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Member News:
Dec. Member News: Grant Williams
Oct. Member News: Ursula Turner
| Grant Williams
Sept. Member News:
Ursula Turner
Aug. Member News:
Leonard Biggs | Ursula Turner | Richard Tanos |
| Grant Williams
Jul. Member News:
Richard Tanos
Apr. Member News: Ursula Turner
Mar. Member News: Leonard Biggs
| Dr. George Hill | Ivan Pfalser
Grant Williams
. Member News: Frankie Roland | Richard Tanos
     | Ursula Turner | Grant Williams
Jan. Member News:
Ursula Turner

Past Meetings:

holly artNight Writers held a non-working, fun holiday party
at the home of Rik Tanos, president of Night Writers, on December 16, 2008. Bad weather limited attendance. 12/31/2008
Night Writers: Nov. 25, 2008
Night Writers of Coffeyville met Nov. 25, 2008, with 16 members and two visitors attending.
   The assignment, given by hostess Frankie Roland, of drawing a floor plan of the earliest living room you can remember and telling a story about it, was well received and just about everyone participated with a variety of stories.
Night Writers: Oct. 28, 2008
Night Writers met Oct. 28
at Sycamore Landing in Coffeyville. The assignment, given by hostess Margie Marang, was to wear a hat and write a story about it. Members complied and a variety of hats made an appearance, as can be seen on the picture.
District 3 Night Writers wear hats to October meeting
Night Writers: Sept. 23, 2008
Night Writers of District 3 met Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 6 p.m. at Sycamore Landing in Coffeyville. Hostess was Barbara Cooper. Her assignment was to write about an unusual incident in your life.

KAC District 3 meeting, Sept. 13, 2008

   On Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008, 19 members of Third District of the Kansas Authors Club met at Sirloin Stockade in Coffeyville.
   Ursula Turner, president, called the meeting to order and had members do roll call by giving their name and stating what they were working on or are planning to write.
   Frankie Roland reported on prose entries for the state competition, mentioning that the number of entries had declined and wanted to know how we could improve participation.
   Grant Williams reported on the state board meeting in Wichita, which had also been attended by Turner and Roland.
   It was mentioned that the KAC state convention will be held Oct. 3 through 5 in Dodge City. Williams, Roland, Turner and Rik Tanos plan to attend.
   Contest categories for D3’s spring meeting will be prose: short story, memoir, inspiration and children’s story, all with a 2000 word limit. Poetry: free verse, rhymed verse and whimsy, 40-line limit, and Haiku. Anyone can enter. Prose contest manager will be Ursula Turner. Poetry manager will be Lois Hendrix.
   An election was held. Officers for 2009 will be: Ursula Turner, president; Ruth Ames, vice president; Barbara Cooper, secretary; and Grant Williams, treasurer.
   Ivan Pfalser, historian and member of KAC, gave the program. He talked about the Civil War as it pertained to Kansas and explained “Bleeding Kansas” and “Freedom Frontier.”
   A silent auction was held right before lunch, after which the meeting adjourned. 9/23/2008

   Ursula and Grant attended the state board meeting. Ursula reported on the state board meeting. She mentioned that it is important that all changes in address or other pertinent information be reported so changes can be made in the year book.
   The next KAC convention will be held in Dodge City.
   Christy Breault has asked for monetary help for the youth contest Grant made the motion that we contribute $l00.00. The motion carried.
   The district fall meeting will be held September l3th at the Sirloin Stockade.
   Elaine Wiley, from the Coffeyville library was the guest speaker. She gave a very informative program on how to do research
   Grant suggested that we write and sell a new book to be used as a fund raiser, theme to be determined. Everyone agreed.
   A Nominating Committee consisting of Ruth Ames, Margie Marang and Barbara Cooper was appointed.
   Ursula asked for volunteers to distribute rules for the youth contest. Ruth Ames took some for Edna schools, Ivan Pfalser for Caney schools, Lois Hendrix will leave some at the Cherryvale schools and Ursula will take some to the Coffeyville school board.
   The group broke for lunch at noon.
   After Lunch some of the winning entries were read and the meeting adjourned. 4/17/2008

Night Writers: Jul. 22, 2008
Night Writers of D3 met Tuesday, July 22 at 6 p.m. at Sycamore Landing with 21 attending. Margie Marang was hostess. Her writing assignment consisted of pictures she handed out with instructions to write a story, poem or headline about them. 7/23/2008

KAC District 3 meeting, April 12, 2008

   Twelve members of Third District Kansas Authors Club attended the spring meeting held at the Sirloin Stockade in Coffeyville. Socializing started at 9 a.m. At 9:30 a.m. President Ursula Turner called the meeting to order.
   Grant Williams, treasurer gave the treasurer’s report.
   Louise Swiger, secretary read the minutes of the fall meeting.
   Pinky Atkinson gave the report on the Prose entries in the District 3 Literary Contest and announced Prose winners:

Children's stories:
First place, Ursula Turner, "A Christmas Diary"
Second place, Frankie Roland, "How can I Help?"
Third place, Mike Smith, "Sparrow"
First place, Frankie Roland, "The Black Stetson Hat"
Second place, Ursula Turner, "Odd Person Out"
Third place, Grant Williams, "Winter Memories"
First place, Frankie Roland, "I have to Tell the Story"
Second place, Ursula Turner, "My Mother was My Hero"
Third place, Grant Williams, "Inspiration by Example"
First Honorable Mention, Louise Click, "Noah’s Country"
Short Story:
First place, Ursula Turner, "False Alarm"
Second place, Grant Williams, "Love from Strange Places"
Third place, Ursula Turner, "Neighbors"
Louise Swiger gave the report on poetry entries: and announced the Poetry winners:
Rhyming Verse:
First place, Louise Click, "New Life of Praise"
Second place, Grant Williams, "My November Place"
Third place, Grant Williams, "The Morning Light"
Honorable mention, Barbara Cooper, "I Knew that I Wasn’t all There"
Non-Rhyming Verse:
First place, Deborah Sandoval, "Childhood Friends"
Second place, Grant Williams, "Who Will Lead?"
Third place, Grant Williams, "The Same God"
Honorable Mention, Grant Williams, "Education"
First place, Louise Click, "Last Rays Streak the Sky"
Second place, Grant Williams, "Protecting the Nest"
Third place, Louise Click, "Gnarled Twisted, Old Tree"


Night Writers: Jan. 22, 2008
    Night Writers of District 3 met Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 6 p.m. at Sycamore Landing in Coffeyville with 19 members and two guests attending.
    Rik Tanos talked about his book which he wrote for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Coffeyville Inter-State Fair and Rodeo which will take place in August 2008. (The 99th event had to be canceled due to the flood waters that covered that area of Coffeyville.) The title of his book is: The Best Ever! He has sent galleys to several area politicians as well as former U.S. Senator Robert Dole for endorsements.
   Ursula Turner’s latest book, Sirens, is halfway published. It will be presented in both soft and hard cover. The soft cover version came out Wednesday, Jan. 23. The hard cover is expected to be finished on Friday, Jan. 25. The book tells the story of Turner’s childhood in war-torn Germany (World War II) and also covers some of her post-war childhood.
   Tanos, Turner and Frankie Roland will be attending one of the centennial events of the Arkansas City Library on Thursday, Jan. 31. They will help celebrate by having a book signing. Grant Williams, a Night Writer member who lives in Arkansas City, will also be participating.

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 3
for 2007-2008:

Vice President:

Ursula Turner
Ruth Ames
Louise Swiger
Grant Williams

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