KANZA Chapter Oregon California Trails Association meeting was called to order by Vice President Ted Hopkins at the Manhattan, KS Public Library 2:00 PM Jan 9, 2011.  There were 24 present and represented 539 miles and over 50 hours donated to OCTA.


We did not conduct a business meeting, as such, with no previous meeting minutes or treasurers report available and no new business or old business discussed.


Doug Tippen and Don Combs of Manhattan, presented a program on the historic Military Roads from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Riley.  They displayed several maps and showed many pictures and photos of various locations and designated landmarks in Pottawatomie and Riley counties. In one stretch of the trail in Pottawatomie Co. both the Oregon Trail and the Military Road used the same trail. This included the Louis Vieux crossing of the Red Vermillion River.  They explained how Bayer Limestone Company of St Marys and various individuals and their families had combined resources to set several large limestone markers with bronze plaques to commemorate particular known points or incidents on the Military Road.  The information on the trail markers was provided by Morris Warner of TN.  When Don Combs retired from his insurance business, he became interested in the military road near his home, and began researching it using information from Morris Warner.  He cleared the brush from the trail in Warner Park and the first marker was set there in 1999.  Doug Tippin, a retired teacher in the Manhattan School System and Kansas State University started to assist Don on this project in 2008.  Together they have researched and marked large sections of the Military Roads and plan to continue this project to include the trail from Ft. Riley to Ft. Kearney.


Refreshments of cookies and coffee and conversation concluded the meeting.


Respectfully submitted


Charles Weickert, Secretary