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Member News:

October Member News: Frankie Roland 1 and 2
    Ursula Turner 1 and 2 Grant Williams
September Member News: Rik TanosUrsula Turner
    Grant Williams
April Member News: Frankie Roland Ursula Turner
March Member News: Frankie Roland Ursula Turner
    Grant Williams
February Member News: Frankie RolandUrsula Turner
Member News:
Ursula Turner

Meeting Review, November 28, 2006:

Sixteen people gathered on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at Sycamore Landing, Coffeyville. Frankie Roland was the hostess and, instead of giving an assignment as we generally do, she had a working meeting where attendees wrote dialog and practiced avoiding use of cliches. As always, everybody brought a snack and we visited after the meeting over refreshments.
report by Ursula Turner

Minutes, September 30 Meeting

    The Third District of the Kansas Authors Club met at 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006, at Kings Coffee Company in Dearing, with 12 members and two guests attending.
    Ursula Turner, co-president, opened the meeting by having members give their name, where they live, and what inspired them to write.
    Louise Swiger, secretary, was unable to attend due to injuries she sustained in a car accident.
    The group was reminded that yearbook submissions are due by Sept. 30 and guidelines can be found on page 88 of the Yearbook. There was also a reminder about the state convention.
    The Third District Spring Meeting will be held April 14, 2007, with the location yet to be determined.
    The spring writing contest will have four categories for prose: inspiration, memoirs, story for children (ages 2-16) and short story, all with a 2000 word limit. For simplicity, there will be only three categories for poetry: rhyming and none-rhyming with a 40-line limit, and Haiku. Rik Tanos will be prose contest manager and Margie Marang will be poetry contest manger. There is a $1 entry fee. You do not have to Waneta Davis, English instructor, Coffeyville Community College, spoke about technical writingbe a member of Third District to participate.
    The nominating committee reported that the same slate of officers will continue in the coming year: Ursula Turner and Lois Hendrix, co-presidents; Louise Swiger, secretary; and Grant Williams, treasurer.
    After a short break, Turner introduced Waneta Davis (left), English instructor at Coffeyville Community College who gave a program on technical writing. See also group photo, Fall 2006 (below).

Kansas Authors Club, District 3 members, Fall 2006 meeting

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