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Member News:

Dec. News: Grant Williams
Jun. News: Joyce Long1 | Ursula Turner
May News: Grant Williams
Mar. News: Joyce Long | Ursula Turner
Feb. News: Joyce Long | Ursula Turner | Grant Williams

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District #3 of the Kansas Authors Club is having a fund raising The Family Next Door, Vol. 2The Family Next Door, Vol. 1project to help defray the costs of the writers' convention to be held in Coffeyville in October 2011. Members of District #3 and the Nightwriters writing group in Coffeyville have written two collections of short stories. The Family Next Door Vol. 1 includes stories by Ursula Turner, Frankie Roland, Ruth Ames, Margie Marang, Carol Murphy, Louise Click, Mary (Pinkie) Atkinson and Grant Williams. The Family Next Door Vol. 2 includes stories by Grant Williams, Ursula Turner, Ivan Pfalser, Frankie Roland, Clay Bramble, Leslie Hendrix, Nellie Briggans, Lois Vail, Barbara Cooper, Ruth Ames, Joyce Long, Ginger Stuart, Carol Murphy, Mary (Pinky) Atkinson, Margie Marang, Louise Swiger, Cordelia Jones, Elizabeth Webster, Karla Thomsen, Mary Mitchell, Louise Click and Angela Smith Atkinson.
    Both volumes tells stories about famous people of Southeast Kansas. Vol. 1 costs $7.00. Vol. 2 costs $8.00. All proceeds go to District #3 toward convention expenses. Contact any District 3 member about purchasing copies. updated 11/19/2010

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Past 2011 Events:

Our state convention was held in Coffeyville on October 7, 8, & 9, 2011.

Fall District 3 Meeting, September 24:

Our fall meeting was held Saturday, September 24, 2011. Preparations for hosting the annual state convention were an order of business.

Spring District 3 Meeting, April 16:

Our spring meeting was on April 16 at Windsor Place in Coffeyville. The meeting was called to order by Lois Hendrix, president. Twelve members and a guest answered roll call by stating their latest writing adventure.
     Four new members were welcomed: Cordelia Jones of Coffeyville, Ginger Stuart of Coffeyville, Kaia King of Arkansas City, and Thomas Junkin, Jr. of Winfield.
     Joyce Long of Cherryvale was installed as the new secretary.
     Grant Williams of Arkansas City gave the treasurer's report.
     Lois Hendrix and Ursula Turner announced the dates of the Kansas Author's Club Third District state convention to be held in Coffeyville on October 7, 8, and 9, 2011.

District 3, attendees at March meeting, 2011
Photo by Mrs. Williams. Select thumbnail to see the larger version.

District 3 Writing Contest Results:

Poetry Contest—

  • Rhymed Verse —First place: Deborah Sandoval; second place: Grant Williams; third place: Mona Faucet.
  • Free Verse —First place: Mona Faucet; second place: Louise Click; third place: Grant Williams.
  • Limerick —First place: Barbara Cooper; second place: Barbara Cooper.
  • Haiku —First place: Louise Click; second place: Louise Click; third place: Grant Williams
  • Whimsy —First place: Grant Williams; second place: Louise Click; third place; Grant Williams

Prose Contest—

  • Short Story —First place: Ursula Turner; second place: Grant Williams; third place: Ursula Turner.
  • Children's Stories —First place: Louise Click; second place: Grant Williams; third place: Grant Williams.
  • Memoirs —First place: Louise Vail; second place: Ursula Turner; third place: Ursula Turner.
  • Inspirational —First place: Louise Click; second place: Grant Williams; third place: Carol Martin.

Past Night Writers 2011 Events:

Tuesday, December 27, was the last meeting of 2011 for Night Writers of Coffeyville, with six members present.
     Ursula Turner, acting president and hostess in the absence of Lois Vail, asked Kansas trivia questions with the emphasis on geography. She also handed out late Christmas favors.
     Lois Hendrix, district president, read the district treasurer's report.
     With not further business to discuss, members read their assignment which consisted of funny stories, with several based on the fear of snakes.
Members of Night Writers wish everyone a healthy and prosperous as well as a happy New Year.

Tues., July 26, 2011: Ursula Turner as our hostess. There was no assignment. Ursula talked about her recent trip to Germany, and show pictures.

Tues., June 28, 2011: Nellie Briggans as our hostess. Her assignment was to write about "Wars"—anything to do with Memorial Day (originally called "Decoration Day").

Tues., May 24, 2011: Meeting canceled due to stormy weather.
Tues., April 26, 2011: Hostess was Lois Hendrix is hostess. Writing assignment is "Easter memories."
Tues., March 22, 2011: Hostess was Barbara Cooper. Writing assignment is to "Write About Anything."
Held Tuesday, February 22, at Sleep Inn banquet room. with 20 members present. The 2011 Kansas Authors Club convention will be held at the hotel.
     The assignment,"My Many Homes," was read before the meeting commenced.
     Ursula Turner, president, called the business part of the meeting to order. She handed around a newspaper article about Chuck Bowman, keynote speaker at the convention. She then talked about the convention, mentioning that 6 to 8 workshops will be held, but possibly more workshop presenters will be needed. If anyone knows of a person who can speak about any aspect of writing, please let her know.
     Turner also talked about the award presentations at the banquet and discussed ideas for decorating the tables. She asked for volunteers for various jobs.
     Lois Hendrix, district president, said that she and Turner had talked to Dawn at Lannings Restaurant about catering for the banquet. It was voted on and decided that the group wants a sit-down meal rather than a buffet. Hendrix passed a sample menu around.
     Barbara Cooper showed items that have already been collected for the goodie bags.
     The convention is scheduled for Oct. 7 through 9 of 2011. Turner showed everyone the program from the last convention held in Coffeyville in 2005.
     Hendrix read the financial report which had been given to her by district treasurer, Grant Williams
     The next meeting will be held on March 22 at 6 p.m. at Sycamore Landing with Barbara Cooper as hostess. The assignment is to "Write About Anything," keeping it to one page.
Held Tuesday, January 25, at Sycamore Landing. Eleven members attended.
     Ursula Turner, president, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. Turner talked about preparations for the Kansas Authors Club state convention which will be held in Coffeyville on Oct. 7-9, 2011. District 3 is sponsoring it this year. She told the group that she and Louise Click had talked to management of the Sleep Inn where the convention will be held and discussed the cost of the event. Turner also talked about the workshop presenters she has contacted for the convention. She showed the program from the last convention that was held in Coffeyville as well as a program for the banquet.
     A writing contest will be held for the occasion and the winners will be announced after the luncheon on Sunday. In addition she mentioned the volunteers that would be needed to help get ready for the convention and at the convention itself.
     The next meeting will be held at the Liberty Room of the Sleep Inn to give members of the group a chance to have a look at the location of the convention.
     Turner also showed the group a picture that will be on the back of the yearbook and depicts the theme for this year's convention.
     Lois Hendrix, district president, gave the treasurer's report which had been submitted to her by Grant Williams, district treasurer.
     After the conclusion of the business, all read stories about their childhoods, as if they were speaking to their grandchildren
     February's hostess is Joyce Long. The assignment is "My Many Homes."

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 3
for 2010-2011:

Vice President:

Lois Hendrix
Ursula Turner
Joyce Long
Grant Williams

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