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Minutes of the Meeting of December 18, 2004
The Kansas Authors Club District 1 met at noon on December 18, 2004, for a festive Christmas buffet at McFarland’s Restaurant.
The Program: Literary readings were presented by The Write Stuff writing group. Evie Green is the group's leader. The Write Stuff began when some of the members participated in Bob Carey’s writing class at the Senior Life Center of the Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church; when the class was over, they decided to continue meeting to share their writing with one another. Most of the readings were from their new Christmas book, A Write Stuff Christmas: Poems, Stories, Recipes. Anne McCourtie did the layout, Barbara Waterman-Peters illustrated the cover, and Judi Miller, Sam Pierson, and Barbara Waterman-Peters drew the illustrations throughout the book. The readers were Trudy McFarland, who read “A Mixed Bag of Lore,” in a delightful Scots accent; Sam Pierson, “Dear Santa”; Edna Ferguson, “My Country Christmas”; Judi Miller, “The Grace of Christmas”; Karen Sells Brown, “Carrying the Candle Home”; Anne McCourtie, “Angel Hair”; Dale Vaughn, who read Marshall Clark's “The Christmas Hero”; and Agnes Kazminsky, “The Telephone Call to Heaven.”
Business: Karen Brown called the meeting to order. The minutes of November 20, 2004, were approved as published. The treasurer’s report, which included the balances in the District 1 bank account and the Topeka Community Foundation, was presented by Bob Carey. [Balances reported did not include some expenditures for the convention.] During the discussion, Carol Yoho made a motion, seconded by Naomi Patterson, to approve the report, with an addendum to maintain a balance in the TCF account; the motion carried. District 3 is hosting the annual convention in October 7-9, 2005, and because they have a small membership a motion was made and carried to donate $1000 to District 3 to support the 2005 Kansas Authors Club Youth Contest and a workshop speaker. Their president, Frankie Roland, wrote to Karen and District 1 that any donated money would be used to conduct a youth writing contest with awards, including a book for the youth and a workshop led by a children’s book illustrator. The meeting was adjourned with best wishes for happy holidays.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Lerma, Interim Secretary

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Minutes of the Meeting of November 20, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   Kansas Authors Club District 1 met on November 20, 2004, for the first meeting following the Centennial Convention of the Kansas Authors Club. The luncheon meeting began at noon at McFarland's Restaurant.
   President Karen Brown called the meeting to order. Announcements were made. Donna Rankin left copies of the Kansas National Education Association (KNEA) Reading Circle booklets, which may be helpful for anyone involved in encouraging young readers and writers.
   Tracy Simmons brought the photographs taken during the convention; these will be posted online with provisions to order copies.
   Today's guest speaker, Naomi Patterson, was introduced by Evie Green. Naomi read some poems from her new book For Crying Out Loud. The new book, her third, includes poems and illustrations.
Business: Carol Yoho moved the October minutes be approved as published, seconded by Bob Carey, and approved.
   The treasurer's report was read by Bob Carey, outgoing treasurer: 175 people were registered for the convention, yielding $10,435 in fees; current balances with some convention bills remaining to be paid, in District 1 bank account $3,319.95 and in Topeka Community Foundation, $5,165.00.
Judie Miller reported earnings from the silent auction were $476.10. Thanks to Myron Dunavan, Trudy McFarland, and many others who solicited and donated items, and to those who bought them.
   Karen thanked the members for all the hard work in making the convention a success. She reported that our finances are debt-free because the state KAC voted to contribute an extra $1000 to District 1 to help defray the costs of the Centennial Anniversary. Two workshop leaders did not attend the workshops scheduled for them, and Karen heartily thanked Agnes Kazminsky and Duane Hermann for pitching in to lead the Memoir Writing workshop and Debra Stufflebean, who led the Research for Fiction workshop. The Bookroom's sales were at a record high, and the Silent Auction yielded $476.10; Agnes Kazminsky and Judie Miller were in charge of these projects and our hats are off to them.
   Judie Miller read a post-convention poem, "Hats off to District One," which was enthusiastically applauded.
   New officers were elected in October as follows:
         Karen Brown, president
         Evie Green, first vice president
         Bob Carey, second vice president
         Anne McCourtie, treasurer
         Barbara Lerma, secretary
Resignation: An addendum to the October minutes stated that Evie had submitted her resignation as first vice-president.
Writers in the Schools: Naomi Patterson resigned as District 1 Chairperson of Writers in the Schools, though she will continue to work with the Lutheran School and help with judging writing contests. The chairperson is an appointed position; to nominate someone, please notify Karen. A number of members raised their hands as being willing to work on the Writers in the Schools projects. Evie Green and Donna Rankin plan to work with Topeka School District 501.
Nominations: Nominating Chairperson Mark Bouton will be asked to recruit a new vice-president and a Writers in the Schools chairperson. Contact Mark or Karen if you are interested in one of these opportunities to serve.
   The holiday meeting will be December 18: Members voted to have a buffet dinner. Trudy McFarland agreed to make arrangements. [See meeting announcement.] Carol Yoho volunteered to decorate the tables.
   The meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Barbara Lerma, Secretary

