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2007 Contest Winners


District #4


District #4


2007 Meeting Wrap-ups—

Sat., Nov. 10, 2007
We met at the Dorothy Bramlige Public Library, 230 West 7th St., Junction City, KS. Attendees brought three poems of their work to share with the group. 

Sat., Aug. 11, 2007
District 4 met at the Junction City on Saturday August 11 from 9 to 11 am.   We elected our officers for 2008 and they are: Anne Shievers, president; Dorothy Masters, vice-president; Anna Mae Henderson, secretary; Sandra Detrixhe, treasurer; also LeNore Stumpf has agreed to manage the poetry contest, and Nancy Kopp has agreed to manage the prose contest.   We each brought three of our favorite poems to read to the group.  Grrrreat fun!  Sandra Detrixhe recited two poems from memory that she learned as a school girl.  It was amazing!
Report by Bill Karnowski

Sat., May 12, 2007
       District Four met at The Dorothy Bramlage Public Library in Junction City, Saturday May 12, 200 from 9 to 11 a.m.
       We were honored to have Dr. Nolan Carlson as our guest speaker.  Nolan has written 27 novels and has had 15 published (9 currently in print ). His books have been featured in the Troll Book Club and sold abroad. Recent books have been favorably reviewed by Book List in Chicago and Mailbox, a teacher's review.  Summer & Shiner  was winner of the Hearth award in 1992.  Most recent children books include Summer & Shiner, Shiner's Return, Shiner and King, Shiner & Baseball, Shiner and Hobo Joe, Lewis & Clark & Davey Hutchins, Vagabond Jack, and an adult book titled The Lopsided Angel, and his newest release: Lame Eagle and Wind Chaser.
     All of the Summer and Shiner series and Vagabond Jack are in the National Accelerated Reading Program.  His books have been nominated to the William Allen White Book List.  His series features animals and small town adventure and fun in the Flint Hills. This will be a great program.  Don't miss it!!!!
     We presenedt the District Four prose contest awards, chaired by Nancy Kopp, and poetry contest awards, chaired by LeNore Stumpf.
     This will be an exciting meeting so be sure to mark your calendar and bring a guest! The public is invited...so bring it on!
Report by Bill Karnowski

Sat., Feb. 10, 2007
District 4 held their February 10 meeting at Dorothy Bramlage Library in Junction City. We decided to send a $500.00 check to district 5 to help start funding the next convention. Bill Karnowski gave a poetry clinic titled THE EVOLUTION OF A POEM. We discussed the influences of our lives that started our desire to write. District 4 will have our Spring Writing Contest. Lenore Stumpf agreed to manage the Poetry Competition and Nancy Kopp agreed to manage the Prose Competition. Entries must be in to the managers by April 15, 2007. Notices and rules will be sent out to all District 4 members by February 18. Future meeting dates are listed near the top of this page. Notices of each meeting and program details will be sent to members several weeks before the date.
Report by Bill Karnowski

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District 4 2007 Writing Contest Winners List

Nancy Kopp
was contest manager. Linda Knupp was judge. Linda is Associate Director of the Manhattan Public Library.

Short Story

1 Bill Karnowski

Feature Story
1 Nancy Kopp "A Zoo with No Cage"
2 Nancy Kopp "Trust Him and Serve Him"
3 Nancy Kopp "Paying Compliments"
HM Lois Lewis

"The Foolery School"
1 Nancy Kopp "The Best Christmas Ever"
2 LeNore Stumpf "Accident Provided Small Feast"
3 Betty Hunter "A Winter to Remember"


LeNore Stumpf "Inept Thief Has Short Career"
HM Charley Kempthorne

Story for Children
1 Nancy Kopp "Look to the Sunshine"
2 Barbara Booth "Space for Farm Cat"

LeNore Stumpf
was contest manager. Bee Neely Kuckelman was judge. Bee lives in Columbia, MO, and has a BFA in poetry from Stephens College. She is a much published poet.

1 Bill Karnowski "Comfort"
2 Bill Karnowski

"The Rooster"
Asian Forms
1 Edna Dyck "Standing on Creek Edge"
2 Edna Dyck "Beside His Hideout"
3 Edna Dyck "Cyclonic Winds Pass"
HM Edna Dyck

"On This Quiet Night"
Free Verse
1 Barbara Booth "Donna"
2 Bill Karnowski "Desecreated Blossom"
3 Charley Kempthorn "After Thirty YEars"
HM Bill Karnowski "The Birthday Present"
HM Bill Karnowski "Morels"
HM Bill Karnowski

Rhymed Verse
1 Bill Karnowski "On My Way"
2 Anna Smith "In the Night"
3 Bill Karnowski "Hope Two"
HM Anna Smith "Meow, the Cat"

Thanks for all the Entries.
Next year the word count on the prose entries will match the State Contest.

Thanks to Nolan Carlson for his fine presentation at our May meeting. The big snake was a ssssssurprise!

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Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 4
for 2006-2007:

Vice President::

William J. Karnowski
Anne Shriever

Sandra Detrixhe
Anna Mae Henderson

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