KANZA Chapter of OCTA

~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Regular Meeting Minutes

Sunday January 11, 2009

Hollenberg Station, Hanover Ks.



Officers & Board of Directors – attendance courtesy would be to let another ‘attending’ officer or board member know if you are attending or not attending the meetings.


Officers in attendance:                      Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                     __Don Cooper – Past President – Board of Director Member

_X_Vice- President – Glenn Larson          __Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                 _X_Lauranell Stewart - Board of Director Member

_X_Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       


Marilyn introduced her guest, Kenny Nelson to the chapter.


Motion to approve November 2008 regular meeting minutes, (received by email or newsletter), as written was made by Glenn and 2nd by Jim B & Charlie.


Treasurer’s report shows a total of $8,123.32.


KANZA Committees – monthly reports:

Education – Alicia has been in touch with Lee Kreutzer & Teresa Bichard of the NPS; Josina Martinez of the Santa Fe NPS office and the Lewis & Clark office. She is asking for more brochure maps & auto tour guides, for the KANZA members to have on hand for educational purposes & other uses.


Preservation, mapping & marking - (Rut Nuts) Alicia has been in touch with Doug Mauck, after reading an  article in the Topeka Journal, on the visible Oregon Trail ruts that can be seen running across Cedar Crest. KANZA or the Rut Nuts will be meeting with him for an April outing.


Pat has not heard from Kay Threlkeld, so Alicia emailed Dave Welch. Dave Welch said: Kay and he had spoken before Christmas and she noted the need to update the training. We are looking at sometime in April, but nothing is specifically planned at this point. I have no information on new GPS devices other than that she sees the need. Kay has several chapter GPS units that she in turning in for trade-in value for new units.


Publications & newsletter - Jim Bradley - Jim wanted to apologize for the newsletter getting out 1 ½ months late. This last newsletter’s printing cost KANZA (at Kinko’s) $83.69 for 98 newsletters.  Postage was $42.00 for 100 stamps. To off set the cost, he purposed: an email notice going out to KANZA members, other chapter presidents and OCTA officers when the newsletter is finish and posted online. The printed copy will be made available, if you do not have email. The reason behind not sending the newsletter by email itself is do to some members still having dialup and this causes long download times and clogged email boxes. This will be brought before the board, at the February board meeting.


Webmaster - Glenn Larson said the newsletter is not online as of yet. Going along with Jim’s proposal, Glenn would like to send all meeting notices (postcards) via email. This will be brought before the board, at the February board meeting.


Note on members & their families:

Y     Della White has suffered a slight stroke during December and is at home. Family is doing fine. Jim B. reported - She has a bit of trouble with speech, sight, balance & memory.

Y     Glenn read an email to Yvonne from Molly – Bill is going through chemo, and needs help with his feeding tube.

Y     Duane D – reported that Jack B has had a bout of pneumonia for which he was hospitalize for 2 weeks. They had found internal bleeding, it had messed up his diabetes and he is on oxygen.







A couple days after the meeting – Alicia sent out an email with yet another update on members.

Y     Arleta had received an email from Molly...seems as if Bill's chemo is not working, they are checking into radiation now...and they are looking into putting a stint, into his throat for swallowing.

Y     Arleta also had talked to Della on the phone just this week and she sounded fine, if you didn't know something had happened, you would never have been able to tell. She is feeling better, eyes are getting better, and her speech was fine. Ernie is taking Della on daily rides around the country side. GREAT NEWS

Y     Everyone is in our prayers!


Old Business

Y     Midwinter Historic Trails Symposium / Mid-Year Board Meeting in Yuma, Arizona - January 16-18, 2009 - - Pat will not be attending this meeting; Coder’s & Duane I. are attending, no one else has reported on attending.


B of D report of New Business:

Y     No meeting to report on. Pat asked the board to skip to the calendar of meetings, and approve the February 8th meeting times, place and program. Glenn moved to approve this meeting, it was approved.


New Business  

Y     KANZA Secretary Report: KANZA hours have been turned into Watson’s. Alicia emailed the collected hours & miles, made available by the end of Dec. (passed a copy around)

F  Officers & board members have copies; if you would look at the hours & mile numbers you will see that these are low. Why are our numbers low…persons attending a meeting need to write down the miles going to and from a meeting; they need to record time to, during and going home from a meeting. (KANZA meetings average 2 hours long) Not all the Rut Nuts turned in their miles. I added the Keegan’s outing miles to the preparation miles, which were the just the Keegan’s. Neb road rally figures were the Keegan’s hours and miles, times 6. Six being the number of KANZA members attending the rally. There were some hours and miles lost here. This form is OCTA made for the groups like our Rut Nuts.  Rut Nuts can keep track of the price of gas at the time of an outing. KANZA Rut Nuts have never kept track of their brown bag dinners. We can for the volunteer record. We could do this individually or state a common cost per individual, and then times it by an attendance number. A lot of this can end up being a bit much, so help Alicia out.


