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Frankie Roland accepts check from Janie DeFore GillisKansas Authors Club receives grant from CACF
   The 3rd District of the Kansas Authors Club has received a $500 grant from the Coffeyville Area Community Foundation to help sponsor the youth portion of the Kansas Authors Club’s statewide annual conference that was held in Coffeyville, October 7–9, 2005.
   Lois Hendrix, new member and co- president for District 3 in 2006 wrote the grant.
   In photo, left, Frankie Roland, District 3 , Coffeyville, accepts the check from Janie DeVore Gillis, executive director of the Coffeyville Area Community Foundation.


Ursula Turner, District 3, Coffeyville, is new district co-president. At left Ursula stands with KAC convention keynote speaker, Bill Kurtis. Mr. Kurtis was honored at the Coffeyville convention with the William Allen White Award and honorary one year membership in Kansas Authors Club, making him a member of District 3, Sedan.

Meeting: Sat., November 12, 2005
Tom Mach, District 2 , Lawrence. Tom's book, Sissy!, won the J. Donald Coffin Memorial Award in 2003.

Meeting: Sat., April 16, 2005
cover: Legend of the AneekaTrinity United Methodist Church,
1001 W. 8th, Coffeyville

Phyllis Lewis, District 3, Yates Center, was our special speaker. She talked about the writing of her book, The Legend of the Aneeka, a juvenile fantasy about an ancient Indian tribe in which two thirteen-year-old girls become guardians of a secret treasure of gold.

Photos from District 3 April Meeting:

April 2005 Distirct 3 meeting attendees Richard Paul Tanos, recently moved to Kansas from Florida

April 2005 Meeting Attendees and soon-to-be-hosts of KAC 2005 Convention in Coffeyville

Richard Paul Tanos, newest member of Night Writers
Ruth Townsend, long time member of Independence-based writers' group
Cheryl Carvajal organized the Independence-based writers' group
Ruth Townsend, long-time
Independence group member
Cheryl Carvajal organized
our Independence group

D3 Members in:
Aug Member News
Frankie Roland
Mar Member NewsFrankie RolandUrsula Turner
         — Grant Williams

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District 3 Book:
Book cover, Southeast Kansas: Who Walked These Trails?     KAC District 3 has published a book called Southeast Kansas: Who Walked These Trails? Sales have been good, with two reprintings. The book is $6.00 plus $1.42 postage. Contact Frankie Roland to order your copy: write 207 El Paso St, Coffeyville, KS 67337 or e-mail Frankie.
   Sales served as a fund raiser as District 3 hosted the 2005 State Convention. Read about this book at the NightWriters web site.

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