KANZA Chapter of OCTA

~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Regular Meeting Minutes

Sunday March 8, 2009

Fire Hall, Belvue, Ks



Officers & Board of Directors – attendance courtesy would be to let another ‘attending’ officer or board member know if you are attending or not attending the meetings.


Officers in attendance:                      Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                     _X_Don Cooper – Past President – Board of Director Member

___Vice- President – Glenn Larson          _X_Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                 _X_Lauranell Stewart - Board of Director Member

_X_Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       


With the James Coder friends that come to listen to James speak today we had double the crowd and had everyone get up and introduce themselves.


Motion to approve the February 2009 regular meeting minutes as written was made by Mary Wieckert and 2nd by Jack Barley.


Treasurer’s report:  total KANZA cash in account is $8,268.82.


KANZA Committees – monthly reports:

Y        Education – Alicia is working on some ideas but has nothing to report at this time.


Y        Publicity – Alicia thanked James Coder for writing his own article for the area newspapers advertising his talk today.


Y        Newsletter – Jim Bradley reported that the February Newsletter has not been started yet.


Note on members & their families:

Y      Alicia got an email from Bill Peterson this week; Nancy is having some hip problems.  Going to the Dr. again today (the fifth one) Hope to find the trouble.


Y      Glenn got an email from Vern & Carol - We are in Boulder Co as our 7 year old grandson, Zander had emergency brain surgery on this past Monday!  He's doing fine but we're here to help with the two girls.

Y      Duane I reported that Greg Franzwa’s now is reported to have pancreatic cancer.


Y      Molly L stated Bill was having a very bad day, she was there to help set up and came back during Jim’s talk. Not wanting to leave Bill to wake up and find himself alone.

Old Business

Jim B. reported on the KANZA participation of the new OCTA website virtual trail mapping project. He is having trouble getting photos off-line without stealing them. He has 3 out of our list 5 sites complete and was going to get that programmed in on Monday. By meeting time he had the other two sites photos and information coming by way of other OCTA members. Duane D – Hollenberg Station; Jackie Lewin – Native American Heritage Museum & Wagon Ruts. Thank you for helping Jim.


Alicia told Jim she had been contacted by Candy Moulton who has taken over the management of the project at Boston Productions, and she wants all items in at the end of 2 weeks.


New Business  

Duane I. talked about a big event still in the early stages at Alcove Spring, this spring. The creating of a garden, with Hollyhocks seed, which was passed down by Joyce Hunsaker’s g-g-grandmother, who went to Oregon in the 1840, to Joyce who gave seed to Greg Franzwa.





Greg Franzwa gave some seed to Duane with the idea of creating an Oregon Trail Memorial Flower Garden at Alcove, with the Hollyhocks as a focal point. An event is being plan for the dedication of the garden. Joyce Hunsaker has written a one-woman play called ‘Fanny’ about a pioneer woman, and Joyce will come to Alcove and present it to the public.


Next meeting date, time & place: Topeka (Cedar Crest – MacLennan Park), Doug Mauck will give us a tour of possible trail in MacLennon Park. KANZA Chapter will start gathering at 1:30pm in the parking lot (a Personal Waiver form will need to be signed by participants who are OCTA members) and we will leave the parking lot at 2pm.


Please contact Pat & Alicia Keegan if you are planning to attend, email us at pandakeegan@networksplus.net or by calling 785-336-6519. However, remember we do need to leave the parking lot area at 2pm and get started.


Our program held today is: James Coder talked on the life remembrance of Alexander McSwain and his father herding cattle across the trail from Mo to Ca in 1854.


Motion for adjournment was made by Mary and 2nd by Alicia.


Public – open forum: nothing to do with OCTA, trail or related historic events.

Children’s Resource Fair being held in Seneca Ks April 25th. Those in attendance today were asked to take a flier or two, home with them to pass them onto anyone with children living in WS, MS, NM, BR, PT, and JA counties. This is an early intervention fair, for those families with young children; and additional information for those with older children already diagnosis with a special need. Any questions regarding this call Alicia Keegan @ 785-336-6519.


2009 – 2nd Sunday Meeting Dates: board approved up to July


Y     April 5th (first Sunday) - Topeka (Cedar Crest – MacLennan Park), Doug Mauck will give us a tour of the swale/ruts in MacLennon Park. If bad weather we could tour the Governors Mansion or visit the Ks. Historical Society, Museum of History.

Y     May 3rd (first Sunday) - Rut Nut outing/program in MS County – on the Magraw Cutoff.

Y     June14 - Marysville City Building, Marysville, Ks; Board meeting @ 1pm & Regular meeting @ 2pm

Y     July 12 - Unknown

Y     Aug - convention in CO

Y     September 13 - Unknown

Y     October 11 - Friend of the Trail Potluck Dinner (who & where)

Y     November 8  - Thanksgiving Potluck (where)

Y     December – no meeting




Submitted by: Alicia M Keegan, KANZA secretary