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District 4 News 2003

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District 4 News

District #4

District #4

District #4




KAC District 4 Literary Awards 2003 4/28/03

* indicates KAC member- not member of District 4
(NM) indicates not member of KAC

Poetry Contest
Classic Forms, no entries.

Rhymed Verse
   First Place…"The Octopus Problem"---Janice L. Levering*
   Second Place…"A Tough Choice"---Iris Cox-Pearce*
   Third Place…"Speculating On Specs"---LeNore Stumpf
   HM…"Old Man’s Prayer"---Delbert Bryant
   HM…"A Writer’s Garden"---LeNore Stumpf

Free Verse
   First Place…"Life"---Eloise Morris
   Second Place…"Vacant Lot"---Max Yoho*
   Third Place…"The Antique Doll"---Margaret Bayless Jagger
   HM…"My Stethoscope"---Barbara Brady*
   HM…"The Trust of a Child"---Dale E. Vaughn*

Japanese Forms
   First Place…"Again this year"---Dorothy Janke*
   Second Place…"Jonquils peek through earth"---Edna Dyck

   First Place…"Waiting For Me"---Laurence Harshbarger
   Second Place…"The Lie"---Barbara Brady*
   Third Place…"Daddy’s Little Girl"---Iris Cox-Pearce*
   HM…"There once was a farm kid from Kansas"….LeNore Stumpf
   HM…"Sin And Crime"---Laurence Harshbarger

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Prose Contest

   First Place…"Talk In A Quiet Place"---Laurence Harshbarger
   Second Place…"Typecast"---Margaret Bayless Jagger
   Third Place…"The Pie Looks Good"---Barbara Brady*
   HM…"Happy Day, Happy Day"---Barbara Brady*
   HM…"Unafraid"---Barbara Brady*

Story Non-Fiction
   First Place…"Southern-Union"---Dale E. Vaughn*
   Second Place…"Israel Markley, Founder Of A Kansas Town"
      ---Margaret Bayless Jagger
   Third Place…"Beep, Beep, Beep"---Dorothy Masters

   HM…"Collections"---Nancy Kopp
   HM…"Defending Winter’s Image"---Mary Lou Stein (NM)

Feature Article
   First Place…"Is It Too Late?"---Nancy Kopp
   Second Place…"…"Homemade Potato Chip Special"
      ---Margaret Bayless Jagger
   Third Place…"The Trap"---Nancy Kopp
   HM…"Skipping Stones"---Laurence Harshbarger
   HM…"Spring Salad Heyday"---Margaret Bayless Jagger

   First Place…"The Walk For Survival"---Edna Dyck
   Second Place…"The ‘Lone Eagle’s’ Solo Flight"
      ---Margaret Bayless Jagger

   Third Place…"Young Love And Sleepy Lagoon"
       ---Laurence Harshbarger

   HM…"The Promise"---Nancy Kopp
   HM…"Size"---Sam Pierson*
   HM…"There Ought To Be A Law"---Alice Flower

Story For Children
   First Place…"Jump Rope Jamboree"---Margaret Bayless Jagger
   Second Place…"Minnerva And Cleopatra"---Nancy Kopp
   Third Place…"Logan’s Fall Play Day"---Iris Cox-Pearce*
   HM…"Oscar’s Feast"---Nancy Kopp

* = not a District 4 member

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Member News

   Sandra Detrixhe, District 4, Concordia, has written three non-fiction books for Adams Media. The Everything Quilting Book is now in stores. The Everything Sewing Book will be out next spring, and Zen and the Art of Quilting will be out next fall. 11/23/03
   Nancy Julien Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, is a regular contributor to www.writecraftweb.com, a writer's monthly e-zine that features articles on writing, reviews of books about writing, fiction, short stories, and other items of interest to writers. 11/23/03
   LeNore Stumpf, District 4, Axtell, has a new illustrated humor book Life, I Think, Is Like a Watermelon published by Publish America, Frederick, MD. 11/23/03

   Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, had a letter to the editor headed "Difficult Choices," concerning proposed windmill farms in her county, published in the Topeka Capital-Journal on September 24, 2003. 10/01/03
   Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, had an article “Keeping Comforts of Home Means Everything” published in Beyond 50 in The Topeka Capital-Journal on Sunday, July 27, 2003. She also had a letter to the editor “Profound Message” published on Wednesday, June 4.7/29/03
   Nancy Kopp, District 4, Manhattan, has had three items published online recently: "Nora's Journey" at www.writecraftweb.com March 2003; "Am I Too Old to Write?" at www.writecraftweb.com April 2003; and "The Trap" at www.writecraftweb.com May 2003. Two of her essays appeared in Seven Seas Magazine: "In One Corner of My Heart" March 2003, and "Blessings In The Morning" April 2003. Nancy received Honorable Mention in Poetry Contest at www.2theheart.com for "From Early Morn to Dark of Night" in May 2003. 5/22/03
   Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, has an excellent article, "Life goes on in spite of arthritis," published in the Topeka Capital Journal's "Beyond 50" magazine (Sunday, April 27, 2003 issue). Congratulations, Dorothy! 4/28/03
   Dorothy Masters,District 4, Harveyville, has her new book back from the printer. A Day on the Trail, is now available from the author. 4/24/03
LeNore Stumpf
, District 4, Axtell, was recently interviewed by Ron Harbaugh on Channel 13 Topeka about her book, Branded with Love. 2/21/03

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District News

Spring meeting was held Sat., April 12 in Wakefield, where the winners of the Spring Writing Contest were announced, with Read-arounds of the awarded work. 4/13/0

Don Coldsmith, best-selling author of the many books of the Spanish Bit Saga, spoke at the I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall in Harveyville on April 23, 2003. Don is a novelist, columnist and lecturer, a busy, interesting gentleman who belongs to the Western Writers of America. He had a busy medical practice before he retired to write. Don is also a columnist and author of Horsin’ Around, Horsin' Around Again and Still Horsin' Around, his columns published in books. Don's web siteStill Horsin' Around • Interview with Don in ReadWest Online Magazine 4/24/03

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