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~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Regular Meeting Minutes

Sunday April 4, 2009

MacLennon Park, Cedar Crest, Topeka, Ks


Officers & Board of Directors – attendance courtesy would be to let another ‘attending’ officer or board member know if you are attending or not attending the meetings.


Officers in attendance:                      Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                     _X_Don Cooper – Past President – Board of Director Member

_X_Vice- President – Glenn Larson          ___Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                 ___Lauranell Stewart - Board of Director Member

___Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       



The April monthly KANZA meeting was moved up one week to avoid Easter Sunday.


We met at MacLennan Park, on the Cedar Crest grounds, in Topeka, with Doug Mauck.


First we visited with Doug and looked at his ‘trail trash’ collection. Then we toured the swales on the property. Doug is interested in knowing if the swales are the Oregon-California Trail.


After a 45 minute walk, we were invited to James & Dorothy Coder’s residence to discuss the situation, look at our area maps, and have refreshments.


There were several things going on in the northern regions of Topeka in the 1800’s: We are researching to determine if or not the swales in this vicinity were used for a trail route or a multiple uses, for many persons including those living in the area.


The swales on the flat, run east to west; then on the hill, swales run south to north.


We do know that wagon trains crossed the Kansas River, and Topeka is a notable location & depending on the weather and or water conditions, travelers would move up or down stream, there were several documented ferries located around Topeka to support this.


There were smaller northern settlements, which mean we could be looking at old town roads.


There is the possibility of a farm road, or private lanes to properties located around this site; providing the opportunity of a crossing for area residents.


Indians were trying to establish working farms; and there was the Pottawatomie Indian reservation.


Many people would travel between all these locations for one purpose or another.


Now we need to find out which of these possibilities this could be.








Submitted by

Alicia M Keegan, KANZA Secretary