KANZA Chapter of OCTA

~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Board Meeting Agenda

June 23, 2009 – July 7, 2009

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Officers & Board of Directors – attendance courtesy would be to let another ‘attending’ officer or board member know if you are attending or not attending the meetings.


Officers in attendance:                      Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                     _X_Don Cooper – Past President – Board of Director Member

_X_Vice- President – Glenn Larson          _X_Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                 _X_Lauranell Stewart - Board of Director Member

_X_Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       


New Business  

Approved the KANZA Chapter 2nd half of the 2009 meeting schedule:


June 23 the reposed schedule (shown below) was mailed out to the board & officers (listed above) for discussion & then a vote. This took a couple of weeks do to a busy summer and trying to get time on our computers, several members were in and out from their homes, but the KANZA Board has approved the 2nd half of the 2009 meeting schedule.


There were corrections on the parks name 6-24. Our first actual approved comment was casted on the June 27th – Marilyn. Don said this sounded good to him. No other comments were coming in. 7-4-09 Ted “I would make a making a motion that we accept the meting schedule as presented.” Glenn “I’ll second the motion.” All in favor: Glenn “I”, Pat “I”, Alicia “I”, Lauranell “I”, Maryilyn “I” – so it passed on the 7-7-09 with 5 votes. the host list was dropped from the voting as time went on, we needed a schedule first.


July 12 - “One Day Out”…South of the Kansas River Tour

Gardner Project being our main focus…car pooling…meet @ KSHS parking lot @ 1:30pm pulling out @ 2pm.

Host: Rut Nuts / Alicia Keegan


Aug - convention in CO


September 13 – Hesse Residence by Willard / Uniontown area…Barb will give a 5-10 minute history of the area. Rut Nuts can discuss the trekking of this area in years past. Photos and maps

Host: Barb & Burn Hesse


October 11 – Meeting at Belvue's Western Resources Oregon Trail Nature Park with an outing of touring the park, cemeteries, and the elm tree sites. Those that would want to meet for lunch could meet at noon and tour after. Or we could start the day earlier with a noon sack lunch.

Host: Stewart’s


November 8 - Thanksgiving Potluck   Sacred Heart Church Basement, Baileyville; Noon Thanksgiving Potluck – Program: Nemaha County - the Trail Era - by Kenny Stallbaumer. Invites going out to the St. Joe / Gateway chapter - elevator available.

Host: Keegan’s


December – no meeting due to holiday events




Submitted by Alicia Keegan, Secretary