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Minutes of the Meeting of October 16, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   President Karen Brown called the meeting to order. Twenty-two faithful and hard-working members helped to complete preparations for the Kansas Authors Club Centennial Convention to be held the following weekend.
Business Meeting:
Treasurer’s report: We have almost met our fundraising goal for the convention. A full account of convention income and expenses is not available at this time but will be by the next meeting.
Minutes of the September meeting were published on our web page. They were accepted as written.
Election of officers for the year 2005:
Agnes Kazminski resigned as Secretary. The resignation was accepted by the president with her thanks for the work Agnes had done through the last three years. Also Bob Carey, Treasurer, asked for his replacement. Bob did a tremendous job, especially through the year leading up to the Convention. District 1 is very grateful to Agnes and to Bob for all their good and dedicated work.
   Karen Brown presented the report of the Nomination Committee in the absence of Mark Bouton, Chair, who was speaking at the Fiction Writers meeting.
   Karen Brown, President, and Evie Green 1st Vice-President, have agreed to stay on for another term. George Paris was nominated 2nd Vice-President.
   From the floor were the following nominations: Barbara Lerma, Secretary, and Anne McCourtie, Treasurer
All candidates were elected unanimously.
The elected officers for the year 2005:

  • Karen Brown, President
  • Evie Green, 1st Vice-President
  • George Paris, 2nd Vice-President
  • Barbara Lerma, Secretary
  • Anne McCourtie, Treasurer

Preparations for the Convention:

Still several questions had to be discussed and answered about the Convention, making sure all was in place and all who helped with the organization would know what needed to be done. Job assignments and shifts were discussed. Generally there was a feeling we are well prepared and all would go well. Many of those attending the meeting stayed to stuff goody bags for the convention.

Next meeting will be on November 20, 2004. Naomi Patterson will speak.

Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary


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Since our October meeting, Evie Green has submitted her resignation as Vice-President:

Please accept this as my formal resignation as District 1-KAC Vice Pres. I find that I will be unable to serve another year as the district's Vice Pres. I have truly enjoyed my year, setting up programs, and making sure the guests were welcomed, and sent a proper "Thank You". I will still enjoy my very good friends at the monthly KAC Meetings, but I can just relax and be one of the members at large.

Thank You,

Evie Green

 District 1 regretfully accepts Evie’s resignation, with much thanks for her contributions to the District in program planning and Christmas table decorations for our District meetings. She also helped with planning and assumed responsibility for luncheon table decorations and the Youth Contest Awards at the Centennial Convention. Evie served as Youth Contest Manager for the statewide contest. We greatly appreciate Evie’s enthusiastic support of Kansas Authors Club District 1, especially our activities with youth.

