KANZA Chapter OCTA Minutes

March 13,2011

Belvue, Ks

KANZA Chapter Oregon California Trails Association called to order at 2:15 PM in Belvue Firehouse meeting room by Secretary Charles Weickert.

Introductions around the room reveled 14 present, representing 983 miles and 40 hours donated to OCTA today.

He then introduced the program for the day as Lesa Brose of Valley Falls.  She presented a program in period costume representing Sara Robinson, the First Lady of Kansas Territory and wife of   Governor Charles Robinson first governor of Kansas.  Sara was accompanied by Emily Hunt Grove portrayed by Dianna Welsh, Lesas daughter.

Their presentation was a discussion of March 1861 shortly after Kansas became a state January 29, 1861.

The presentation was based on a book written by Sara Robinson in 1856, KANSAS ITS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR.

The meeting continued with Arleta Martin, treasurer reporting a balance of $8153.13.  She also reported that chapter member Burns Hesse had passed away.

No previous meeting minutes were read but the secretary reported an assembly of KANZA members representing 24 persons, 539 miles and over 50 hours donation had met January 9,2011 at the Manhattan, Ks Public Library for a program arranged by Vice President Ted Hopkins.  No business was conducted.

  Doug Tippen and Don Combs of Manhattan presented a program on the historic Military Road from Fort Leaveworth to Fort Riley.  A portion of their research shows the Military Trail and the Oregon Trail used the same route near the Louis Vieux crossing of the Red Vermillion River.

Duane Durst reported on his efforts to get the Fort Riley to Fort Kearney Military Trail marked.  He thinks there are remnants of it on land near his farm in Washington county.   He has contacted the Morman Trail Center, Omaha to help mark their trail north of the Platte River.

Mary Conrad was presented an OCTA neckerchief for getting new member Rick Anderson to join OCTA.  She reported on efforts to get an archaeology dig at Uniontown by the Ks Historical Society.  They will try to determine the Uniontown site with help from Washburn University field school.  It was believed to be the Indian Pay Station before the St Marys site.

No other business, Duane Durst moved meeting adjourn 3:45 PM.

Respectively submitted.




Charles Weickert, Secretary






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