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District #5

District #5
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Dec. Member News: Roy Beckemeyer
Member News: Stephanie A. Mann
Oct. Member News: Stephanie A. Mann
Sept. Member News: Stephanie A. Mann
July Member News: Karen Ross Epp
Jun. Member News: Karen Ross Epp | Stephanie A. Mann
Mar. Member News: Roy Beckemeyer | Arlene Rains Graber | Stephanie A. Mann |
     L. Kathleen Nelzen
Feb. Member News: Roy Beckemeyer
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Sat., Dec. 14, 2013
at the Rockwell Library, 5939 E. 9th Street, Wichita, 2:00-4:00 pm
“Christmas Party” Our festivities included a visit from Santa who provided writing prompts for a chance to write and share some Christmas fun. There were great snacks and a chance to network with fellow writers.

Read-aroundSat., Nov. 9, 2013
at Rockwell Library, 5939 E. 9th Street, Wichita, 2-4 PM

NO OCTOBER District 5 meeting.
Wichita is host for the October 2013 KAC Convention!

Sat., Sep.14, 2013
Our speaker, Diane Wahto , District 5, Wichita, presented “Creative Writing” at Rockwell Library, 5939 E. 9th Street, Wichita, , 2-4 PM

Summer Off: No July or August District 5 meetings.

Comedy Writing Workshop and PerformanceSat., Jun. 15, 2013
June's monthly club meeting for Kansas Authors Club District 5 was a special comedy workshop at St. James Episcopal Church,(Guild Hall), Wichita. The meeting was FREE to all KAC members (pre-register) and $25 to guests. There was also the special evening comedy show on June 15: A Rockin' Fusion of Stars, at Larksfield Place (Auditorium), Wichita. Guest performers included singer/songwriter Bob Wilson, West Coast comedian Dan Edwards, and singer/musician Roger Mattingly. Tickets were sold for the evening show as a fundraiser toward hosting the 2013 KAC Convention in Wichita in October.

Your Hour interview with Susan Howell about the Comedy Writing Workshop and "A Rockin' Fusion of Stars":

Sat., May 11, 2013
“Read-Around” Members shared their work.
Rockwell Library, 5939 E. 9th Street, Wichita, , 2-4 PM

Sat., April 13, 2013
District 5 honored “National Poetry Month” by celebrating youth poets and encouraging their participation in the State contests. Speaker was Bill Karnowski, State Vice President of KAC, President of District 4, KAC and Director of the Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest. Local teachers of English and youth poets were invited to attend.
Sat., March 9, 2013
“Read-Around” Members shared their work.
Rockwell Library, 5939 E. 9th Street, Wichita, , 2-4 PM
Sat., February 9, 2013
Our speaker, Dave Scraper, presented “Nuts & Bolts of Short Story Writing.” Dave is a retired educator. He also read some of his work. Snacks were available, and some members brought treats to share.
Sat., January 12, 2013
This was a “Write-around, Read-around” meeting. We also shared our favorite goodies to eat. Earlier that same day and place, there is a planning meeting for the 2013 KAC convention to be held in Wichita, Oct. 4-6. Chairs are Cindi Kerr and Janet Bahl. Everyone is welcome to attend that planning meeting as well.

2012-13 Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 5

President: .
Vice President:

Public Relations:
Member Liaison: 
Membership List:

Susan Howell
Dixie Brown
Virginia Hays
Paulette Mattingly
Janet Bahl
Cindi Kerr
Ray "Grizzly" Racobs
Neel Holler

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