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Minutes of the Meeting of September 18, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
    President Karen Brown welcomed 35 members and guests.
    Max Yoho read from his newly published Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious and recounted how he got started as a writer. It was not his plan from the beginning to become an author; rather, writing became his way of expressing himself. He first wrote out of his childhood experiences. He realized that reading many different kinds of written works is important to the development of a writer. Max came to the conclusion that we generally write too much. We need to weed out the bad stuff. Max’s advice to himself and to other authors: Rather than writing pages, we should write richness. We thank Max for his interesting remarks.
    Business: A work schedule for our upcoming convention was passed around. The members were asked to make sure that they are signed up for at least one job. Several jobs remain to be filled. Please remember that it is important that we all do our share in order to make this convention a success. Several members are out of town today; Bob Carey, Treasurer, is not present and therefore there is no treasurer’s report.
    Fundraising: We are nearing our goal, but please contact anyone else who might be willing to help and follow-up on those promised contributions that have not been received. Contact Tracy Simmons or Karen Brown if you have questions about fundraising or need materials. Program printing will be done close to convention time to insure that names will be included if possible. Cut-off date to be announced. All donors will be listed on the web site.
    Capper’s magazine will publish a story about the Kansas Authors Club in their next edition.
    Book donations: Members who have published books are asked to donate one book for door prizes at the Saturday lunch. The books will be part of the table decoration. Donations are tax deductible.
    Exhibitors’ tables are available at the convention. One table costs $100, half table $50. Please contact people who may be interested in promoting their services to authors ASAP.
    Book signings: Jane Kurtz and Don Coldsmith will sign books after their workshops and speeches. Don will have copies of some out-of-print books for sale at original prices. Kansas Authors Club members may sign up for book signing in the Bookroom during the convention. The schedule will be posted in the Bookroom.
    Nominating Committee: Mark Bouton will chair the nominating committee. Elections for 2005 officers who will take office on October 24, 2004, will be held at our District 1 meeting on Saturday, October 16. This meeting will concentrate on convention preparations. Please come!
    The meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Minutes of the Meeting of August 21, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
    President Karen Brown called the meeting to order. She greeted more than 30 members and visitors. We also were able to welcome a new member Evelyn Davis, Topeka.
    Naomi Patterson reminded people to report to her any activities with schools. A notebook for that purpose is available at the meeting.
    Trudy McFarland is communicating by e-mail with someone in Germany who is interested in the subject of war brides of WW II. Trudy’s book in progress, however, talks about her mother, who was a war bride in WW I. The connection was made through the Kansas Authors Club website.
    Today’s speakers were Eleanor Bell and Bob Lawson. We heard some interesting sonnets. Eleanor read her sonnet “Colossus” about "Lady Liberty" in connection with the 100 year jubilee of the statue. Bob read some poems from his new book of sonnets.
    Karen Brown announced that the Kansas Authors Club will nominate Bob Lawson for Poet Laureate of Kansas. Our heartfelt congratulations!
    She also announced that there will be another Children’s contest for 2005. This year’s contest was very successful, with 212 entries from 30 different towns.
    Election for the officers for the District 1 for 2005 will be at the meeting of September 18 2004. A nominating committee will be formed for that purpose. Please contact Karen Brown. if you are interested to serve.
Business meeting.
    The minutes were accepted as written and published on the web.
    Treasurer’s report. There is a balance in the bank account of $6,036.41 and in the Community Foundation Fund, $1,625. Other income that was reported only today is not included in the above balances. We also have some in-kind donations. The report was accepted without discussion.
    Karen Brown reported that we are still not done with our fund raising. It is hoped that there will be more registrations. Additional donations needed.
    The preparations for the Convention are ongoing. There is yet much to do. A sign-up sheet for work at the convention was passed again. Everybody should take on some kind of job. If you are not signed up, please give Karen Brown a call.
    The meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Minutes of the Meeting of July 17, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order and welcomed 35 members and guests. Before lunch was served, Karen announced the Nominee of District 1 for the 2004 J. Donald Coffin Award: Anne McCourtie, Mayetta, The Haunting of Emily a historical romance. Anne gave a short talk about how she developed the idea for her book. It was a personal experience in connection with research for her family history. Members and guests introduced themselves and told about their function for the upcoming convention.
