KANZA Chapter of OCTA

~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Regular Meeting MINUTES

Sunday September 14, 2008

                                                                                       Bern Community Hall, Bern, Kansas                                                                                      

At 2:00 PM


Officers in attendance:                            Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                         ___Don Cooper – Past President – Board of Director Member

___Vice- President – Glenn Larson              _X_Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                     _X_Lauranell Stewart - Board of Director Member

_X_Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       


Guest introductions: Beth Bradley (Jim & Marian’s daughter)



Motion to approve the July regular meeting minutes as read & amended, was made by Jenne and 2nd by Jo.

Motion to approve the August regular meeting minutes as read & written, was made by Jenne and 2nd (by) Arlene.


Treasurer’s report: 

-         total Rut Nut cash in account $__unreported at this time__

-         total KANZA cash in account is $8,912.15.

-         routine bills turned in today were from: Jim B. @ $147.72 2- newsletter postings; Alicia @ $81.97 – postage, paper & ink, for the months of Jan – July.


Committee – monthly reports:

(Rut Nut)

-          Pat mentioned that Aaron Mahr, NPS, wants to come to a KANZA meeting. He would like to attend a KANZA meeting and talk on road sign standards he wants OCTA to help set. Rut Nuts have been working on the Magraw Cutoff. The Keegan’s are gathering information for the south ½ of the cutoff and will be going out visiting landowners. Sunday, October 5th  a Rut Nut outing is being planned for at this time.


-          Pat reported that the carsonite markers have arrived. They do have the oblong OCTA sticker already on them…at the top.


-          Pat reported on the GPS units have been turned in for a reimbursement towards the new units. Kay Threlkeld is in hopes that we will not need training on the new units, but it is highly possible. We don’t have a planned date on receiving the units.



-          (11 months after Marilyn took office) she reported KANZA having 94 persons /including 61 households.


(Research Committee)

-          Ted did hand over his information on where he had obtained his previous information on the Magraw Cutoff to Alicia today. He will come up with his hours of research, on the Magraw Cutoff, to turn in to KANZA.


(Newsletter Editor)

-          Jim B – The next newsletter will be the November 2008 issue, which it is time to start thinking of articles to go into it. Deadline is end of October 08.


(Alcove Spring)

-          Duane I. the Oregon Trail District of Jayhawk Area Council's 2008 Fall Camporee at Alcove Spring. They will be clearing brush in a new area, with suspected hidden trail. The Scouts completing the Historic Trails Award (patch). The board is thinking of having a designated scout camp area and signage to commemorate such. All still in the thought process.  To look at the patch and see what the scouts have to do to earn it go to: www.scouting.org:80/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/MeritBadges/trail.aspx


(OCTA Membership)

-          Duane I. on 9-3 wrote that in August over all OCTA membership had dropped 25 members – Duane figured, partly due to the cancellation of the Elderhostel tour this year; due to gas prices. OCTA co-sponsors this event and in turn a portion of the registration covers a (1) year membership to OCTA. He has asked that you give an OCTA membership to someone for Christmas. Alicia reported this is how her family became members via a Christmas gift from her parents.


(OCTA Board of Directors)

-          Duane I mentioned that National is talking about a new category for a boyscout national membership at a cheaper rate. Their next target group will be recruiting more of the baby boomers.




(OCTA Association Manager)

-          Travis emailed the chapter presidents on 8-20 – The email was about volunteer hour reports that need filled out so the Watson’s can use these hours to litigate with.  This email was forward on to the KANZA membership. Alicia has a report that she keeps track of rut nut hours…however KANZA needs to be ‘recording’ more volunteer hours.


(other news)

-          Pat & Duane I. mention how important it is to turn in volunteer hours to help the Watson’s during legislating.

-          for example: It is so easy to set down to do paper work and just do it and forget to keep track of your volunteer time…or just drop by a place while out on one errand, to do a KANZA errand… keep track…no little amount of time will go unnoticed with us. If you don’t know your mileage to & from a meeting you need to email the mileage to the Secretary,  she will not work up your hours.

-         Alicia will email out a blank copy of what she uses in keeping track of the Rut Nut hours and mileage. You can use this at home and then turn it into her at the end of the year or just email her when ever you think of turning in your hours.

-         Andrew Lehman – emailed on 9-6 to the KANZA Officers & Board Members asking if KANZA would want to participate in a statewide web site hub.

-          what they wanted from us:

We're looking for Kansas organizations interested in participation in the statewide network website (and a temporary listserve to discuss the details). Over 900 local peace, justice and environmental organizations in 24 statewide peace, justice & environmental networks serving 29 states use this programming now in IL, FL, MI, MN, OH, IN, MO, ME, PA, KY, TN, GA, CT, RI, VT, NH, MA, VA, WA and CA with new brand new networks in MD, DE, AL, MS, AZ, IA, NJ and TX. Colorado goes live this week. Code PINK is using this programming for their national website. http://www.ilcpj.org was the first to go up 4/1/06.

-          It was decided KANZA wanted nothing to do with this group. And KANZA recognized that we can’t get involved with type of issue with out consulting national. Alicia will email them right back with a negative and to delete our emails from their database.

-          Glenn has said that he has removed our contact information awhile ago, for this reason, but that doesn’t mean that your contact information isn’t still out there. Once something is on the internet it is there for keeps. It is on every newsletter put on our KANZA web site.


-          The chapter was again contacted by Carol Sullivan, Project Manager of the RESCOM Environmental Corp; on a proposed tower project NW of Marysville, Ks. They were inquiring about whether our organization is aware of any National Register Trail properties that would be potentially affected by the project. A response letter has been emailed back to the telecommunication tower survey company (RESCOM Environmental Corp.) and Lee Kreutzer, NPS; stating that this possible site will not interfere with the Oregon & California Trails. (email attachment - 2)


Keegan’s will be in charge of getting the (chapter’s) meat dish, for the October Friend of the Trail potluck dinner.


November meeting is also the Thanksgiving potluck dinner at Westmoreland. It was discussed and no main meat dish will be provided by KANZA. “You want turkey, bring turkey.”


Alicia reported that OCTA & KANZA web sites have been added to the Seneca, Ks web site, as links. You can see this at: www.seneca-ks.us/home. OCTA has responded in kind, and KANZA will be doing so soon. She had talked to Travis previously about headquarters doing this. It gives all OCTA/KANZA sites another way to be found on the World Wide Web.


Community Announcements & Reminders – Pertaining to OCTA or being a related historic event…                                   

-          October 4th & 5th - is Heritage Days in Seneca, Ks.

-          October 4th - Covered Wagon and Buggy Rides - 10:00 to 4:00 pm @ the Seneca Historical Museum. It is believe Nan’s Wagon will also be participating at these festivities, not the rides.


Program held today: We viewed the swales in the Bern Cemetery. They were quit hard to depict in the cemetery but we saw were they were leaving the cemetery.


Next meeting date, time & place: October 12, 2008 – Friend of the Trail Potluck Dinner & Reception for Richard & Arlene Schmitz @ Sacred Heart Church Basement, Baileyville, Ks. Glenn will send a postcard…remember to RSVP.


Motion for adjournment made by Jim B., it was 2nd by Jo.


Public – open forum: It was said today that Bill Ledeboer (Molly’s husband) has esophagus cancer and is under going chemo therapy. It was reported that Don Cooper is doing well after suffering a stroke before the August convention. A card was sent to Don & the Secretary will get one out to Bill.


Submitted by: Alicia M Keegan, KANZA Secretary