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Sept. 2011 Meeting Minutes—

KAC 7th District meeting
September 10, 2011
Colby, KS

The annual meeting of the Seventh District of the Kansas Authors Club was held September 10, 2011, in Colby, KS at the City Limits. The 7th district has been inactive for a time and is in the reformation mode.  All members of the district were invited to attend, but only one other town was represented. 

The meeting was called to order by new president, Marge Brown of Colby. The additional new officers of the 7th District are Millie Horlacher, vice president and treasurer, and Judie Withers as secretary. Marge introduced John Sanders and Cheryl Brenn of Colby, and Kim Zweygardt of St. Francis who were also in attendance.  Each person gave a quick report of his or her writing interests and publications.

Millie gave a report of the check received from the KAC state treasurer for our share of district dues.

The main focus of the meeting was to recreate interest and attendance for the district.  Because of the distance, one suggestion was to divide the district into two sub-districts, with co-presidents.  A division line between north and south was proposed. These would have separate meetings and one annual joint meeting. Another option might be to establish another district resulting in two districts, 7 and 8.  This will be submitted at the KAC annual meeting.

The northern group is interested in meeting twice a year, having yearly dues and contests. All are trying to contact writers in neighboring towns as potential new members. The group would be interested in having programs that are worth the travel time.

The group discussed attending the KAC annual meeting to be held in Coffeyville, KS, October 7 – 9, 2011.

Submitted by Judie Withers, 7th District Secretary

District 7 Officers, 2010-2011:


Vice-President & Treasurer:
Marjorie Brown
   285 W. Cedar St.
   Colby, KS67701
   Contact Marjorie

Mildred E. Horlacher  
Judie Withers

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