KANZA Chapter of OCTA

~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Regular Meeting Minutes

Sunday September 13, 2009

Burns & Barb Hesse Home,


Officers & Board of Directors – attendance courtesy would be to let another ‘attending’ officer or board member know if you are attending or not attending the meetings.


Officers in attendance:                      Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                     _X_Don Cooper – Past President – Board of Director Member

___Vice- President – Glenn Larson          _X_Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                 _X_Lauranell Stewart - Board of Director Member

___Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       


The meeting was held outdoors with a beautiful trail area view. Handouts about the ranch were distributed. Barb spoke on the area and how they came to live in paradise.


The motion to approve of the March, April, May, June & July 2009 regular meeting minutes; as received by email; was made by Bob B. & 2nd by Ted H. All were in agreement. 


Treasurer’s report:  total KANZA cash in account ____$8,454.27___


KANZA Committees – monthly reports:

Y     education - Alicia Keegan

Alicia & Shea Keegan hosted a KANZA booth & display in the ‘Tales from the Trail’ Museum, June 20, at Frankfort’s Summer Fest. We had the Rut Nut display boards that Kenny Martin had created with outing photos, NPS brochures and auto-tour booklets, membership forms, and we answered questions.


Y     preservation, mapping & marking - (Rut Nuts) Keegan’s

Rut nuts have not been out. But we are going to start on our next project in WS County. There are 2 graves site that need recognition (after research is conducted) in the possibility of marking their grave site areas, as KANZA had done for Atterberry & Roushi.


Y     publications & newsletter

Alicia did ask for members who attended the 2009 OCTA convention to send her photos and a brief description of what is taking place in the photo to her and she will create a ‘late’ August newsletter.


Y     Research - Ted Hopkins

Ted said that more ‘information’ is coming in to the COED to be to survey / viewed by volunteers – there had be a slow point of receiving information.


New National Business  

Y     National new officers are:

o        Bill Martin, President

o        Duane Iles, Vice President

o        Lethene Parks, Secretary

o        Marvin Burke, Treasurer

o        Glenn Harrison, Past President

o        Leslie Fryman, National Preservation Officer


Y     new board members are:

o        Quackgrass Sally from Montana

o        Matthew Ivory from Utah

o        Billy Symms from Oregon

o        Doug Jenson from Idaho


New KANZA Business

Pat will be creating a nominating committee for this years election. Pat will contact persons later.


Y        Kansas turns 150 Jan. 29, 2011…any ideas that the KANZA chapter may consider?

o        two ideas thrown out were: run our July tour over again & put on a road rally.



Y        DO NOT USE the KANZA email list for out side purposes…these have been entrusted to us and the email owners have not approved their emails to be used for other purposes. 


Y        New Idaho newsletter can be read at - www.idahoocta.org/Trail_Dust_Volume_21_No_4.pdf


Community Announcements & Reminders

Y        The Movie premier of PURSUIT OF A DREAM was discussed and some had been confused by some of it, others did not realize it would be based upon teenagers’ reaction & decisions to events, less history was given; and agreement was made that they didn’t know how OCTA was going to use this. Previously noted that OCTA had hopes to us in high school social classes & to get younger members.

Y        It was said there was great debate at the convention on metal detectors and what to do after a location of a possible ‘trail’ site. Leslie Fryman says to scan and leave alone; while others want to dig up the site, date items (for proof) and possibly replacing the items back into the ground.


Next meeting date, time & place:

October 11 – meeting will be held @ Weststar Energy Park north of Belvue, Ks @ 2 pm. we will meet at the shelter house. We will be touring the Park, Louis Vieux Cemetery, Cholera Cemetery & the Louis Vieux Tree site. Hosting: Lauranell & Molly


Do I have a motion for adjournment - made by Ted & 2nd by Alicia


2009 – 2nd Sunday Meeting Dates:

October 11 – meeting will be held @ Weststar Energy Park north of Belvue, Ks @ 2 pm. we will meet at the shelter house. We will be touring the Park, Louis Vieux Cemetery, Cholera Cemetery & the Louis Vieux Tree site. Hosting: Lauranell & Molly


November 8 - Thanksgiving Potluck   Host: Keegan’s


Sunday November 8, 2009

Sacred Heart Church Hall (Basement)

handicap accessible

357  3rd. Street

Baileyville, Kansas

noon potluck

(a large meat dish, drinks, plates & utensils will be furnished)


We have a program following our meal

featuring Nemaha County Historian Ken Stallbaumer.

He will speak of Nemaha Co. area history and answer your questions.


KANZA members will have a brief election of officers & board members following.


December – no meeting due to holiday events



Minutes are submitted by Alicia Keegan, KANZA secretary