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District 7 News 2003

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District #7
News 2003

District #7
News 2003



September 2003 Meeting
Kansas Authors Club District 7
met at the Dodge House Restaurant, 2408 W Wyatt Earp Blvd., Dodge City, on September 13, 2003. Allen Bailey, Dodge City Official Marshal, presented cowboy songs and poetry along with a lot of true Dodge City history. There was a question and answer period following his program.

KAC District 7 Literary Contest Awards 2003 4/28/03

Poetry Contest
Rhymed Verse

1 Velda Transue, Studley, "The Farmsteads"
2 Velda Transue, Studley, "The Potter and Clay"
3 Dorothy Jenks, Lakin, "April"
HM Dorothy Janke, Russell Springs, "Dearly Beloved"

Free Verse
1 Dave Halle, Garden City, "Look, Stop Being Stupid and Turn Around Already"
2 Dorothy Janke, Russell Springs, "Rural Mail Carrier"
3 Kim Schultz, Garden City, "A Popular Candy"
HM Nickole Henderson, Garden City, "Exactly"
HM Shannon Abeyta, Garden City, "To Scared"

1 Dave Halle, Garden City, "Heroes Die Famous"
2 Adam Lott, Garden City, "The Unbearable Lightness of Cheese"

1 Lydia Gonzalez, Garden City, "A Special Mother"
2 Velda Transue, Studley, "A Morning"

Japanese Forms
1 Adam Lott, Garden City, "Of Finding Your Wallet"
2 Dave Halle, Garden City, "Darko"
3 Matt Randolph, Garden City, "The Most Honest Machine"
HM Adam Lott, Garden City, "Sitting in Math Class"
HM Austin Kitch, Garden City, "Golden Moon"
HM Meredith Schuster, Garden City, "Moonlight Memories"
HM Travis Laubach, Garden City, "Dream On"

Prose Contest
Short Story

1 Lydia Gonzalez, Garden City, "Gringo/Ringo"
2 Travis Laubach, Garden City, "The Defense of Ft. Washington"

Feature Article
1 Lydia Gonzalez, Garden City, "The Trials and Tribulations of
   Parkinson's Disease"

1 Lydia Gonzalez, Garden City, "The Silent Ones"

1 Lorena Joyce Herrmann, Offerle, "Trusting God is Like Driving
    in a Dense Fog"
2 Lorena Joyce Herrmann, Offerle,"When I prayed"

Children's Story
1 Derik Delgado, Garden City, "Moroni, The Fly "

Historical Article
1 Lydia Gonzalez, Garden City, "The Mexican Fiesta"
2 Ellen May Stanley, Dighton, "Photographer William Kirch"
3 Pauline Fecht, Syracuse, "Waldorf of the Prairies"

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District News

The District 7 annual spring meeting was held Saturday, April 19, 2003 at the Wheatlands Convention Center, Garden City.
   Vicki Miller, the featured speaker, has co-written two books of children's sermons with her sister Deborah Raney: Children's Sermons to Go, 1998, and More Children's Sermons to Go, 2001, Abingdon Press. The books include child-tested children's sermons, an index to scriptures, and a topical index. Vicky and her sister have both been writing children's sermons for their own use for years.
   "It was so fun to do and I really enjoyed working with my sister on both books," Vicky said. "One of the biggest problems was to make sure the material was on a child's level."
   Vicky is the wife of the Rev. Jeff Miller, minister of the Stanta United Methodist Church. Vicky is a strong advocate for youth. In addition to many church activities, she serves as a coordinator of the Youth Program.
   The 2003 Literary Contest Awards were presented and there was a business meeting.

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Member News

   Dave Halle and Lydia Gonzalez, District 7, Garden City, were awarded top honors in the 2003 District 7 Kansas Authors Club Literary Contest.
   Halle’s free verse poem titled “Look, Stop Being Stupid and Turn Around Already” was selected from forty-four entries in the poetry division. Gonzalez’s short story titled “Gringo/Ringo” was selected from ten entries in the prose division.
   The awards ceremony took place at the annual spring meeting on April 19 at the Wheatlands Convention Center in Garden City.
    The literary contest is an annual event for the Kansas Authors Club. The District 7 contest is limited to writers residing in western Kansas, and the district encourages all writers to enter the statewide contest later in the year. 5/2/03
    Vicki Miller, District 7, Satanta, gave a presentation at the spring meeting. Miller is the co-author of two books of children’s sermons--Children’s Sermons to Go: 52 Take-Home Lessons About God and More Children’s Sermons to Go. 5/2/03
    Tracy Simmons, District 7, Dodge City, has been selected as one of the recipients for a Kansas Arts Commission mini-fellowship in fiction writing award. 2/21/03

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