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November 2009 Book Sale:
Holliday Bazaar, Lawrence, KS
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Member News:

Nov. News: Elizabeth Black | Carolyn Hall | Sally Jadlow | Vicki Julian |      Norm Ledgin | Tom Mach | Peg Nichols 1 & 2 | Lora Reiter | Mark Scheel
     | Pat Walkenhorst1 & 2 | Cliff Wright
Oct. News: Tom Mach
Sept. News: Tom Mach
Aug. News: Norm Ledgin
Jul. News: Sam Pierson
Jun. News: Carolyn Hall
May News: Greg German | Vicki Julian | Tom Mach 1&2 | Sam Pierson |       Joann Williams
Apr. News: Tom Mach
Jan. News: Kevin Gray | Vicki L. Julian

2009 District 2 Writing Contest
Words Matter

Short story
First: Marsha Lytle
Second: Steve Whisnant
Third: Rich Minder
HM: Tom Mach

Inspirational prose
First: Maril Crabtree
Second: Tom Morrisey
Third: Sally Jadlow
No honorable mentions.

First: Margaret Kramar
Second: Becky Bridson
Third: Maril Crabtree
HM: Marie Marshall

Children's story

First: Elizabeth Black
Second: Ruth Bahr
Third: Nancy Shelton
HM: Ruth Bahr and
      Steve Whisnant


Classic forms
First: Lee Ann Russell
Second: Susan Peters
Third: Susan Peters
HM: Chantel Guidry and
       Susan Peters

Free verse
First: Jean Jackson
Second: Susan Peters
Third: Jean Jackson
HM: James L. Fox

Rhymed verse
No first, second, or third
HM: Diane Palka and
      Marie Marshall

First: Jean Jackson
Second: Jean Jackson
HM: Diane Palka and
      Marie Marshall

2009 District 2 KAC writing contest winners
Writing contest winners present at the May 2009 District 2 meeting included Diane Palka, Jim Fox, Elizabeth Black, Tom Mach, Jean Jackson, Tom Morrisey, and Rich Minder.

Past 2009 Meetings:

The November 14, 2009, meeting was in Overland Park at the Blue Valley Library, 9000 W. 151st St. It featured a roundtable discussion on the importance of creating a workable writing space—a problem for many writers. We will share ideas and tips for creating an environment conducive to the creative process. (Note, it was a very lively and useful session!)
On August 8, 2009, our meeting was back at Delaware Street Commons in Lawrence—a Read-Around. Members brought a portion of writing not over 5 minutes to read, with copies. Feedback was beneficial.
On July 11, 2009, our meeting was in Overland Park at the Blue Valley Library, 9000 W. 151st St., 9:30 a.m. Another of our own, Mary-Lane Kamberg shared tips on narrative form in her presentation: “A Good Way To Tell a Story.”
On June 13, 2009. we met in the Community House at Delaware
Street Commons
, 1222 Delaware St., Lawrence. Our speaker was KAC member and poet Chantel Guidry, who is active in promoting poetry in the community. She is sometimes the Poet-in-the-Box, churning out poems at community events around town. She also teaches writing classes at the Lawrence Arts Center. She shared with us the many projects she’s involved in and had us try her favorite exercise from her “Word Play!” class.
On May 9, 2009, we were back at Delaware Street Commons for our annual Writing Contest meeting, which is always a festive occasion. Winners of the D2 Writing Contest were announced and winning entries read.
Our April 11 meeting was held in Overland Park at the Blue Valley Library at 9000 W. 151st St. Our very own Susie Nightingale led us in a “Pair and Share” session in which we had a chance to seek advice anonymously on the problems we face as writers, and members of the group shared their “secrets” to surviving and thriving as writers.
Our March 14 meeting was held in Community House at Delaware Street Commons, 1222 Delaware St. in Lawrence.
    Our speaker was Michelle Black, one of our newest members. Her novels are set in the Victorian West. She’s best known for her trilogy: An Uncommon Enemy, Solomon Springs and The Second Glass of Absinthe. She’s also been deeply involved in publishing in the Cherokee language as well as bookselling. See more about Michelle at her web site.
Our February meeting was held Saturday, February 14, 9:30 a.m., at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street, Lawrence, at 9:30 a.m. The meeting featured a “poetry workshop” with KU creative writing professor Brian Daldorph who edits the literary magazine, Coal City Review. We had a wonderful time writing sonnets with Brian Daldorp. Who knew what talent sat around that table? Finished sonnets from the exercise will be sent around for District 2 members to see.
The January 10, 2009, meeting was held in the Community House at Delaware Street Commons, 1222 Delaware St. , Lawrence, 9:30 a.m. In a “Share Your Words” session attendees brought a 5-minutes portion of something they wrote to share with the group. Any style of writing—fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry—was welcomed. The primary purpose was to entertain and inspire, but time left at the end of the session was used for feedback.

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 2
for 2008-2009:


Elizabeth Black
   2120 Terrace Rd.
   Lawrence, KS 66049

Susie Nightingale
Diane Palka

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