KANZA Chapter OCTA Minutes

August 9, 2011

Rock Springs, Wyoming


The KANZA Chapter Oregon California Trails Association meeting held in room 1444 at Western Wyoming Community College 8/9/2011 at 4:00PM by Charles Weickert, Secretary.


No minutes of previous meeting available.  No treasurers report available.


Thirteen persons signed the attendance register representing 11790 miles and 1268 hours of donation to OCTA.


We started by discussing the very successful Symposium held in Marysville, Ks in October 2010.


Duane Iles, national membership chair, explained the how and why of the OCTA Symposiums being held in Arizona, Utah, Kansas and elsewhere across the nation to promote membership in our organization and to educate, protect, and preserve our immigrant history and the westward expansion of the United States.


Suggestions and ideas were for more local radio ads and most of all, the personal interactions of members with new members and nonmembers, to join us in protecting and preserving our national heritage.


Recognize and reward members and nonmembers on their research of efforts to educate our selves and our future generations.


Attending were:

Mary and Charles Weickert, Marysville, Ks

Jack Lawson, Augusta, Ks

Jerry Snyder, Belle Plains, Ks

Dick Towers, Manhattan, Ks

Wann Towers, Manhattan, Ks

Jim Rhine, Manhattan, Ks

Catherine Blair, Meridian, Id

Tom McCutcheon, Rock Springs, Wy

Aaron Mahr, National Park Service

Duane Iles, Holton, Ks

Carol and Vern Osborne, Cheyenne, Wy



Respectfully submitted,



Charles Weickert, secretary