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District 7 News 2007

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District 7 News


District #7

District #7

District #7


We have two kinds of meetings:

  • District 7 Fall Meeting was held on Saturday, October 6, during lunchtime at the 2007 KAC convention, Holiday Inn Select, Wichita. We will meet in the hotel lobby at noon to decide where to eat and have our meeting.
  • The other meeting: The Dodge City Writers Group met the second Tuesday of every month in the basement of the Dodge City Library from 1-3 p.m. Each meeting included a short workshop, readings, critiques, and a writing prompt for the following meeting. Everyone is welcome to bring their own snack and join us.

2007 Member News:
May Member News: Edna Bell-Pearson
Apr. Member News: Edna Bell-PearsonMarie Fletcher
Mar. Member News: Dorothy Janke

District 7 2007 Literary Contest Winners

    Writers receiving awards in the 2007 Literary Contest conducted by District 7 of the Kansas Authors Club were announced at a meeting held in Garden City on Saturday, May 5. Thirteen entrants, including eleven KAC members, from Western Kansas submitted entries.

    Prose judge, Anita Salem, has taught 40 years at high school and college levels, has entered and judged contests and written magazine articles, and currently teaches Creative and Advanced Writing and Journalism at Dodge City High School.
    Seven writers submitted a total of twelve prose entries.

Short Fiction 4 entries
1 Amy Becker, D7, Offerle Bea's Dad
2 Joel Herndon, D7, Healy Bubba Kahoona
3 Joel Herndon, D7, Healy That Was a First
HM Joel Herndon, D7, Healy Commander Fabulous
Feature Article 2 entries
1 Alice L. Craig, D7, Dodge City Adjusting
2 Charlene Scott, D7, Spearville William the Conqueror
Memoir 2 entries
1 Dorothy Jenks, D7, Lakin Fix It, Mama
2 Elsie Wolters, D7, Oberlin The Greatest of All Creatures

0 entries

Story for Children

3 entries

1 Lydia Gonzales, D7, Garden City The Lightening Bug
2 Lydia Gonzales, D7, Garden City Blackie, Our Dog
3 Lydia Gonzales, D7, Garden City Thanksgiving Day
First 5 Pages of a Book 1 entry
1 Paul Roberts, NM, Lakin Like a Thief in the Night

     Poetry judge, Clark Coker, teaches English Composition and Philosophy at Dodge City Community College. He holds a BA and an MA from Colorado State University. His poetry has most recently appeared in The Cottonwood Review from Kansas State University and in Mid-American Review.
    Six writers submitted a total of twenty-four poems.

Classic Forms 1 entry, "Other"
1 Tony Whisenant, D7, Liberal Half Past
Free Verse 9 entries
1 Millie Horlacher, D7, Colby Soon the Time
2 Millie Horlacher, D7, Colby Feeding
3 Dorothy Janke, D7, Colby Snow Time
HM Millie Horlacher, D7, Colby Even the Moon
HM Barbara Lamborn, NM, Sublette Feed Yard at Night
HM Tony Whisenant, D7, Liberal Hum
Rhymed Verse 4 entries
1 Barbara Lamborn, NM, Sublette The House With the Two Chiming Clocks
2 Dorothy Jenks, D7, Lakin To a Fisherman
HM Barbara Lamborn, NM, Sublette Depression
HM Tony Whisenant, D7, Liberal R E D
Whimsy 6 entries
1 Barbara Lamborn, NM, Sublette Cat
2 Dorothy Janke, D7, Colby Constructing the Verse
3 Barbara Lamborn, NM, Sublette Bees
Haiku 3 entries
1 Amy Becker, D7, Offerle Little girl twirling
HM Amy Becker, D7, Offerle He gathers Legos
HM Amy Becker, D7, Offerle Sweater on the dog
Narrative Verse 1 entry
1 Tony Whisenant, D7, Liberal I Love Watching the Little Birdies
  • Amy Becker, D7, Offerle -- 1st in Short Fiction, 1st in Haiku, and Honorable Mentions I and II in Haiku.
  • Alice L. Craig, D7, Dodge City -- 1st in Feature Article.
  • Lydia Gonzales, D7, Garden City -- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Story for Children.
  • Joel Herndon, D7, Healy -- 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention I in Short Fiction.
  • Millie Horlacher, D7, Colby -- 1st, 2nd, and Honorable Mention I in Free Verse.
  • Dorothy Janke, D7, Colby -- 2nd in Whimsy, 3rd in Free Verse.
  • Dorothy Jenks, D7, Lakin -- 1st in Memoir, 2nd in Rhymed Verse.
  • Barbara Lamborn, Non-mem, Sublette -- 1st and Honorable Mention I in Rhymed Verse, 1st and 3rd in Whimsy, and Honorable Mention II in Free Verse.
  • Paul Roberts, Non-mem, Lakin -- 1st for First Five Pages of a Book and One-page Synopsis.
  • Charlene Scott, D7, Spearville -- 2nd in Feature Article.
  • Tony Whisenant, D7, Liberal -- 1st in Narrative Verse, 1st in Classic Forms-Other, Honorable Mention II in Rhymed Verse, and Honorable Mention III in Free Verse.
  • Elsie Wolters, D7, Oberlin -- 2nd in Memoir.

SINCERE THANKS to both judges for their excellent and constructive critiques.

The Spring Meeting of District 7 took place May 5, 2007, at Garden City Community College. There was no speaker due to Celia Pineiro's illness. Continuing plans for the 2008 convention were discussed, including ideas for speakers and committee assignments. District 7 Writing Contest winners will be announced.

A joint meeting was held with District 6 at the Dodge House restaurant on July 28 to finalize committee assignments and further outline the convention agenda for 2008.

District 7 Officers, elected Spring 2007:
President, Amy Becker
Vice-President, Joel Herndon

Secretary, Pauline Fecht

Treasurer, Joyce Herrmann

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