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Kim StaffordKim Stafford, poet/photographer/son of poet William Stafford, shared his father's method for spurring writing inspiration at a conference at Topeka's Washburn University: "William Stafford: Celebrating 100 Years of Poetry and Peace," on March 31, 2014. Read Four Elements of a Daily Writing Page in William Stafford’s Practice and consider trying the method. Stafford's speech, given on Monday evening after a day with 34 Kansas poets reading their own poetry and the work of William Stafford, was inspirational. 4/3/2014

Read advice from suspense co-author dynamic duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, "On the Rules of Fiction," [PDF download] from SuspenseMagazine.com 3/27/2014

Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, continues writing his book review column, "My Look at Books," for the Kaw Valley Senior Monthly magazine.  Tom invites any Kansas author who has published a book (other than a poetry collection) within the past three years to submit a copy for consideration of a review. An author may only submit one book for a review (even if he/she has published several different books). Mail to Tom Mach, c/o A Look at Books, P.O. Box 486, Lawrence, KS 66044. Submitting a book will not guarantee a review. An icon of the book's cover, as submitted for review, should by emailed to kevin@seniormonthly.net —Entry updated 3/14/2014

Dorothy Masters, HarveyvilleDorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, passed away on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014, at Midland Hospice in Topeka. Dorothy had a career as a nurse, working many years at Colmery-O'Neil VA Medical Center in Topeka. She celebrated her 78th birthday in January of this year.
    Dorothy joined KAC on June 11, 2001 and liked  to write fiction and nonfiction. After she retired she wrote four volumes of memoirs, Life Is A Choice (1995), Fun On The Run(1998), Look on the Sunny Side of Life (2001) and A Day on the Trail (2002). She also wrote a newspaper column for many years. Her columns appeared regularly in several rural Kansas newspapers. She also had many letters-to-the-editor published in the Topeka Capital-Journal.
    Dorothy was involved in many presentations about writing held throughout the East Central Kansas area. She encouraged student writers and held five writing contests for students in Harveyville Middle School. Her efforts are listed on both KAC's Writers in the Schools and Writers in the Community pages. She also held monthly writing clinics and read-arounds in a group called "Cat Tales" at Sommerset Hall Cafe in Dover and, before that, at The Electric Cat Cafe in Paxico.
    Dorothy loved the farm she developed with her husband, Loren. She and Loren raised two children: daughter, Lorna Mae Lawton (Don), and son, James ames Bryan Masters (Jeannie). Loren died in a tragic tractor accident in 1982, and Dorothy carried on. She is also survived by seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
    Dorothy's funeral service will be on Saturday, March 1, 2014, at the Harveyville Cemetery at 2:00 PM, with visitation on Friday, February 28, 2014, at the Harveyville Methodist Church from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Her obiturary is available online. 2/24/2014

James Baldwin is giving cash to independent bookstores, NYTimes, 2-20-2014

Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer-Winning Poet With a Naturalist's Precision, Dies at 88, by Margalit Fox, NYTimes, 2-7-2014

Dr. Phil Corbin, District 1, Topeka, is planning to compose a book of recipes--specifically old recipes from circa 1925 and older. He asks members of KAC to consider sharing some favorite old-time recipes. His goal is to share these recipe's with the world. If members want their names crediting their recipes he will accommodate. His book will include Cooking Hints, planned to help anyone who cooks. Please email to Dr. Corbin or mail a print copy to his postal address: Dr. Phil Corbin, 600 SE Madison St., Apt. 423, Topeka, KS. 66607. 2-1-2014
Naomi PattersonSecond Spring, a collection of newspaper columns by Naomi PattersonAward winning Kansas author Naomi Patterson was a long-time member of Kansas Authors Club. Naomi had Parkinson's Disease and died in October, 2012. She was known for her writing skills, having written a regular column for the Topeka Capital-Journal from 1997 until 2012. She was also known for her poetry, her sense of humor, and her ability to touch people with her words.
   Naomi's son, David, and daughter, Carol, have recently published Naomi's Capital-Journal columns in a collection, Second Spring, published both in print and as an electronic a downloadable.
    An article, "Former Capital-Journal columnist's family releases book," by Ann Marie Bush, reminding readers about Naomi and her column, was featured on the front page of the January 28, 2014, Topeka Capital-Journal.
    Naomi would have celebrated her 80th birthday on January 30, 2014. Those who knew Naomi miss her greatly. 1-28-2014

How to e-books change the reading experience? NYTimes, 1-4-2014

Out of Print, Maybe, but Not Out of Mind, by David Streitfeld, NYTimes, 12-13-2013
The book is dead. Long live the book.

