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District #4

District #4


District #4


Dec. Member News: Laurel Johnson
Nov. Member News: Laurel JohnsonNancy J. Kopp 1 and 2
Oct. Member News: Jerry W. Engler1 & 2
Sept. Member News: Nancy Julien KoppHelen Long
      Dorothy MastersLeNore Stumpf
Aug. Member News: Wanda BatesNancy Julien Kopp
      Lori Stratton
Jul. Member News: Dorothy Masters
Jun. Member News: Lori Stratton
May Member News: Donna AdeeJerry Engler
       Laurence HarshbargerSusan Kinney-Riordan
Apr. Member News: Jerry W. EnglerWilliam Karnowski
       Nancy Julien KoppAnne Shiever
Mar. Member News: Jerry W. EnglerWilliam Karnowski
       Nancy Julien KoppDorothy Masters
Tom Parker
LeNore Stumpf
Feb. Member News: Jerry W. EnglerAnne Shiever
Member News:
Nancy KoppAnne Shiever

As president of KAC District 4, I wish to thank all of the members for their support, donations and help in our recent annual convention. We hope everyone had a great time and the few glitches were overshadowed with good meals, entertainment and great workshop presenters. We thank you. Dorothy Masters, District 4

Helen Long, District 4, Manhattan, was honored with a 2006 Achievement Award, presented by Lois Lewis on behalf of the entire KAC Membership, for her loyal duty and serving the club. Helen has been a driving influence to others in service to the club over the years. She has kept active in spite of advancing age. We are extremely proud to congratulate her with the prestigious Award of Achievement

Kansas Authors Club District 4 Meeting, Oct. 14, 2006

    Thanks to all who helped make our 2006 Convention “Paint Your Canvas with Words” a big success. A great conference takes lots of help from many working members and I appreciated the help. Thanks, also to those who donated money besides their efforts and time.
    Our Treasurer’s report was prepared by Cynthia Smull and read by Sandra Detrixhe.
   Last meeting notes were read by Anna Mae Henderson.
   Convention Writing Contest winners from District IV, Nancy Julien Kopp, Jane Vajner, Bill Karnowski, and Barbara Booth were congratulated and Barbara Booth read her winning poem. Bill Karnowski read some of the poems he received in his contest. The entire winner list can be found on the KAC website.
   Discussion of the extra money from the convention and how it will be handled to help other districts in the future with the conventions is under study until options can be discussed at the KAC State Meetings.
   KAC Dues for 2007 will be $20.00 and to be sent to Ann Everett, address in Yearbook.

The gavel was passed to
Bill Karnowski, KAC President for 2007
Anne Shiever, Vice-President
Anne Mae Henderson, Secretary
Sandra Detrixhe, Secretary

Writers Convention

    The yearly Kansas Authors Club Convention is now over and our District IV can sit back on our laurels and rest as a job well done if I do say so myself. As the President, District IV, of the Kansas Authors Club, I wish to thank all of the members who helped us provide a great convention to over 100 people at Junction City Marriott recently and for all of the donations given to our district to support a great writing conference.
    I had invited what I thought just may be the oldest living writer in Kansas to our workshop and joyous weekend but when I contacted his home he was working. Keep in mind this gent is 104 years of age. Mr. R. Waldo Mc Burney of Quinter, Kansas is related to Gary and Marguerite Lietz from Eskridge. Gary alerted me that his uncle just may be the oldest living author in Kansas. I invited Mr. Mc Burney but he was unable to attend our Kansas conference as he was going to Washington, DC to be honored as the oldest working beekeeper. Mr. Mc Burney wrote a book, “My First Hundred Years,” and he attributes his long life to daily working and running. He has won many gold medals over the years running in competition.
    Without his presence, I honored Mr. McBurney at the Sunday Luncheon at the convention as an inspiration to all of the writers attending to keep writing and being active. After lunch one of the members from Colby, came up to the podium and told he had heard the gent give an inspiring speech at the Colby Library about his book and beekeeping.
    The convention was well attended with many writers honored from the youngest school children in our state to some of our oldest KAC members.
    Our writers enjoyed the musical entertainment of the Manhattan Barbershop Quartet, the Sharades; guitar, fiddle and banjo music by Buster and Betty Jenkins, KAC members from Ottawa. Buster is a writer of music, books and a down-home Kansas fiddler and banjo picker who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame; Betty, his wife, plays the guitar.
    In the State of Kansas over 400 members belong to our KAC writers club to gather and share our writing techniques and to learn from each other. I never wrote a great book but it has taken me great places to meet great writers.

