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by Patricia Schulte Healy 5/17/05

Comedy Writing Step by Step: How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor, Gene Perret, Copyright 1982; First Samuel French Edition, Hollywood, CA: 1990, soft cover.
   Comedy Writing Step By Step will tickle your funny bone while showing you how to write sellable humor. To develop your own style, you will collect 50 jokes, then analyze why you laugh at them.
   The author, Gene Perret, former head writer for Bob Hope, says, “...99 percent of jokes are two ideas tied together in a funny way.” He shows how to link divergent ideas to each other to make jokes.
   The author urges the comedy writer to perform his/her jokes in front of audiences. And he provides very practical advice on marketing your jokes, from stand-up routines to television sitcoms. And he tickles your funny bone while he's teaching you.
   This is just a peek at all the helpful ideas in this book, Comedy

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