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District #2

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District #2
2008 Writing Contest

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District #2


2008 Newsletters:
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May 9, PDF
Apr. 12
Mar. 8
Feb. 9,

Member News:
May Member News: Tom Mach
Apr. Member News: Tom MachPeg Nichols
Mar. Member News:
Peg Nichols
Feb. Member News: Sally JadlowPeg NicholsLora K. Reiter

2008 District 2 Writing Contest
2008 District 2 writing contest winners:

Short Story
1– Joann Williams, Hey, Dawg!
2– Fred D. Farris, Voodoo Bayou
3– Maryann Barry, Pauline’s Cat
1– Deborah Shouse, Finding the Way Home
2– Tracy Million Simmons, My Trees
3– Sally Jadlow, Leota Love
HM– Elaine Zlotky, Happiness Is a Butterfly
HM– Jan Clark-Pinsince, The Story of Sand
HM– Polly Swafford, Under the Clock
1– Marie Marshall, My Happiest Christmas
2– Sally Jadlow, God’s Provision
3– Joann Williams, Never Again
Children’s Story
1– Tom Mach, Priscilla’s New Word

Classic Forms
1– Chantel C. Guidry, Notes to Self and Other Aspiring Poets
2– Sally Jadlow, Sestina
3– Tom Mach, The Power of Words
Rhymed Verse
1– Diane Palka, Desire’s Thistle
2– Marie Marshall, One Summer
3– Susan Peters, Marking the Unknown
HM – Marie Marshall, The Refrigerator
Free Verse
1– Susan Peters, Morning Service
2– Chantel C. Guidry, BakerMan
3– Anne Haehl, Misty Cat
HM– Sally Jadlow, Ice Storm
HM– Maril Crabtree, Deliverance
HM– Chantel C. Guidry, Never Satisfied
1– Jean Jackson, gusty winds
2– Jean Jackson, raucous crows
3– Marie Marshall, gulls spiral upward
HM– Diane Palka, startled hawk
HM– Jean Jackson, sunrise
HM– Jean Jackson, autumn sunset

Previous 2008 Meetings:

Book covers, Andrea WarrenSaturday, December 13
Our speaker was Andrea Warren, the award-winning author of a number of nonfiction books about history for young readers. Her books include Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story; Pioneer Girl: Growing Up on the Plains; Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps. She has won many awards including the prestigious Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Orphan Train Rider. Andrea discussed her journey as a writer and shared insights into writing non-fiction for young readers. Andrea's web site is www.andreawarren.com.

Saturday, November 8
We met at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street, Lawrence, 9:30 a.m.
Our speaker was author K. C. Compton, editor in chief for the Home, Health & Traditions division of Ogden Publications, which includes The Herb Companion, Grit (rural lifestyles magazine), Capper’s and Good Things to Eat. She came to Ogden in 2001 as managing editor for Mother Earth News magazine after a 20-year career in the Rocky Mountains as a newspaper reporter, editor and columnist. She has written freelance articles for magazines throughout her career—and in her spare time, she’s a talented singer and songwriter. (Her band, “Checkered Past” will have just returned from performing in Italy at the Slow Foods Festival.)
     Having spent time on both sides of the fence, K.C. shared insights concerning “What writers don’t understand about editors” and shared practical advice about working with editors. K.C. was both witty and wise.

Saturday, September 13
We met at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street, Lawrence, 9:30 a.m.
Our speaker was author Karen Stolz. She devoted her time to aquestions from attendees—such as how to write successful short stories and novels, how she got started, how to get an agent, etc. Karen received her MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1982. Her latest novel, Fanny and Sue, was published by Hyperion in March 2003. It was the 2003 required summer reading pick for Ursuline Academy in St. Louis. Karen’s first novel, World of Pies (Hyperion 2000) was a Literary Guild and Doubleday Book selection and has been published in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Australia and Holland. It was a June 2000 BookSense pick and was listed by the School Library Journal as one of the Best Adult Books for Young Adults, in 2000. Karen has also had short stories published in Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan. She was awarded a 1999 Fiction Fellowship from the Austin Writers’ League/Texas Commission on the Arts, and was the featured author at NovelKansas in Salina, Kansas in April 2004. She is an assistant professor of creative writing and literature at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. Currently, Karen is completing a revision of a novel, called Arvetta, she is co-writing with Herman Wright. In addition to our speaker, we also voted in a new district president for our club, Elizabeth Black.

Saturday, August 9
We met at Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street, Lawrence, 9:30 a.m.
Tom Mach presented a portion of his popular writing workshop, "Writing A More Successful Novel," which he had presented at the East of Eden Conference a couple of years ago. Tom has sold out all printings of both of his novels, Sissy! and All Parts Together, and his third novel, Angels at Sunset, is in the hands of an agent. Tom shared secrets in creating a novel people will love at this hands-on workshop.

Buffalo Spirits, by Elizabeth BlackSaturday, June 14
District 2 met at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont Street, Lawrence, 9:30 a.m. Elizabeth Black, author of the novel Buffalo Spirits, was guest speaker. Her novel is based on her experiences growing up in western Kansas. She discussed "Yielding to the Spirits" -- the "novel" approach she used in finding a publisher, her joys and frustrations of writing her regular column for the Lawrence Journal World, and excerpts from her book.

Saturday, April 12
Lora Reiter, District 2, Ottawa, was our guest speaker on Saturday, April 12 at Santa Fe Trail Junior High School, 1100 N Ridgeview Rd in Olathe, KS. In speaking of "The Wonderful World of the Essasy" Lora delivered a "short, non-academic, non-historical consideration of the personal essay, which she calls the most inviting and least intimidating genre."

Saturday, March 8
Norm Ledgin was our speaker for the District 2 meeting on Saturday, March 8 at the Lawrence Library at 9:30 a.m. He spoke of "Immortal Voices," describing how he creates characters that readers of fiction will remember, most of it through dialogue. Norm launched a new career in his 70s with commercial publication of Diagnosing Jefferson, for two years a top-selling Jefferson biography. Another psychohistory work, Asperger's and Self-Esteem, is now in paperback. Last year he turned to historical fiction, self-publishing  The Jayhawker. He is currently co-authoring a mystery, Sour Notes, and hopes to find an agent this summer.  He has two degrees from Rutgers, a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in political science.

Saturday, February 9 at 9:30 am
Gordon Kessler, Co-President, D2Held
at Sante Fe Trail JHS, Library Media Center, in Olathe.
Gordon Kessler
hosted a mini writing workshop, "Writing with Suspense and Dramatic Question for any Genre." Genres include romance, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and westerns; even historical stories need suspense and dramatic question to keep your readers reading, wanting more, turning those pages into the wee hours of the night. In this workshop, attendees learned how to enhance and strengthen narrative. Participants did exercises and readings, leaving the meeting better writers of prose fiction.

Saturday, January 12 at 9:30 am
Held at the Lawrence Public Library, our speaker was Mary-Lane Kamberg, who shared with us her insight into co-authoring. The topic of her talk was “Sharing the Byline, Work -- and Money!”.
    We voted on a theme for the 2010 KAC Convention in Lawrence and will need volunteers for the 2010 Convention Committee.
   We are also looking for a replacement for Judy Brewster, who has resigned as newsletter editor. Any volunteers? 

President for 2007-2008, Kansas Authors Club, District 2 : Tom Mach

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