    —Dorothy Masters, President, Kansas Authors Club District 4, 10/14/06

Kansas Authors Club District 4 Meeting, Aug. 19, 2006

    Our last district meeting was the last meeting before the convention unless the committees call me for a meeting to help finalize the plans, which I will be glad to do and I will meet you at the County Kitchen in Manhattan or the Cracker Barrel in Junction City.
    Our newest D-4 member is Cynthia Harris, KSU Librarian/Archivist from Manhattan, she is writing a book about Clementine Paddleford who was a member of our district years ago before moving to New York.
    A moment of silence was observed for Laurence Harshbarger who passed away last week.
    A reminder to the members: to be sure and send your convention registrations to Cynthia Smull before the deadline, September 25.
    The list of Convention gifts for the Silent Auction and donations was presented and there is still time to turn in cash donations to Cynthia Smull, Treasurer and to collect items for the auction and take to Bill Karnowski on Friday evening or Saturday morning of the convention.

Convention Duties: Thanks —I appreciate your help.
Workshop Presenters will be introduced by:
Nancy Kopp 1st workshop by Jane Vagnar --- 2nd Jane Vagnar
Sandra Detrixhe 1st by Helen Simpler --- 2nd Helen Simpler
Linda Madl 1st by Vicky Jones --- 2nd Susan Kinney Riordan
Roy Bird by Vicky Jones
Jonathan Holden by Jerry Engler
LeNore Stumpf by Vicky Jones
Decorations: Wanda Bates made the mints for the table decorations. Eloise Morris is the chairman and got plans in the making with helpers, Ann Dobson and Eileen Pearl plus anyone who lends a hand.
Goody Bags: Wade Knight ordered the bags from the Visitors Bureau and has to drop out of our club, Vicky Jones, Helen Simpler, Mae Henderson and Dorothy Wells have also gathered goodies and will help stuff the bags.
Silent Auction: Bill Karnowski with help from Book Room volunteers
Book Room: Jerry Engler, Kerry Lewis and Walt Stumpf
Hospitality Room: Cynthia Smull, Anne Shiever, Ann Dobson, Marj Guerich, Dorothy Masters and Eileen Pearl--- 0ne hostess will time the Read Around – 3 min. One will be the Read-Around Leader to start the progress and keep it moving.
Free Table: LeNore Stumpf

    Remember our Book Room to sell your books.
    Thanks to Tom Mach, our speaker. He presented his two books and how he arrived with his knowledge and implementing the data in his books. He also shared with the group about his up-coming Writing Workshop on writing fiction. For more info call 1-877-404-5823.
     The Slate of State Officers for 2007 was presented and will be voted on by all members at the General State Meeting at Convention on Sunday morning.
    Reminder: Send your Yearbook Literary Contributions by September 30th; refer to guidelines on page 88 in the Yearbook.
     The 2007 KAC District Officers will take office at the meeting after the convention on October 14, 2006 at the Junction City Library from 9-12.
    A big thank you to everyone in our district that helped plan and carry off our convention. Each and every spoke is important in the big wheel to run our convention smoothly. I want to offer praise to Cynthia Smull for carrying out the plans she and Alice Flower set up in 2004. Conventions are not planned overnight. Cynthia did a marvelous job with her computer skill, on the telephone and sending notes to get the convention all organized so we can enjoy.

