KANZA OCTA Chapter Meeting


Elko, Nv.


Meeting called to order 3:15 PM by Ted Hopkins in Convention Center Elko, Nevada.


There were 16 in attendance from roll call sheet signed by those attending donating a minimum of 2 hours each for a total of 32 hours and they had traveled a minimum total of 16600 miles.

No previous minutes or treasures report available.


Duane Iles and Charles Weickert reported on progress to date of planning for the OCTA Symposium to be held in Marysville, Kansas October 8,9,10, 2010.


Symposium planning meetings of June 1, June 22, and July 27 have been held with an average attendance of 12 to 14 persons each time.  With strong leadership from Travis Boley we are getting good response to planning for meals and tours and schools to show the OCTA film ‘In Pursuit of a Dream’.   The Marysville Armory will be the headquarters site for the Symposium although final arrangement details have not been completed yet.  We discussed the many facets of details needing covered and insurance liabilities etc.


It was reported KANZA  Chapter has 51 paid memberships with 28 of them being fairly close to Marysville (within 60 miles +/-)


Meeting adjourned 4:32 PM


Respectfully submitted

Charles Weickert, secretary