Books are dead. Long live the book.

Syd Field, Author of the Definitive Work on Writing Screenplays, Is Dead at 77,
by William Yardley, NYTimes, 11-18-2013

Charlotte Zoltow, New York children's author, dies at age 98, by Margalit Fox, NYTimes, 11-19-2103

Four ways you can use body language to influence success. Online, from Behance. 11/13/2013

8 cover design secrets. Online, from CreativIndie. 11/13/2013

Kansas City Star Magazine, Wyatt TownleyWyatt Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission, had a feature article about her, "The Breath of Life and Art," published in The Kansas City Star Magazine, October 20, 2013. The multi-page article covers her careers as a dancer, an actor, a poet and a Yoganetics instructor. Wyatt is our current Kansas poet laureate. Her husband, Roderick Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission, is also mentioned. Roderick is known as a writer for children. The article is by Edward M. Eveld. Multiple photos, by Keith Myers, accompany the piece—which is available online. Samples of Wyatt's poetry are included in the article. 11/7/2013

Eleanor Catton was awarded the Man Booker Prize on Tuesday for The Luminaries, an immersive tale set in 19th-century New Zealand that explores identity, greed and human frailty. At 28, Ms. Catton is the youngest winner of the Booker. Read article by Julie Bosman, The New York Times, 10/15/2013

Audrey McCain CollinsAudrey McCain Collins, District 6, Hutchinson, died April 14, 2013, at age 94. She joined KAC in 2002 and was a continuing and published member until her death. Collins, who loved to write since childhood, always put her life experiences into her poetry and prose. In 2012 she won three KAC awards, including a first place for the whimsy category. Audrey's writing interests also included memoirs and religion, and she wrote a poem, "The Way I Was" for the American Stroke Connection in 2002, after Audrey had suffered a stroke. In 2004, KAC's Our Way With Words republished it. She also published a book of poetry entitled Pages of Prayer and Praise (2005)—a fine collection of religious poems she wrote over a period of more than 60 years. Her poems draw out the readers' convictions because they reveal examples of the ways her parables in verse can benefit their lives. She was given KAC's Octogenarian Award at the Convention in 2010. Audrey's obituary is available online. 10/14/2013

For Better Social Skills, Scientists Recommend a Little Chekhov, by Pam Belluck, The New York Times, 10/4/2013

Technology Industry Extends a Hand to Struggling Print Media, by NICK WINGFIELD , NYTimes, 8/12/2013

To Stay Afloat, Bookstores Turn To Web Donors, by JULIE BOSMAN, NY Times, 8/12/2013

Emporia Gazette KAC tourThis photo (taken by Kaman Simmons) is from the KAC Emporia Gazette tour, a District 2 meeting on Saturday, July 13, 2013. The photo was then published in The Emporia Gazette on Thursday, July 25, 2013. Our tour guide was Ray Beals, General Emporia Gazette banner and published KAC photoManager, giving one of the last tours of his career before retiring in August, 2013. Tour organizer Tracy Million Simmons, District 2, Emporia, said, " We had a great time." Several members of the touring group had lunch together after our tour. 8/1/2013
See photos of our tour at Emporia Gazette Tour '13.

Wyatt Townley announced as Kansas Poet Laureate

Wyatt Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission, has been officially named as the new poet laureate of the State of Kansas, under the poet laureate program recently embraced by the Kansas Humanities Council. Townley received her mantle from the previous poet laureate, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, in a ceremony on May 23, 2013, at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence. Read more about Townley as new Poet Laureate at the Kansas City Star site. 5-6-2013

The Digital Public Library of America, launched in mid-April, 2013, is a free, open-source resource that makes a number of digital collections and archives across the country available in one place. It launched as a series of partnerships with the Smithsonian, the National Archives, New York Public Library, the University of Virginia, Harvard, Digital Library of Georgia, Minnesota Digital Library, Mountain West Digital Library and others. All of the text, photos, videos and audio contained in the DPLA can be searched, or browsed by place or time on the its website. Read more about the new site at the Huffington Post. 4-20-2013

