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District #2

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District #2



December 9, Lawrence Public Library, 9:30 a.m.
Lora Reiter, District 2, Ottawa, presented a poetry discussion entitled “Looking For Toads—Take II.” This poetry writing session suggested scrupulous examination of the immediate as grounds for launching the imaginary: imaginary gardens have real toads in them.

Remember, our Kansas Authors Club District 2 monthly meetings are usually on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Lawrence Public Library, from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon. —Differences in this schedule will be posted at this site.

ALL those interested in writing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Beverly LyonsBeverly Ann Lyons, District 2, Fulton, died on December 15, 2007. Following cremation, services will be held at the Lyons Farm in Fulton on May 6, 2007 because, as was stated in her obituary, that is when "prairie meadow starts turning green and the prairie flowers begin to blossom." Memorial contributions in Beverly's name may be made to the American Cancer Society or to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and sent to the Konantz-Cheney Funeral Home, 15 West Wall Street, PO Box 309, Fort Scott, Kansas  66701. Online expressions of sympathy may be emailed to expressions@konantz-cheney.com

Member News:

Dec. Member News: Amy Green Tom Mach 1 & 2
      — Rebecca Pinker
Member News: Larry Rochelle
Member News: Tom MachLora K. Reiter
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Member News: Tom Mach Peg NicholsSam Pierson
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Member News: Lora K. ReiterLarry Rochelle
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Jun. Member News: Don Coldsmith Buster Jenkins
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May Member News: Tom MachLarry Rochelle
Apr. Member News: Greg GermanMary-Lane Kamberg
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Mar. Member News: Larry Rochelle
Feb. Member News: Mark BoutonTom Mach
Jan. Member News: Larry Rochelle


Winners of our 2006 D2 Prose & Poetry Contest winners were announced at the regular meeting on April 8th. Ruth Bahr and Marie Marshall, both of Fort Scott, made the presentations. Winners were as follows:

2006 District 2 Poetry Contest

Place Winner Title
Classic Forms
1st Marie Marshall Winter Snowflakes
2nd Beverly Lyons Midlife Crisis
Free Verse
1st Beverly Lyons Winter Sun
2nd Anne Haehl Faith
3rd Marie Marshall Keepsake
1st HM Diane Palka Rain Dancers
2nd HM Marie Marshall Abandoned Bunkhouse
Rhymed Verse
1st Marie Marshall Springtime in Kansas
2nd Marie Marshall The Closet
3d Marie Marshall To Describe Humankind
Narrative Verse
1st Beverly Lyons Memories
2nd Marie Marshall Love Story
3rd Marie Marshall Cattle Call
1st HM Barbara Curry Adventure Far From Home
2nd HM Marie Marshall Hoover's Gap, 1829-1830
1st Beverly Lyons City Dump on Wheels
2nd Marie Marshall Writer's Block
3rd Beverly Lyons Persimmon Pickin' Time
1st HM Margaret Fisher Granny's Homespun Philosophy
2nd HM Margaret Fisher Clutter Coping
1st Marie Marshall After the Snowfall
2nd Carol Anderson Hawk glides
3rd Beverly Lyons Moisure drips from trees
1st HM Diane Palka Swaying
2nd HM Jean Jackson Cold gray morning

2006 District 2 Prose Contest

Place Winner Title
Short Story
1st Joann Williams Fallujah Fable
2nd Joann Williams True Equality
Feature Story
1st Joann Williams Tilted Scales of Justice
2nd Joann Williams Physician, Heal Thyself
3d Beverly Lyons Conversation, What Does It Mean?
1st HM Joann Williams Mozart
1st Joann Williams The Day Segregation Died
2nd Beverly Lyons Mom's Piano
3rd Joann Williams The Pampered Bride
1st HM Beverly Lyons Thanksgiving Past
2nd HM Beverly Lyons Growing Up With Cats
1st Beverly Lyons Live Every Moment
2nd Ruth Bahr Follow Your Heart
1st HM Joann Williams The Great Communicator
2nd HM Joann Williams Never Again
Story for Children:
1st Beverly Lyons Tillie Turkey's Thanksgiving
2nd Beverly Lyons Here Comes Peter Conttontail
3rd Ruth Bahr Grandpappy's Kids Store
First Five Pages of a Book:
1st Joann Williams Unencumbered Ethics
2nd Joann Williams The Unknown Outlaw

—Congratulations to all winners!

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