KANZA Chapter of OCTA

~ Oregon-California Trail Association~

Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First National Band of Washington, Washington, Ks

At 2pm


Officers in attendance:                          Board of Director Member in attendance:     

_X_President – Pat Keegan                         _L_Don Cooper – past president – Board of Director Member

_X_Vice- President – Glenn Larson              __Ted Hopkins - Board of Director Member

_X_Secretary – Alicia Keegan                     _L_Lauranelll Stewart - Board of Director Member

__Treasurer – Marilyn Hines                       


Property Report

Hard copy of things that have changed hands between members, to double check on who is holding which items.


Board’s New Business


*          JULY 13 @ Riley County Historical Museum, Manhattan, Ks. – with a tour

đ      Motion to approved by Glenn , and 2nd by Don                 


*          It was brought forward and approved to have the Chapter make a donation of $2.00 per KANZA member at today’s museum tour and July 13th museum tour.

đ      Motion to approved by Lauranell, and 2nd by Don               


đ      For future reference we need to know the cost of a tour, so monies are available by the individuals showing up.


*          Marilyn Hines (08-09 Treasurer) made a comment in April about KANZA meetings, and then in May she made a request that it be brought before the June meeting. Her request is for the down sizing of the number of KANZA monthly meetings held a year; her suggestion was to hold only quarterly meetings.


At the June meeting this was 2nd by Laurenell Stewart (08-09 board member).


Discussion by the board was held on the subject of the number of KANZA monthly meetings. It also led to the decision to have a letter sent to the ‘whole membership’ not just those present at meetings for discussion and input.


What was discussed?

*          The pro’s & con’s on cutting or not to cut the number of meetings per year


President Keegan asked for comments:


Glenn Larson mentioned:

*          Most members don’t care about the business part of our chapter.

o        board business could be done by email if able.

o        Membership/board email system for conducting business.


*          One membership meeting a year; this one meeting a year would be for the voting of officers & board member

o        To have all business taken care of by the board, and not the membership

o        All meetings except one will be programs - with no business.


Don Cooper mentioned:

*          That in any organization, chapters with fewer meeting have fewer persons in attendance and fewer numbers in their membership renewals.

o        Those with many meetings are fluorescing along, even when a business meeting is taking place.


*          Support our newsletter by getting items of trail interest along with minutes or other KANZA news placed in our newsletter.



Duane Durst:

*          Duane suggested (in keeping any schedule we decide upon) limiting the meeting times to ˝ hour and then ‘if available’ have a program, limiting the whole meeting time to 2 hours.


Glenn Larson mentioned:

*          Board of directors has permission to conduct all the business.

o        Treasurer will write checks for all routine business.


*          that attendance Is higher when meetings are held in Pottawatomie County


*          Supporting the newsletter would let membership know of the trail & KIANZA news items; and omit the personal filler.


Alicia Keegan:

*          Alicia mentioned that not all items that are given to the editor are placed in the newsletter. So some ‘business’ could be omitted.


*          It was mentioned in having more programs. We have had a museum tour with every meeting this year.


đ      this idea was tabled with the idea of conversing more in July followed by a hand mailed total membership survey letter. Many thoughts were tossed around for and against down sizing.


*          KDOT computers – it was brought to Alicia’s attention that not-for-profit organizations can write a letter to the KDOT office and place a request for free computers with the explanation of your group and what the computer would be used for. Along with your tax exempt number, then you are placed in a drawing. The KDOT offices replace computer every 3 years. Alicia placed call to Travis which met with approval, and he gave Alicia the OCTA tax exempt number for this purpose. (letter attachment)

đ      Alicia thought this was a great idea where KANZA doesn’t have to buy computers for the chapter personnel, and leaves home computers free from extra workloads. This would not replace the KANZA/Rut Nut laptop. This 2008 process had already started, so I contacted Travis who thought this was great, and gave me the number…I will let him know the out come. I wrote to KDOT and requested 3 computers and to have our names put on a list for laptops for when they come available in a couple years. I asked for 3 computers in hopes of receiving one.


*          Glenn Harrison has sent out an email to the chapter presidents with an article that he wishes to be placed in our next newsletter.


*          Glenn Harrison has also asked for reports, minutes and chapter reports by July 11, for the convention.


`The Board and Regular meeting entwined with some of the board members showing up late.


        Submitted by Alicia M. Keegan, KANZA Chapter Secretary