"Slow death of the American author" —Op-Ed by Scott Turow, NYTimes. 4-7-2013

"Good Fit for Today's Little Screens: Short Stories." The Internet may be disrupting much of the book industry, but for short-story writers it has been a good thing.— by LESLIE KAUFMAN, NYTimes, 2-15-2013

tax-exemption donation receipt for KACKansas Authors Club is an official Federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. When members seek donations from the public, donors should receive a receipt for their donations. A PDF copy of a receipt that may be used is attached here. 1/7/2013

Q&A Session with a Small Publisher. You can do it, if you really want to!
Publishing Without Perishing, from NYTimes, by David Streitfeld, 1/2/2013

Booksellers resisting Amazon's disruption, by David Streitfeld, NYTimes, 11/5/2012
Penguin/Random House merger makes largest consumer book publisher in the world, by Eric Pfanner and Amy Chozick, NYTimes, 10/29/2012

Tracy Million Simmons, District 2, Emporia, is setting up a KAC Google Calendar showing events from all seven KAC Districts and other author/writer events throughout the state.
    The plan is to have multiple persons in-the-know serve as event entrants. The goal is to have "what's happening" everywhere within the state in one place where the calendar can be checked prior to events and events will be archived after they are over. The keeper of the KAC web site is hoping to give up responsibility for adding events to particular District News pages because everything will be combined. Members are encouraged to attend anything, anywhere they may find an event of interest. 10/18/2012

Kansas Authors Club Resources for Writers

Please complete this electronic form if you are a Kansas Authors Club member who provides services to authors. 6/13/2011

Seven Deadly Sins of a Writer. from Path to Publication writers group, Apr. 2011
Publishers Make a Plan: A 'One Stop' Book Site. NYTimes, by Julie Bosman, 5/7/2011
Barnes & Noble joins tablet bandwagon with revamped Nook Color. Mobile Marketer, by Chantal Tode, 4/26/2011
Federal judge rejects Google book monopoly. Ars Technica, by Timothy B. Lee, 3/23/2011
Google's payment system for digital content rivals Apple's. NYTimes, by Claire Cain Miller, 2/17/2011
Borders' bankruptcy shakes the publishing industry. NYTimes, by Julie Bosman and Michael J. de la Merced, 2/17/2011
Memoir Writing: an AARP blog -- an ongoing discussion about being honest and daring to write about your life. If you register, you can chime into the discussion. 1/7/2011

Kansas Authors Club Speakers Bureau
     Do you enjoy speaking about the writing life? Do you conduct workshops or give lectures of interest to writers?
     All KAC members are invited to submit their program information and terms of availability to our new Kansas Authors Club Speakers Bureau database, now online.
      This database is linked from our KAC web site's Links page. If you want to type in a long address, you'll find the database on-line at http://skyways.lib.ks.us/orgs/kac/speakersbureau.html
      By submitting information to this database, you are confirming that you are a KAC member in good standing and you are willing to be contacted by KAC members and district representatives for inquiries about your availability to speak at KAC events and district meetings. 9/30/2010

KAC logos, file folder
Need a KAC logo for KAC business?

COLOR PNG logo. <Right-click the underlined text and choose "Save target/link as..." then save to your computer. To reduce the size for your needs, open the .PNG file in graphics software to scale. Save as a transparent PNG to retain the transparent background.)
GRAYSCALE PNG logo. <Right-click the underlined text and choose "Save target/link as..." then save to your computer. To reduce the size for your needs, open the .PNG file in graphics software to scale. Save as a transparent PNG to retain the transparent background.)
...OR...contact us and ask we send you a logo in a specific size.

