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District 6 News 2006

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District 6 News

Member News

D6 Writing Contest Winners

District #6


Dec. Member News: Eunice Boeve
Nov. Member News: Audry M. Collins Margaret Shauers
Oct. Member News: Eunice Boeve1 , 2 & 3Doris Schroeder
Sept. Member News: Eunice Boeve
Member News:
Eunice Boeve
Jun. Member News: Margaret Shauers
Apr. Member News: Eunice Boeve1 & 2 Doris Schroeder
Margaret Shauers

Mar. Member News: Doris Schroeder
Feb. Member News: Eunice Boeve Doris Schroeder

We are proud of all of the District 6 members who entered the State Writing Contest. Listed below are the District 6 Prose Winners:

Short Story:
• #3, Anne Mart, “Are You All Right?”
• HM, Marjorie Gentry, “And the People Say ‘Amen’”
Feature Articles:
• #3, Leona Dillard, “Witness”
• HM3, Leona Dillard, “In Memorium”
Theme: Paint Your Canvas with Words:
• HM, Leona Dillard, “Reflection”

2006 District 6 Poetry Contest

Place Winner Title
1st Marjorie Gentry A Poet Finally Published
2nd Marjorie Gentry

One Valentine's Day at the Cowboy Café

Youth Thomas Fink Sticky Side Ready

2006 District 6 Prose Contest

Place Winner Title
HM Anthony Fink Crusader for Life
HM Megan Rose Fink The Little Car
Feature Article
HM Arleen Whittaker Solution to Clutter
1st Teresa Fink The Importance of Salt
2nd Arleen Whittaker The Missing Lid
3rd Arleen Whittaker Writing is Therapeutic!
1st Marjorie Gentry The First Day of Spring
2nd Teresa Fink Why Him?
3rd Betty Jane Hendrickson The Tornado Scare
Stories for Children
1st Margaret Shauers Forgettingest Ferdie
2nd Luanne French The Perfect Solution
3rd Margaret Shauers Double Perfect Christmas Present
Short Story
1st Luanne French Dancing With a Stranger
2nd Luanne French The Answering Machine
3d Margaret Shauers Alfred Johnson and the Zinc Tub
HM Margaret Shauers To Make Weight
First Five Pages of a Book
1st Margaret Shauers Gentle Dove
2nd Margaret Shauers The Haunted Lampost

—Congratulations to all winners!

District 6 officers - 2006
Co-presidents, Teresa Fink and Sonia Hayse
Vice-President, Lloyd Ballhagen
Secretary, Jean Wambsganns
Treasurer, Marvin Wambsganns

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