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June Member News Frankie Roland
Member News —
Frankie Roland

In Memoriam, April 2004 Member News: Ossie Tranbarger

  Frankie Roland and Ursula Turner have contacted area businesses and they have contributed $125.00 toward the KAC Centennial Book. These businesses will receive a copy of the book upon publication. The book will be given out at the October 22-24 Convention in Topeka.

Spring Meeting 2004: April 10
   Spring Meeting was held April 10th at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1001 W. 8th, Coffeyville.
    After lunch winners of the Spring Contest were announced and planning for the State Convention 2005 was begun.
    Frankie lead a Drama Workshop, "All In The Hat."

District 3 Spring 2004 Contest Winners

Prominent People of Southeast Kansas
1 — Ursula Turner for “Eva Jessye”
2 — Ivan Pfalser for “Southeast Kansas Exodusters”
3 — Grant Williams for “Darren Daulton”
1st Honorable Mention — Frankie Roland for “Prudence Crandall”

Children's Stories
1 — Cheryl Carvajal (nonmember) for “Two Rings...then Dead”
2 — GeAnn Powers (nonmember) for “Lucy and Harpo”
3 — Margie Marang for “Fluffy and Dash”
1st Honorable Mention — Phyllis Lewis for “Sydney's Rainbow”
2nd Honorable Mention — Margie Marang for “The Kittens”

1 — George Weiser (nonmember) for “The Village of Hai-Ri”
2 — Frankie Roland for “The Mystery in Room Five”

1 — Ursula Turner for “Seeing Things Through Different Eyes”
2 — Frankie Roland for “Letting Go”

1 — Zenith Lindamood
2 — Ruth Ames
3 — Frankie Roland

1— Frankie Roland
2 & 3 — Grant Williams

Children's Poetry
1, 2 & 3 — Grant Williams

Member News, Winter 2004:
    Two new faces at our Fall meeting were Ruth Ames, Valeda, and Cheryl Carvajal, Independence. —We hope they become members.
    We have happy to have three new members:

  • Robert DeMott, Coffeyville
  • Louise Swiger, Coffeyville
  • Grant Williams, Arkansas City 

    No direct word from Anita Heistand, but she always has something in print.  
   Zenith Lindamood has had a remarkable recovery from her stroke.
   Ivan Pfalser in Good News (weekly) and different antique magazines.
   Frankie Roland placed at State Convention and was published in
American Profile, Cappers and Primary Treasure (children's church take home paper).
   There is no news of Ossie Trambarger. Perhaps she's in Arkansas with her son.
   Ursula Turner placed at State Convention and was published in Happiness Magazine, Cappers and Coffeyville Journal (weekly).   
   Grant Williams has published two books, "A Little Piece Of My Mind," and "Another Little Piece Of My Mind." They are good reading.

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President's Message:  
   At our Spring 2004 meeting Pinky Atkinson showed us the brochure cover she has designed for our 2005 convention. We discussed workshop presenters, keynote speaker, ideas for Sunday, etc. We have settled on a theme, and we think, a location. We need YOUR input.       
    Looking forward to seeing you at our next District 3 meeting. Write On   —Frankie Roland

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