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District 6 News 2007

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Bragging Rights!

D6 Writing Contest Winners

District #6

District #6



Member News

Nov. Member News: William Mark SimmonsDoris Schroeder
        Karen Stokes
Sept. Member News: Eunice Boeve Wm. Mark Simmons
Aug. Member News: Doris Schroeder
Jul. Member News:
Eunice BoeveCarol Murray
Jun. Member News: Doris Schroeder
May Member News: Doris Schroeder
Apr. Member News: Wm. Mark Simmons
Mar. Member News: Eunice Boeve 1 & 2Lonnie Haden
        Raymond E. NoahDoris Schroeder
Jan. Member News: Betty BerneyEunice BoeveDoris Schroeder

Bragging Rights!

  • Luanne French, District 6, Great Bend, had an article, "The Answering Machine," published in Dana Literary Society Online Journal, February, 2007. It was only available to read during February, but she received $50.00 for the story.
  • Doris Schroeder, District 6, Hutchinson, has a weekly column published every Wednesday in the Hutchinson News
  • Maria Dreisziger, District 6, Hutchinson, has a weekly column published every other Saturday in the Hutchinson News

Be proud of your writing accomplishments! Email them to tsfink@sbcglobal.net to be shared with District 6 and all of KAC! We're proud of you. Keep it up!

District 6 Writing Contest Winners

Place Winner Title
Classic Forms (no entries)
Free Verse (4 entries)
1st Adelyn Emery


2nd Dolores Baker Belittled
Rhymed Verse (11 entries)
1st Grace Bell Lightning
2nd Audrey Collins Lonely Women
3rd Audry Collins Like a Tree
Narrative Verse (1 entry, no prizes)
Whimsy (4 entries)
1st Kay Towle Flat Disappointed
2nd Kay Towle Doll Hospital
3rd Anne Mart Huh?
Haiku (7 entries)
1st Audrey Collins The End of Summer
2nd Adelyn Emery Cardinal on Tree Top
3rd Leona Dillard Icicle (1st Verse)
HM Leona Dillard Icicle (2nd Verse)
Theme Contest (4 entries)
1st Kay Towle Committed
HM Doris Schroeder The Color of My Life

Place Winner Title
Short Fiction (9 entires)
1st Anne Mart Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down
2nd Lara Hershberger Rooster's Revenge
3rd Leona Dillard Love
HM Arleen Whittaker The Trip Home
Feature Article (5 entries)
1st Anne Mart Joys of Grandparenting
2nd Teresa Fink Bubble Gum
Memoir (12 entries)
1st Arleen Whittaker So You Think Teaching Is For Sissies
2nd Dolores Baker Accounting for the Baker Boy
3rd Colleen Heron Little Annie Ruth
HM Audrey Collins It Is More Blessed
Inspiration (5 entries)
  Kay Towle The Gift of Woods
Story for Children (3 entries)
1st Kay Towle Just one Day
2nd Arleen Whittaker Lucky's Great Adventure
3rd Francis Fox A Christmas Scheme
First Five Pages of a Book (no entries)
Theme Contest: Pen Life as Art (no entries)

Fall Meeting: September 22, 2007
Anchor Inn Restaurant, 128 S. Main (intersection of Main St. & Ave. B), Hutchinson
9 a.m. / Meeting: 10 a.m. / Registration fee : $5.
Lunch paid for individually
Program: Author Fair (including D6 member Carol Murray)
Fair hours: 1-4 p.m., stay as little/long as you want!
Poet Steven Hind spoke at 2 p.m. and sports writer Steven Farney spoke at 3 p.m.

Spring Meeting: April 21, 2007
Our meeting was held at the Great Bend Public Library, 1409 Williams St., Great Bend. Registration fee was $5.
Roll call: Name an all-time favorite story/poem you have penned
Morning meeting: We discussed the 2008 KAC State Writers Convention, voted on theme finalists and started to delegate positions. A mid-summer meeting with District 7 is in the works to help finalize details.
Lunch: Buffet was at Highland Manor Convention Center in Great Bend, paid individually onsite
Program: Richard Paul Tanos, District 3, Coffeyville, "Getting Published, Not Scammed," presented at the Great Bend Library.
—A special thank you to Arleen Whittaker and her assistants for arranging our meeting.

Please keep these District 6 members in your thoughts and prayers:
Audrey Collins, Hutchinson; Leona Dillard, Hutchinson; Sonia Hayse, Hutchinson (District 6 co-president); Margaret Shauers, Great Bend

District 6 Officers, 2007:
President, Teresa Fink
Vice-President, Lloyd Ballhagen

Secretary, Jean Wambsganns
Treasurer, Marvin Wambsganns

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