


Jim Coder discussed the newsletter and asked for members names of those not getting it by email so that he can send it by US mail if need be.


Duane Iles and Charles Weickert reviewed the Rock Springs, Wyoming national OCTA convention activities and encouraged everyone to come to the national convention to be held in Lawrence, Kansas in 2012.  Duane noted the very successful symposiums, such as Marysville, Ks. and Cedar City, Utah as a way OCTA is getting more localized concentrations of members to become active in our preservation efforts.  The next Symposium is set for Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 29-30, 2011, partnering with the Arkansas Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association, Butterfield Trail, and the Heritage Trails, Inc.   An April 2012 symposium is planned in Austin, Texas.


Alicia read a letter inviting OCTA and the Pony Express Associations to a 150th Festival in Wichita October 8 with a parade and other cultural activities going on at Century II Convention Center and Hall.  Go to internet www.ks150.org for additional information.


The President appointed a nominating committee of Arleta, Molley and Charles for the November meeting of KANZA officers.


Lauranell Stewart asked for help on what to do about the deliberate arson recently of the Louis Vieux Elm stump and historic site vandalism.  She also said the Pottawatomie County Commissioners had passed a resolution relating to 8 cemeteries in the county and two of them were the Louis Vieux cemetery and the Cholera Cemetery near the historic site.


Lauranell moved that we write a letter of support to the Commissioners expressing our continued interest in preservation of the three historic sites.  Motion seconded and passed unanimously.  Jim Bradley will investigate and draft a letter of KANZA support for the Commissioners.


Next meeting will be November 13, 2011 at Blue Rapids, Wamego, or Manhattan.


Next years meeting dates are planned for 1/8, 3/11, 5/13, 7/8, 9/9, and 11/11/2012.


Jim Bradley moved we adjourn at 4:40 PM.  Motion seconded and passed.



Respectfully submitted,



Charles Weickert, secretary