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The Next Big Thing in English, The "layered process of figuring out what someone else is thinking of mind reading is both a common literary device and an essential survival skill. " NYTimes, by Patricia Cohen, March 31, 2010

Ann Everett, District 5, Haysville, reminds members to share events and accomplishments with Carol Yoho, the KAC web site manager. Check out our "Writers in the Community" page, linked at the left of our Welcome page, for community-related acitiviity postings by members.
    Documenting our community-related activities will aid KAC in our goal of gaining 501(c)3 status as a "non-profit" organization. That designation, in turn, will help us in asking for funds from businesses that look for tax incentives when donating.
    The 501(c)3 form asks for our web site address, and someone will check online for collaboration of our reported activities.
     Our efforts as “Writers in the Community” make us much more than just a social organization! Share your public service as a writer. 7/28/2008

Books wanted for Kansas Authors Club Collection
Don Pady, our Kansas Authors Club State Archivist, prepares reviews and synopses of books donated to the Kansas Authors Club Collection in the Kansas Collection at the Spencer Library at the University of Kansas. He delivers books to Spencer Library and encourages members to donate one autographed copy of each of their published books for this collection. Books should be mailed to Don Pady. Questions concerning content of the Archives and the history of the Kansas Authors Club may be addressed to the Archivist.
      Don Pady
      Kansas Authors Club State Archivist
      5839 SW Sterling Lane, Topeka, KS 66604
      785-271-2489, send e-mail to Don —2/8/2006
The Spencer Library includes the Kansas Collection in their online catalog << search by title or author's name. Each title's bibliographic record provides classification letters and numbers, author's name, title, place of publication, publisher, imprint date, number of pages, illustrations (if any), series titles (if listed) and subject headings which include genre(s) of the book. 1/1/2009

KAC Domain Name
Have you previously had trouble remembering the complicated address for the Kansas Authors Club web site? Type www.kansasauthors.org into your browser, and this will take you directly to the Welcome page of the web site.

On-line resources:

Wordnik.com —Word-of-the-Day 1/2/2012
Cynthia Harris, District 4, Randolph, announces a new business, Black Lilac Kitty. Cynthia is a feature writer for Riley Countian newspaper. The mission of her business is to help writers get their published works into libraries in the United States. Free services: Will read your manuscript or short story and write a review and publish to the web site. The manuscript needs to have a valid ISBN, other wise we will read as a Beta Reader and will read for content to see if your story flows smoothly. Paid services are packaged into various promotions packages. See www.blacklilackitty.com/ for services & prices. Black Lilac Kitty/19660 Seawall Road/Randolph, KS 66554-9162. 5/14/2011
If you need a market for your writing, visit The Ivory Tower. It is free and easy to use with over 1000 listings. 1/7/2011
Authors and publishers may gather book printing quotes in one location at Printellectual.com. The service offers competitive pricing from several book printing companies which offer both offset and print-on-demand services. The system advertises rock bottom pricing and good customer service. 10/11/2010
Dan Close, District 5, Wichita, recommends this site with writing tips:
Support for Summer Writers: Why aren't you writing? 7/13/2009
NovelHelp Authors Community: a self-publishing network just for writers and authors.
Mike Klaassen, District 5, Valley Center, announces "For Fiction Writers," a free monthly e-zine for writers wanting to learn more about the craft of writing fiction. To subscribe visit Mike's web site and join the mailing list. New subscribers may recieve Mike's special report "The Secrets of Enhancing Emotion in Fiction." 6/27/2009
Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence, found this Cure for Writer's Block on-line at WEbook.com. 4/17/2009
"Ten Tips for Writing a Feature Press Release," GuideStar. 1/22/2009
"Local Writers' Associations, by State" includes four groups in Kansas. You may find looking at what is available in other states interesting as well. 9/11/2008
See also our KAC Hot Links page.

Writing Opportunities:

Wyatt Townley, District 2, Shawnee Mission, Poet Laureate of Kansas, is celebrating April, National Poetry Month, with "HomeWords," a weekly poetry column, syndicated in newspapers throughout Kansas. HomeWords is intended as a way to bring poetry home to people via newspapers. She invites all Kansas writers to take part—as both readers and as writers.

The categories of "home" include: the body, the room or house we live in, the land that anchors us, and the sky that enfolds us all. While the theme is big, the form to be used is small: the American Cinquain. It's a form both beginners and longtime poets can succeed at—just five lines long. HomeWords guidelines, as well as a description of the Cinquain form, are made available here as a link. Please read and follow the guidelines when submitting.

