KANZA  OCTA Chapter Meeting

July 11, 2010

Hollenberg Station Hanover, Ks


Meeting called to order by president Alisha Keegan at 2:07 PM at visitor center Hollenberg Station.

Introductions were made by all around the room.  A total of 19 persons volunteered 58 hours and 1592 miles to attend the meeting.

A motion duly made from the floor and seconded to approve the minutes of previous meeting as read by the secretary.  Motion carried.

Alisha reported a treasures report from previous meeting, a balance of $8455.12, Income $90.00, Expenses paid of $379.47 leaving a balance to date of $8165.65.  No income or bills were presented.

Move by Duane Isles and second by Jennie Barley to approve treasures report.  Motion carried.

St Marys festival --Trail Mix, Art, History, and Music needs volunteers to man an OCTA KANZA booth October 16, 2010.  The Hopkins and Duane Isles spoke up.

Alisha has been asked and will contact the Reeses about doing an article for the KANZA newsletter on the John Reese barn.

Committee reports:

Ted Hopkins reported the COED program has run out of data to look at and include in the COED program.

Jim Coder asked for a July 15 deadline to get information to him for the next newsletter.

Arleta Martin moved and second by Jim Coder to donate $40 dollars to Watkins Museum in Lawrence for their hosting our June 13 meeting.  Motion carried.

Duane Durst moved and second by Arleta Martin to donate $40 to Relay For Life in honor of the Historical Society allowing our use of Hollenberg Station for numerous meetings there.  Motion carried.

Charles Weickert reviewed the rough draft of the OCTA Symposium agenda scheduled for October 8,9,10, 2010 in Marysville.

KANZA next meeting is scheduled to be in Elko, Nv at the national convention.

KANZA September 12 meeting is to be at the Ks State Historical site in Topeka.

Motion by D. Durst and second by Arleta to adjourn at 2:55 PM for a program presented by Kenny Martin and Duane Durst on the 150th anniversary commemorative reride.


Respectfully submitted

Charles Weickert, secretary