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Potential New Members: Click and read our Membership Brochure, then fill in and mail our Membership application which is a part of the brochure.

Renewing members: Read "Current Members" info below.

  • At the State level:
    • Annual Writing Contests with a discount on entry fees for members
    • Annual Yearbook with anthology and membership directory
    • Our Website offers up-to-date information about club activities and history, Member News, links to other sites of interest to members, and the online Kansas Authors Historical Calendar.
  • At the District level:
    • Workshops conducted by successful authors
    • District Contests for members
    • Area Meetings and workshops
    • News of writing contests other than those of KAC
    • Marketing suggestions for member manuscripts
    • Constructive critique from fellow writers
  • At the Local Level
    • Many communities have Monthly meetings for sharing, critiques, poetry readings, etc.


Anyone interested in writing may apply for membership in the Kansas Authors Club.

Membership requirements were changed by an amendment to the bylaws at the Annual Meeting on October 5, 2003. Submission of writing samples is no longer required.

Membership in the Kansas Authors Club is from January 1 through December 31 each year, and renewing member dues are payable between January 1 and March 31 each year.

ANNUAL DUES   Adult: $25.00
(Student through 12th grade): $10.00
—25% of the state dues are returned to the Districts for local expenses

Note *Members may now pay dues for more than one year, up to a maximum of five years. The dues scale is as follows:

One Year:   
$ 25.00  
Two years:   
$ 47.00 (Savings of $ 3.00)
Three years:   
$ 67.00 (Savings of $ 8.00)
Four years:   
$ 85.00 (Savings of $15.00)
Five years:   
$101.00 (Savings of $ 24.00)

IF you are over age 80 you may remain a Kansas Authors Club member, dues free after being a paid member for at least five years. We ask that you continue to return a MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM each year to keep us apprised of any address changes and your continuing interest in maintaining KAC membership.

CURRENT MEMBERS can fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM on p. 2 of our MEMBERSHIP BROCHURE (PDF file), marking "Membership Renewal" or this MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM (PDF file).
A PDF viewer is available for free download online from Adobe.

NEW MEMBERS are welcome to join us at any time. If you wish to become a NEW MEMBER or renew a LAPSED membership, fill out the APPLICATION FORM on p. 2 of our MEMBERSHIP BROCHURE (PDF file).
A PDF viewer is available for free download online from Adobe.

Also, application for membership may be made directly to the Chairperson for New Members.


about renewing membership:

Dear Members:

Are you an active member of the KAC? The by-laws require everyone, including those with Octogenarian or Exempt status, to send in an annual renewal form and any applicable fees by March 31 in order to be considered active. (The obvious exception is those who have paid for multiple years). Unfortunately, the by-laws further state that anyone who has not renewed by December 31 will be dropped. This means no more newsletters or yearbook, and no discount for contest fees.

KAC spends much unnecessary money when newsletters and yearbooks are returned, and that is why it is important to send changes of residential (and email) addresses to the Financial Secretary.  For individuals who qualify as a member, but don’t pay dues, it is still required that you send your yearly renewal form to update your information, and to indicate that you still wish to be a member. Recently an obituary appeared in the newspaper indicating that the person was a long-term, active member of the KAC. Sadly, she was not because her last renewal was for 2010.

Please contact me via info in my Officers listing if you are not sure if you have renewed your membership for 2013. We don’t want to lose you!

Vicki Julian, KAC Financial Secretary