Also, please know that not everything submitted can be published—in fact, just a small fraction can be used. Still, Wyatt encourages writers to consider creating Cinquains and submitting them for possible publication. Poet Laureate web site. Wyatt Townley Facebook page. 4/2/14

The 36th Nimrod Literary Awards
The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction & The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry
Founded by Ruth G. Hardman

FIRST PLACE: $2,000 and publication; SECOND PLACE: $1,000 and publication
Contest begins: January 1, 2014; Postmark Deadline: April 30, 2014.

There is an entry fee of $20 for each entry. Complete contest details are available at Nimrod web site. 3/26/14

D3 Writing Contest. Visit D3 News web page for categories, fees, submission details. Entry deadline is April 14. 3/13/14

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition has launched its Call for Entries, presenting a fantastic opportunity for established and emerging writers to showcase their poetry and short fiction to an international audience. Previous winners and finalists from the Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition have gone on to achieve recognition around the world, having been selected from over 3,000 entries to be published the anthology. Last year, poetry winner and award-winning novelist Sylvia Adams was selected for her piece Hands A Choice, and Jennifer Roe championed the Short Fiction category with Roses are Red.

Prizes include publication in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, a compelling anthology of new writing loved by audiences internationally including literary students and fellow writers, a selection of inspirational books from our competition partners and £500 prize money.

Visit www.aestheticamagazine.com/creativewriting for more information and to register your entry today. Entry is £10 and the deadline to submit your work is 31 August 2014. One entry permits the submission of two works into any one category.

Looking for literary inspiration? Read last year’s Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual.

WriterAdvice seeks flash fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction running 750 words or less. Enlighten, dazzle, and delight. Finalists receive responses from all judges. First prize is $200. You may submit up to three entries at $15 each. Submission deadline for the 9th WriterAdvice Flash Prose Contest is April 18, 2014. Complete details are at www.writeradvice.com 3/7/14

Whispering Prairie Press Annual Writers' Contest
District 2 Writing ContestOpen through June 30th, 2014. Do you have an award worthy poem, essay, or flash fiction piece? Whispering Pairie Press wants to see it!
   The annual writers' contest is a fundraiser that helps keep the entirely volunteer, not-for-profit press operating. For as little as $5 you can enter a piece with a chance to win recognition as well as prize money. They accept contest entries online and via hard copy. Visit their web site for full details. 3/5/14

D2 Writing Contest. See flyer for categories, fees, submission details, deadline. 2/27/14

The Highlights Foundation offers workshops from January to December near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, on the property of the former home of the Founders of Highlights for Children. Workshops include a wide range of programs that offer instruction in writing middle-grade and young adult novels; fantasy, speculative, and historical fiction; nonfiction; poetry; writing and illustrating picture books; writing for the children's magazine, educational, religious, and inspirational markets; and more. Scholarships are available. Visit this non-profit's web site for more details. 2/5/14

36th Annual Nimrod Writing Awards. Contest begins Jan. 1, 2014, with a postmark deadline of April 30, 2014. Rules are available on the Nimrod web site. 1/24/14

Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop will be July 14-18, 2014. Details are online at www.occbww.com. This twelvth annual workshop well be held in the Oregon coastal town of Oceanside.  1/4/14

Submit your prose writing to Glimmer Train. Categories, deadlines and prize amounts are posted on the Glimmer Train web site. Deadlines and catergories vary throughout the year and extend from year-to-year. 10/19/2013

'Darker Times Fiction, a monthly short story competition for stories of 3,000 words and less in the horror genre or on the subject of 'darker time.s. All submission information can be found on the website - www.darkertimes.co.uk . It's open to UK and international writers and ends on the last day of each month. There is a £5 submission fee, payable through PayPal on their "Submissions" page. 9/20/2012

www.knowonder.com is a good market for writers who write for children up through age 10. They need a new story for every day of each month. One story each month becomes "Editor's Choice" -- always good publicity. Read submission guidelines online. 8/31/2012

The History Press celebrates local and regional identity with books on Kansas's fascinating history. We are actively seeking residents to tell the stories of their home counties and towns. As a traditional publishing company we handle all parts of the publishing process. Our book series include Brief History, American Chronicles, American Heritage, Landmarks, Food and Beverage, Haunted America, True Crime, Forgotten Tales and Hidden History, as well as several non-series books. To learn more and to view our seasonal catalogue please visit www.historypress.net. 8/27/2012

Share writing opportunities with KAC members by sending info you discover to Carol Yoho.

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