   David Weyhrauch, Topeka, read a “Greeting from Charles Sheldon,” written to the club in 1926. David will portray Sheldon at the Centennial Convention “Meeting of Minds.”
   Jim McHenry, director of development at the Topeka and Shawnee county Library spoke talked “Approaches to Fundraising.” Mr. McHenry encouraged us to feel confident since we have a worthy cause to raise funds from the community. We have to make the potential donor see the magic behind the idea. He offered some specific suggestions, which will be shared in a letter to members. We thank Mr. McHenry for his very valuable and interesting presentation, which included a taste of William Stafford’s poetry and comment by Jim’s son Eric, himself a poet and critic. Contact Tracy Simmons or Karen Brown for more information.
   Business meeting: The minutes of the June meeting and the Treasurer’s Report were received.
   2004 Centennial Convention: George Paris reported good progress with script and casting. He has met with Fred Krebs, who will also present a workshop on the history of Kansas Literature. Other details such as registration, Book Room, food, table decorations are being planned.
   Reminder: Register soon for the convention. Before August 1, we will receive a discount of $10.00.
   Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Minutes of the Meeting of June 19, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order. There were 25 members and guests present. Before lunch was served, we had the pleasure to be entertained by the well-known couple Buster Jenkins and wife Betty with fiddle and guitar music. Buster also wrote a book titled: Tougher’n a Boot. In it he talks about his life and his music.
   After the introduction of members and visitors, Karen reminded people of the deadline for all contest entries. It is reported that there are many entries, for the contest for adults as well as for children. Evie Green reported that the response to her recruiting effort for judges for the children’s contest was quite positive.
   Our speaker today was Nancy Ramberg, editor of the magazine KANSAS! She spoke about her career experiences past and present. KANSAS! is published quarterly and has about 43,000 subscribers. It is the primary image vehicle of the Kansas Department of Commerce. Nancy discussed the guidelines for article submissions. Queries are often two to three year ahead. The annual Get Away Guide to Kansas gives ideas for day trips as well as longer journeys. This year it is connected with a mega give-away that includes a car and other prizes. We thank Nancy for her most interesting information.
Business meeting:.The minutes of the May meeting were published on line and in the newsletter. They were approved without change.
Treasurer’s Report: There is a balance of $1616. This includes the contributions for the Centennial Convention.
Fundraising:.We will need approximately $11 000, and have about 10 %. The good news is that the executive committee has established a fund with the Topeka Community Foundation, which has a 501(c)(3) number.
   New brochures that include this information, other fundraising materials, and letterhead for correspondence concerning the Centennial Convention are available from Tracy Simmons and Karen Brown. Be sure to coordinate fundraising contacts and responses through Tracy.
A Meeting of Minds:.George Paris reported that that script is developing and persons who will personify members of early years of our club have been cast. At the Banquet there will be an ‘Oldtimer’ at every table.
Certificate of appreciation:.A prototype of a placard to give donors with substantial contributions to exhibit in their business was discussed. Barbara Waterman Peters moved that we develop a less expensive certificate to recognize donors. Motion carried.
   Since there was no other old or new business, the meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Minutes of the Meeting of May 15, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order. Members talked briefly about their books that were for sale in the back. Club pins were available to buy.
   Coffin Award: The forms for submission are ready. Target date for submitting books to District 1 President will be June 4th. Volunteers were solicited for the Coffin Award selection committee.
   Business: The minutes of April were published on line and in the newsletter. They were approved without changes.
   Bob Carey, Treasurer, reported that the balance is close to $900.00.
   The Kansas Humanities Council booking fee for Fred Krebs, who will present his William A. White program, portray White in the banquet program, and read one of White’s poems at the Read-Around, was approved.
   The preliminary convention schedule was handed out. George Paris will update us next month on the banquet program.
   Fund-raising ideas: Errol Anderson suggests a support placard to give to businesses that donate a substantial amount. It should say something like “We support Kansas Authors Club,” so they can put it up for their customers to see. Discussion followed. The idea itself was viewed as good. Errol will report on cost next month.
   Advertising in the convention program was discussed. A motion not to sell advertising was approved.
