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Kansas Authors Historical Calendar

The historical calendar will be used throughout the Centennial Year 2004 to promote interest in the history of Kansas Authors Club specifically and also Kansas authors in general. We’re looking for interesting facts, delicious little tidbits of information, about Kansas Authors Club members or events and other Kansas authors as well.

These items will appear in the historical calendar on our KAC website and also in KAC newsletters and publications. Feel free to use them in your district newsletters or to submit items of local interest (especially those that might spark a feature story) to your local newspapers or radio and TV stations. Use them any way you can. The whole idea is to promote Kansas authors.

Items must start with a specific date: month, day, year. (It is a calendar.) Follow with the place where this occurred, as in the newspaper, where stories are identified at the very beginning by the place they originated. Then pretend you are a reporter at this exciting event. Tell who, what, when, where, why, how, and results. Put the most important person in the story near the beginning. Put in as many names of people as you can, especially writers. They love to see their names in print, even posthumously. Tell what happened. You already have the date, but do you know something more about the time? What time of day? Was it Kansas Day or a hot summer day? You already have the city or county if you know it, but do you also know what building, the address, or something more about the place? History buffs are very interested in old buildings and what went on in them. Motivations intrigue people. When H. W. Roby moved to Topeka, why did he decide to do that? What was he thinking? (I have not read anything yet that tells me that!) You might find this kind of detail in a diary or letter. A brief quote from someone who was on the scene might be fun. And what happened next or because of it? If a bill was introduced in the legislature, did it pass? If a novel was published, did it become a bestseller? Sprinkle in a little description and the details you would find interesting if you were reading this item yourself.

Cite your source. One source is sufficient for these brief items, but two is sometimes better. One source Gail found had G. P. Morehouse picking sunflowers on Kansas Day. We’d like people who read the calendar to see some resources they might use to learn more about Kansas authors. Do not copy your source word for word without putting it in quotes. As writers, we want to be sure other writers get appropriate credit for their work. Kansas Authors Club documents, such as yearbooks or minutes, may be quoted at will but should also be cited. Please include web addresses for online sources.

Items will end with the contributor’s name to give you credit for your sleuthing.

The best way to submit these items is to type them as nearly as possible the way you would like them to appear into an e-mail addressed to ksbrown2003@sbcglobal.net. That way the editor can quickly move them into the newsletter and/or forward them to the web manager, so they will appear as soon as possible. You may also submit items by mail to Karen Sells Brown, 5620 SW 22nd ST, Topeka KS 66614. Items may be edited for consistency of style and length and checked for accuracy.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the success of this project.

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