F  At one time I was going to turn in these hours and miles, in January, but THE OMNIBUS PUBLIC LANDS BILL was getting ready for session. I had emailed the membership, with the change of date…so if there are still hours to be turned in…you can email Bill & Jeanne Watson yourselves at BillJeanneWatson@aol.com 


F  Letters mailed to our state representatives, Pat Roberts & Sam Brownback on supporting THE OMNIBUS PUBLIC LANDS BILL got replies from both, stating they are for considering this bill since it has to do with saving our history. KANZA & OCTA wants to thank all of you who wrote in your push for this to pass. OCTA informs us Friday that….TODAY… Majority Leader Senator Reid is scheduled the bill for a vote.

The vote will be to invoke cloture to stop Senator Coburn's (R-OK) filibuster of the bill. Sixty senators must vote to stop the filibuster.  

Y     After the meeting Alicia sent out the email notifying KANZA members that the filibuster was stop by a vote of 66 to 12, on January 11, at 2 pm (during our meeting). Check out the web site.

Y     http://www.senate.gov:80/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=111&session=1&vote=00001


Y     Pat stated that chapter presidents have been asked to give some thought into OCTA Board nominations. We have received this request by mail and email several times. Pat said he will be talking to Jim Coder about this possibility. The deadline for entries is April. OCTA is asking just for a name, they will contact the person.





Y     On the OCTA calendar: Partnership for the National Trails System Board Meeting February 21-22 & Partnership for the National Trails System “Hike the Hill”. February 23-26.

Y     Colorado-Cherokee Trail Chapter has a new Convention Steering Committee Chair; Mary Ann Tortorich is replacing Ernie Witucki who stepped down. (3 chapter newsletters were passed around)

Y     Duane I – OCTA Membership is up a bit. (pass around a copy)

Y     Duane I – took some brief notes from the Partnership workshop. (pass around a copy)

Y     Duane D – talked on ideas to increase the younger membership. Could we, for example, start a JR program such as the NPS JR Ranger program, or the Classroom on the Prairie that Hollenberg had started which dissolved? OCTA is looking into persons participating in OCTA & chapters without paying memberships so discussion was at a minimum.

F  After the meeting Duane and Mr. Stewart were talking about the youth program and recapped it by saying this younger group would be its separate entity with no business or moneys from KANZA & OCTA. But KANZA members would help in its leadership and then when these youngsters grow up they could become members of KANZA & OCTA because of their love of history.

Y     Glenn shared an article on Yvonne and her wagon, from a web site call Eye on Kansas – it covers people, places and events in Kansas.


Our program today is: Ken Martin talking on the Pony Express (PX) anniversary activities leading up to 2010.


Next meeting date, time & place: February 8th @ Blue Rapids, KS Community Room; 1 pm board of director meeting; 2 pm regular meeting


Motion for adjournment was made by Duane I. and 2nd by Glenn.


2009 – 2nd Sunday Meeting Dates: we are still filling.


1         JANUARY -11 – Hollenberg Station, Hanover Ks. – program: Ken Martin will talk on the Pony Express 150th anniversary celebrations planned

2         FEBRUARY – 8 Blue Rapids, Ks - Community Room - Board of Director Meeting @ 1pm / Regular Meeting @ 2pm – program: Kevin Throm and his son (Boy Scout Troop #180) will talk on the ‘Historical Trail Award’ that scouts received at Alcove Spring this past fall.

3         MARCH – 8 – Wamego – Jim Coder will give a talk on a life remembrance of Alexander McSwain and his father herding cattle across the trail from Mo to Ca, in 1854.

4         APRIL - 12 EASTER DAY (5TH – rut nut outing) KANZA will meet with Doug Mauck at Cedar Crest area.

5         MAY - 10 MOTHER’S DAY (3rd – rut nut outing)

6         JUNE - 14 Marysville, Ks City Building Board of Director Meeting @ 1pm / Regular Meeting @ 2pm

7         JULY – 12

8         AUGUST - 9 - 2009 CONVENTION @ Loveland, Colorado – no meeting

9         SEPTEMBER – 13






Submitted by Alicia Keegan, KANZA Secretary