   Convention Registration Prices: The following was proposed: Whole Convention including Fri/Sat/Sun will cost $75.00 for Kansas Authors Club members and $85.00 for non-members. Single day prices and separate prices for meals will be established after the food committee confirms meal budgets with the hotel, total a slightly higher amount. The children’s author workshop on Friday afternoon and lunch with entertainment and speaker on Saturday account for the slightly higher registration cost compared to past conventions.
   Literary Contest submissions are due by June 19, 2004. Tracy Simmons indicated at the meeting that the date for the non-published rule would be the closing date of the contest. [However, past contest rules have stated that material may not be published before the first day of the convention. At the suggestion of Doris Schroeder, Kansas Authors Club President, the October 22, 2004, date will be used instead.]
   Our Guest speaker for today was Eleanor Bell, Topeka poet and writer. She shared experiences from her book Secondhand Rainbows. Eleanor has written another book Flights Through Inner Space. Her presentation was followed with great interest. We thank Eleanor for sharing her thoughts so eloquently with us.
   Marshall Clark read his story “The Operation,” which is included in the new issue of Inscape and won 2nd place in the Personal Essay Contest announced in the April 2004 issue of Byline Magazine. The audience enjoyed the reading very much.
   Meeting adjourned . The next meeting will be June 19 at noon at McFarland’s Restaurant.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Minutes of Meeting of April 17, 2004, noon, at McFarland's Restaurant.
   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order. 20 members and guests were present. Karen gave some information of the ongoing preparations for the convention on October 22 to 24 of this year. Several of our members have signed up to be workshop presenters: Naomi Patterson, Bob Lawson, Liz Nichols, Barbara Waterman-Peters, and Annette Billings.
   Jane Kurtz
, a children’s writer who is a member of District 5, will give a workshop for adults on Friday afternoon and speak to the winners at theYouth Contest Award Ceremony. Also committed are Fred Krebs, Don Coldsmith, Tom Averill, Rick Bruner, and Susan Marchant. Other candidates are not yet confirmed.
   During lunch, Max Yoho read his memoir "Paean." in praise of the Missouri River at Atchison. His reading was very much enjoyed by the audience.
   Naomi Patterson gave a short report about Writers in the Schools. Activity will decrease during the summer months. If any members of our club make presentations, she asks to please let her know.
   Other information: Fundraising for the convention is under way. Brochures are available on the table in the back, or ask Tracy Simmons, who is coordinator of the fundraising. Thank you cards are available as well.
   Member announcements: Max Yoho will have a new book, Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious, published in the near future. Erroll Anderson reports that he has created his own publishing company to produce his new thriller, The Job Coach.
   Our guest speaker today was Karen Brady, Kansas Arts Commission. Karen spoke extensively about the fellowships and mini-fellowships awarded through the Kansas Arts Commission. The Commission receives funds from the National Endowment Fund of the Arts. She explains, that the Kansas Arts Commission makes it a priority to support individual artists directly and indirectly. She explained the structure of the application process. The Commission grants a total of ten Artist Fellowships biennially, rotating five artistic disciplines every other year. The following are scheduled for the year 2004: Fiction, Poetry, Two-Dimensional Visual Art, Three-Dimensional Visual Art, and Crafts. In 2005 will be Music Composition, Choreography, Film/Video, Interdisciplinary Performance Art, and Playwriting. Karen Brady went into details and left guidelines and brochures for people interested in checking it out further.
   There were a few more discussions about convention budget and fundraising.
   The meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Report of Meeting, March 20, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order at noon at McFarland’s. She greeted 32 members and guests.
   Myron Dunavan extended his thanks to the judges of the Children’s Writing Contest of the Lutheran Fin Arts Council. The winners were announced at Barns & Noble Booksellers on March 14. He asks if anyone still has an entry, to please send it to him as soon as possible.
   Evie Green, spoke briefly concerning the signing for the duties for our Centennial Convention in October. The sign-up sheet was passed around one more time. Members of our club who didn’t sign up, may expect a friendly call from Evie, since we need all members to help in order to make this important convention a success.
   Submissions to the centennial book Our Way With Words must be submitted by Deadline April 1. A monetary contribution for the publishing costs is very welcome even now.
   Introductions were made. We greeted several guests: Faye Wilson, LeRoy Dagg, David Tangeman, Elise and Clare Higgins, and Ruskin Kwee.
   Evie Green read her award-winning memoir: "A Boy and a Tiger." The story was touching and very well received by the audience.
