KANZA OCTA Chapter Meeting

March 14, 2010

Wamego, Ks


KANZA Chapter Oregon California Trails Association called to order by president Alisha Keegan at Wamego Museum at 2:07 PM. There were 36 registered present with 66 hours and 1338 miles.

Introductions were made around the room with 8 guests present.


Bob and Marilyn Johnson of Manhattan presented a slide presentation of their travels on the Oregon Trail , Kansas Scenery,  and, other Kansas Attractions.


Don Cooper moved and second by Molly Ledeboer to approve the previous meeting minutes as presented and posted on email.

Treasurers report presented by Alisha in Treasurers absence of:  Old Balance $8621.69 Income of $262.00; Expenses $466.07;  leaving current balance of $8417.62.


President Alisha reported that member Gary Hazelton is still recovering in Topeka, of a stroke he suffered in August 2009.   She reported Dick Nelson is the new chair of the National awards committee and any nominations for national OCTA awards are due at headquarters 4/1/10.


Jim Coder reported he will try to get out a KANZA newsletter in April.


Ted Hopkins reported on their midyear meeting attendance in Independence.  ‘In Pursuit of a Dream’ has been receiving good alocades for OCTA.  Ted and Arlene represented KANZA Chapter at the meeting.  They were commended for their activity in behalf of the chapter in the COED program of OCTA.


Bob Burkhart reported on the ‘In Pursuit of a Dream’ promotion that Charles and Mary Weickert were included in an interview at the Loveland Convention and appeared in a You Tube clip about the movie premier showing at that time.   He also said geocaching with GPS receivers is becoming a popular way to spread the word of OCTA efforts.


Vern and Carol Osborne reported we need to be aware of the political actions in Washington, D.C., is cutting dollars out of the national budget and forcing individual states Senators and Representatives, to reinstate the Challenge Cost Share funds.  Challenge Cost Share funds are an important part of our financing national OCTA activities.


Jim Bradley reported that some property adjoining Scott Spring Park at Westmoreland has been nominated for inclusion in the national recognition of Trail property.

Rut Nuts are planning to do a cleanup effort in the near future around our known trail carsonite markers.


Arlene reported on her and Don Coopers’ efforts to develop a generic poster telling of our upcoming meetings and brochure display inviting the public for KANZA membership and participation.   Also they are considering a diary for individual members to pass amongst ourselves to record trail related events or happenings over time as a way to generate interest in promoting ourselves and trail history.


Duane Durst moved and second by Jim Coder, to proceed with the development of poster and diary efforts to promote ourselves.   Motion carried.


Duane Durst moved and second by Molly Ledeboer to print 200 posters.   Motion carried.

Alisha has ordered 3500 brochures for packets for distribution at the Fort Riley Expo March 27, and the Kansas Sampler Festival May 1-2, 2010.


Duane Durst made the motion to make some editorial changes to the KANZA brochure and get 5000 printed to include with the Sampler Festival and Expo packets.  Seconded by Charles Weickert.  Motion carried.


Don Cooper will contact Doug Tippin and D. Comes about helping marking the Military Trail in our area.


Duane Isles proposed the national OCTA is working on a Symposium for Northeast Kansas and that Marshall County has recently been approved as a designated Trails Capitol of Kansas.  Carol Osborne moved and second by Jim Coder, to work with national OCTA on a Symposium in the Marysville area.  Motion carried.


Next meeting to be at Hollenberg Station April 11, 2010 ; 2:00 PM.

Meeting adjorned 4:30 PM.


Respectfully Submitted

Charles Weickert, Sec.