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District 4 News

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2008 Contest Winners


District #4


District #4


Member News 2008:
Dec. Member News: Jerry Engler | Laurel Johnson |
       Nancy Julien Kopp
Nov. Member News: Jerry Engler | Nancy Julien Kopp
Oct. Member News:
Cynthia Harris | Nancy Julien Kopp
Aug Member News:
Laurel Johnson | Nancy Julien Kopp
July Member News:
Jerry Engler | Cynthia Harris |
     Nancy Julien Kopp | Dorothy Masters | LeNore Stumpf
June Member News: Jerry Engler | Nancy Julien Kopp
May Member News: Bill Karnowski | Nancy Julien Kopp
Apr. Member News: William J. Karnowski | Nancy Julien Kopp |
        Dorothy Masters | Eileen Umbehr
Mar. Member News: Cynthia Harris | Tom Parker
       Eileen Umbehr
Feb. Member News: Lori Stratton | Nancy Julien Kopp |
Tom Parker
Jan. Member News:
Nancy Julien Kopp

2008 Kansas Authors Club
District 4 Poetry & Prose Contest

1— Douglas Teener, Summer's Day
2— Bill Karnowski, The Bazaar
3— Donald Mock, The Pitfall of the Promise
HM— Barbara Booth, Valentine Love
Asian Forms (haiku)
1— Douglas Teener, The Flower
2— Edna Dyck, Summer sky darkens
3— Douglas Teener, Hand Grenade
HM— Edna Dyck, Beside injured mate
HM— Edna Dyck, Last year's corn stubble
Free Verse
1— Bill Karnowski, Flint HIlls
2— Anna Jones, The New Red, White, and Left Blue
3— Anna Jones, Wedding Snowflakes On The Rocks
1— Bill Karnowski, December 16
2— Barbara Booth, Choreography
Rhymed Verse
1— Douglas Teener, Homecoming
2— Donald Mock, The Cowdog
3— Bill Karnowski, Snow
HM —Bill Karnowski, Ice Storm
HM —Jack Stroade, The Crank Along The Side

Short Story
1— Amanda Shellnut, Backyard Wars
2— Charley Kempthorne, Who's Sorry Now?
3— Barbara Booth, Joy?
HM— Barbara Booth, Greetings
Feature Articles
1— Nancy Kopp, Pub Fare in the United Kingdom and Ireland
2— Nancy Kopp, Contests Calling--Should You Enter?
3— Carroll Lange, Do We Even Need Airport Security?
1— Donald Mock, Nervous Joe
2— Nancy Kopp, Mirror Magic
3— Barbara Booth, Old Beginnings
HM— Donald Mock, Roping An Elk
Story for Children
No Entries

Previous 2008 Meetings:

In November we discussed the upcoming contest for D4 2009.  We will keep everything the same as 2008's contest and Anne created a new flyer to send out.  The new officers were installed for 2009 and we discussed the minutes and handed out the award to Bill Karnowski.  Other awards were also acknowledged.  Attendees also told about the convention, and mentioned 2009 Convention in Topeka.

Sat., Sept. 6,  9-11am
The fall District 4 was held Saturday Sept. 6, 2008, 9 am-11 am, at the Dorothy Bramlige Public Library, 230 West 7th St., Junction City, Kansas. Members met in the All Purpose Conference Room.

  • We need to chose and vote on our officers for D4 2009. Also, please keep in mind that Sandra Detrixhe will not be taking her position of Treasurer again next year and we will need a replacement.
  • Take a group photograph for the yearbook.
  • The state convention is Oct 3, 4, 5, in Dodge City and members were encouraged to attend. The conventions are always a great place to get to know other members in the KAC, and the workshops are very helpful.

Members also discussed these important issues:

  • Contest for 2009: Do we want to open it up state wide or leave as is? All pros and cons need to be discussed at the meeting.
  • RSVP for attendance. With the high gas prices and the economic turmoil I know it is difficult for many to drive to Junction City for a meeting; but in order to have a program set up, it is unfair to the person doing a program if there is very little attendance.
  • Read arounds--would you like to see more of these at the meetings? What topics are of interest to you so that we can bring some excitement back into our District with meeting attendance?
  • Update contact information for members: all mailing, email address, and phone numbers (for emergency purposes) for our District. Discuss how can we get more people informed?
  • Ideas for meeting member needs and encouraging new membership in KAC District 4.
  • Any other subject you think we need to discuss. Please e-mail Anne with your input! The organization has been growing strong for over 105 years and club leadership would love to see it continue to grow.

Sat., May 3,  9-11am
The most recent meeting of District 4 was held Saturday May 3, 2008, 9am-11am, at the Dorothy Bramlige Public Library, 230 West 7th St., Junction City, Kansas. Members met in the All Purpose Conference Room. Winners of the 2008 Poetry & Prose Contest for Kansas Author's Club Distrist #4 area were announced.

Winter meeting 2008:
We met at the Dorothy Bramlige Public Library, 230 West 7th St., Junction City, KS. Attendees brought three poems of their work to share with the group. 

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 4
for 2007-2008:

Vice President: 

Anne Shiever
orothy Masters
Sandra Detrixhe
Anna Mae Henderson

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