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District #7

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Lola Adams Harper Crum, District 7, Dodge City, died on Saturday, November 20, 2004, at age 96, in Dodge City. Lola joined Kansas Authors Club in 1936 and was a Life Member for 68 years. Lola served as District 7 President in 1967 and as State Archivist from 1973 through 1982. Three of Lola’s books are in the Kansas Authors Club Collection in the Spencer Collection at the University of Kansas: Adam-Kimbrel Family-A Century in Kansas, in 1986; Daughter of Kansas: Poetry Selections, no date; and A Reminiscence: Teaching in Dodge City's Mexican Village, in 2003. Lola lived most of her life in the Dodge City area. (This obituary also appears on our Member News page.)
Helen Lucille Sands, District 7, passed away November 1, 2004, at Halsey Hall in Fort Dodge, Kansas. She was born September 24, 1922. Lucille had worked as a legal secretary at the Finney County Courthouse in Dodge City. She wrote poetry and was known in the area as “The Poet Lady.” Lucille had been a member of Kansas Authors Club since 1973.


Tony Whisenant, District 7,
Liberal, won an honorable mention in the Light Verse category in the 2004 Kansas Authors Club Literary Contest  for "I Want a Big Fat Chicken." Congratulations, Tony!

Doris Schroeder—KAC State President:
“Going for the Gold in Writing”

Doris Schroeder, KAC President 2003-04Doris Schroeder has enjoyed writing for over twenty-four years. She especially enjoys writing memoirs and weekly columns for some small area papers. She is espcially interested in Kansas memoirs and loves to hear stories from “the golden years.”
    Doris feels KAC has really helped her get on the right path of writing, and sees opportunities for other members.

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