    —Dorothy Masters, President, Kansas Authors Club District 4, 8/22/06

One Was Annie by Lora ReiterMINUTES:
Kansas Authors Club District 4 Meeting
June 3, 2006

    Our speaker was Lora K. Reiter of Ottawa, a fantastic informer of how to research your family history and work it into a novel of historical fiction such as her book One Was Annie.
    Helen Long is ill and may enjoy a card. Margaret Jaggers, in Good Samaritan Home, Minneapolis, celebrated her birthday recently so a card was signed for her. A silent prayer for the death of our oldest member, Edna May Ewert, and her poem was read. Thanks to Phyllis Slocombe, who mailed Edna’s poems to us for the Archivist.
    Dorothy Masters, District 4 President, will talk about the Kansas Authors Club Convention on KTKA-ABC TV Channel 49 at 6:15 a.m. on July 24.
    We spoke of the club donations received and the items for the Silent Auction. We are still accepting donations. Our convention is going to be costly, but it will be worth the effort and expense.
    Donna Adee, a new District 4 member, and her husband, Ellis, were written up in Keynotes current issue about her books and writing endeavors.
    Coffin Book Award books from District 4 were delivered to Karen Brown, Vice-President.
Nomination of new 2007 Officers:
President—Bill Karnowski
Vice-President—Anne Shiever
Secetary—Anna Mae Henderson
Treasurer—Sandra Detrixhe
    Convention: Cynthia Smull explained the upcoming convention and costs. Members voted on some details to hold down expenses where possible. Full details should be available soon on the Web site and in the Kansas Authors Club Newsletter. I hope all District 4 members can attend our next meeting on August 19 in Junction City to finalize our convention plans.
    Qwen Funston, new member, read her poem as a welcome to our club.
    Thanks for all your hard work, District 4 members; I appreciate your effort this year and last.
    —Dorothy Masters, President, Kansas Authors Club District 4, 6/6/06

In Memoriam

Edna May Ewert passed away on May 7, 2006. Edna lived in Peabody, Kansas, and was a Life Member of District 4. She was a poet and a member of KAC, winning 1st prize in 1946 for “Just Before Eternity. She had also written “Treasury” which was published in Sonnet Sequences, February, 1932, and reprinted in Poems of America, 1932. 5/27/06


2006 District 4 Poetry Contest

Place Winner Title
Free Verse
1st William Karnowski Faces
2nd Barbara Booth The Pallet Knife
3d William Karnowski Pillows
1st HM Vicki Jones Red-Tailed Hawk
Rhymed Verse
1st William Karnowski (Who will play?) taps for the Buglar
2nd Helen Simpler Lullaby To A Slumbering Child
3d Barbara Booth Xerox Valetine
1st HM William Karnowski Eden
2nd HM William Karnowski Heaven's Gate
Asian Forms
1st Edna Dyck Shorter autumn days
2nd Edna Dyck Swift runs the river
3rd Edna Dyck Thick fog shrouding earth
1st HM Barbara Booth Cicada trills piercing notes
2nd HM Edna Dyck Silent summer day
1st William Karnowski No. I. You.

2006 District 4 Prose Contest

Place Winner Title
Short Story
1st Barbara Booth How Should I Know?
2nd Barbara Booth Midnight/Full Moon
3d Nancy Kopp A Healing Touch
1st HM Barbara Booth Dear Miss Arnold
2nd HM Dorothy Masters Finding Myself Alone To Grow
Feature Story
1st Nancy Kopp Wish Upon A Star
2nd Barbara Booth What Price A Bell
3d Nancy Kopp Choices
1st Barbara Booth Stoking A Fire
2nd Edna Dyck Journey To Freedom
3rd Nancy Kopp The Last Letter
1st HM Donna Adee The Good Old Days of Courting
2nd HM Lois Lewis Silent Hope
Story for Children (7-12)
1st Nancy Kopp Follow The Clues

News is submitted by
Dorothy Masters, President
Kansas Authors Club District 4

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 4
for 2006-2007:

Vice President::
Co-Vice President: Treasurer:

Dorothy Masters
Jane Vajnar

Anne A. Shiever
Anna Mae Henderson
Cynthia Smull

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