August 6, 2008

2008 OCTA Convention

Nampa Civic Center, Nampa Id.


Officers in Attendance were:

Pat Keegan – KANZA President; and Alicia Keegan - KANZA Secretary


Attendance was fantastic for the 1300+ one way trip: Pat, Alicia, Donovan, Kiera & Shea Keegan, Baileyville KS; Charlie & Mary Weickert, Marysville, KS; Jim Ryan, Manhattan, KS; Jack Lawson, Augusta, KS; Jerry Snyder, Belle Plain, KS; Tom McCutchean, Rock Springs, WY; Catherine Blair, Louisburg, KS; Eleanor Craig, Kansas City, MO; Dean & Eileen Johnson, Sandwich, IL; Duane Iles, Holton, KS; and NPS Superintendent, Aaron Mahr, Santa Fe, NM, Those in and out of the room, but didn’t sign the attendance sheet: Vern Osborne; Ross Marshall, Jim McGill


NPS News ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Aaron talked on consecutive yet standard roadway marking for trails; (this was also a topic at the Board Meeting). He wants to see marking of all trails using the same signage in size, type & font to let commuters know when they are driving on & off a trail, when they are at a trail crossing, or when you are near the trail. The driving on & going off the trail would be new signage we have not done before.


Nomination News ---------------------------------------------------------------

Pat told the chapter that our 2 nominees were accepted to receive awards at the banquet. Schmitz’s will not be showing up as originally planned for the banquet, due to family obligations at home & the family reunion in Idaho being postponed.


Rut Nut News ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Pat mentioned the email on relinquishing the GPS units back to Kay for an exchange. The chapter will be waiting on marking till they are replaced. Waiting time might be longer if additional training is needed. The reason for the exchange is those that have upgraded their computers to Vista can no longer use the GPS program. Kay advised others to keep using an older version of windows program even when they receive the new GPS units, no need for updating your windows it would be best if you don’t even with these new GPS units & programs.


Board of Directors Meeting Brief -------------------------------------------

Between Randy & Dave they apologized for misplacing KANZA’s paperwork for carsonite markers & mentioned that if we would resubmit the letter they would get right on it. With in the week after the convention I got an email reminding me to resubmit. I did so on that day, Friday Aug 15th, and it was submitted that day by Randy, and in 15 days we will get the post. Now we are not in a big hurry for them…with so little to mark on the McGraw Cutoff, with no visible trail coming to the roadways & now with our GPS’s needing to be turned in; and replaced.


You are advised to keep track of any OCTA hours and turn them into the KANZA Secretary, to be turned in at the end of the year. Watson’s use these hours during legislation. Hours are to & from an OCTA/ KANZA event, the event, hours doing paperwork for OCTA/ KANZA…ETC.


Banquet News --------------------------------------------------------------------

Many hellos go to the White’s & Martin’s who were missed by long time OCTA friends.


There was no physical presentation of awards to the KANZA nominees Gary Naughton and Richard & Arlene Schmitz, due to time restrains on the nominating committee, they only ran off awards for those persons being present themselves & the others are to be mailed out. Roger Blair was also the emcee for the banquet.


Eleanor Craig received the Distinguished Service Award and was nominated by Ross Marshall, for the work she does with taking the blind students out on the trail.


There is a new award entitled ‘Dave Welch Preservation Award’, this award does not have to be given out each year. This year being the first year it was only right that the recipient be Dave Welch.


Duane Iles, Ks, OCTA Membership Chairman presents, Jim McGill, Id, the 'Gold Rush Membership Drive Award' with a total of 40 new members this year with 3 of those he obtained the morning of the awards banquet. The first place bonanza award consisted of a gold pouch sewn from deer skin with an OCTA patch sewn on it, containing 100 gold one dollar coins. The second part of the award is a gold colored gold pan with the back appropriately engraved. No framed certificate for this award, it is unique, in that, it consists of a bag of gold coins and the miners pan.


Submitted: Alicia Keegan, KANZA Secretary