   Elise and Clare Higgins, 15 and 13 yrs old, presented their books, written, illustrated, and created by them. Their stories were interesting and unique and the artwork lovely. We congratulate and thank these very talented and accomplished young ladies for their presentation.
   George Paris introduced the script for the panel of early Kansas Authors Club Members, which will be performed at this year’s Centennial Convention. George explained that the script is a first draft, and he will be happy to consider any suggestions for changes. George acted as the moderator of a discussion between Margaret Hill McCarter (Faye Wilson), William Allen White (LeRoy Dagg), and Eugene Fitch Ware (David Tangeman) The performance was very good, often humorous, and quite interesting. We are all looking forward to the real performance in October.
Business meeting.
   The Minutes from the February meeting were read and approved.
    Karen informed us that the State Board Meeting will be held April 23.
   Candidates for the Coffin Award will be asked to sign statements concerning the publication of their books.
   Tracy Simmons has contacted 58 newspapers for publicity of our writing contest.
   The Fund-raising campaign has started. Brochures and thank you notes are available through Tracy Million Simmons, 1018 SE 41st Terr. Topeka KS 66609 or e-mail tracy@clansimmons.com. Please let Tracy know whom you are contacting since she is the coordinator of the Campaign. Checks should be made payable to Kansas Authors Club District 1 and sent to Tracy or Bob Carey, Treasurer. A committee was formed to establish a budget for the convention: Evie Green, Anne McCourtie, George Paris, Dale Vaughn and Sam Pierson.
Meeting adjourned . Next meeting will be on April 17. 2004
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Report of Meeting, February 21, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order. She greeted 25 members and guests. We have 9 new members in our district: Marie McKinney, Mayetta; James and Wanda Barnett, Atchison; Mary Colette Hull, Topeka; Errol Anderson, Topeka; Carol Yoho, Topeka; Mark Bouton, Carbondale; Buster Jenkins, Ottawa: and Barbara Waterman-Peters, Topeka. Welcome to our club!
   Visitors were LeNore Stumpf, District 4, who had a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Topeka that afternoon; Wanda Slagle and her husband, District 4; and John Howard, Topeka.
   Announcements: The Yearbook 2004 is in the mail. It includes a newsletter.
There is still time to submit a literary contribution to the centennial book Our Way With Words. Instructions will be included in the newsletter. A plea for monetary contributions is made as well.
   The Lutheran Fine Arts Council’s Children’s Writing Contest winners will be honored at a reading and reception at Barnes & Noble Booksellers on March 14, 2004, at 3.00 p.m. The Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest will have a celebration at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on Tuesday, March 30, at 3.30 p.m. Myron Dunavan mentioned that Naomi Patterson will report on her experience with Writers in the Schools at a future meeting. Naomi was not able to attend today.
   Dorothy Masters reported that she had an announcement in the paper about the Youth Writing Contest for grade school children in her area (Harveyville). She is sponsoring this contest for the second year. She asked for help from members of our club for judging the entries.
   Barbara Brady read her very moving story “The Jelly Jar,” which won second place in the Inspirational Category for the 2003 KAC contest. The jar was a gift to a little girl from a hobo in the 1930s, the only possession he had. The gift was a reward for bringing him dinner while he stayed at her parents’ house. The girl cherished this jar all through her life till old age. When her grown-up daughter helped her move out of the old house, she told the story to her and passed the jar on–a simple jelly jar, but a most precious gift. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing it with us.
   Bob Lawson read his poem William Stafford, which won first prize for the theme category “Giants Among Us, Giants Within Us” in the 1999 KAC contest and other poems.
   Historical Note: Karen reminded us about the Kansas Authors Historical Calendar being created this year. She encourages every body to do some research and submit something about any Kansas author (50-150 words.)
   Guest speaker was Linda Geffert. She spoke about “Using Creative Writing to Enhance a Business.” Her book The Adventures of Slim Chance and Sadie Straightarrow had its beginning in stories she wrote for the menu of the Lizard Lips Grill and Deli in Toronto, Kansas. Linda came to District 1 last year from District 3 where she was a member of Flint Hills Writers. Her new business, the Electric Cat Café in Paxico, has inspired a new story. Linda also has written poetry, a column, and local history. Her remarks were interesting and inspiring. Linda is also selling books by Kansas authors at her business. Anybody interested can contact her.
Business Meeting:
   Judges were recruited for the KTWU Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest.
   Convention planning and fundraising were discussed. Tracy Simmons has been appointed to coordinate fundraising solicitations and develop these materials. Additional member ideas are welcome.
   The meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Report of Meeting, January 17, 2004, noon, at MacFarland’s Restaurant
   Karen Sells Brown, President, made several announcements before lunch:

  1. The requirement to submit writing samples as a prerequisite to join Kansas Authors Club has been dropped.
  2. Lois Donahue, a former District 1 president passed away on Jan. 24th.
  3. Don Pady's father passed away at age 98.

   Robert Lawson asked to come up and address the group. He spoke about his remembrances of Lois and read a wonderful poem that she had published in the 1979 issue of Inscape Magazine titled “Iowan Children.”
    Judie Miller told the group about Heartland Haiku, a writing group. If interested in learning more, call Liz Nichols at 272-9559.
    A representative from KTWU, Barbara Kanelakosspoke briefly to the group about an upcoming writing contest for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade entitled Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest. She said that Channel 11 hoped that Kansas Authors Club would be willing to judge the contest this year. A decision was to be made during the business meeting.
    Members and guests introduced themselves. Jim Rhodes, a recent retiree from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, was introduced as a visitor by Max Yoho.
    After lunch Karen introduced our speaker Mark Bouton, a new KAC member and a published author. Mark is a retired FBI agent and has recently published a mystery titled Max Conquers the Cosmos. Mark spoke to the group on his own experiences in writing and on how to get a book published.
    After Mark's talk Karen held a business meeting. Myron Dunavon spoke to us about volunteering to help judge for The Lutheran Fine Arts Council's Children's Writing Contest. Several people volunteered to undertake this important work. Judges were Errol Anderson, Connie Beckett, and Mary Lou Stein, prose; and Judie Miller, Rosemary Torrez., Myron Dunavan, and Karen Brown, poetry. Naomi Patterson agreed to judge the third grade entry.
    Karen then spoke to the group about the Reading Rainbow Young Writers Contest and asked for members to consider volunteering to help judge. Several members expressed a willingness to help with this project as a way of encouraging young children to write.
    Myron made a motion for Kansas Authors Club District 1 to offer to judge the Reading Rainbow Contest if KTWU will acknowledge the club for its help, which Barbara Kanelakos had said they would do. This motion was seconded and voted approved. The contest entries will be delivered to the club on March 11 and will need to be returned to KTWU the morning of Monday, March 22. A scoring sheet will be provided with the entries. Approximately 100-150 entries are expected. Prizes will be awarded for each grade level Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Several judges will be needed.
    Myron distributed the Lutheran Fine Arts Council contest entries to the judges, and the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Rosie Cutrer, Acting Secretary

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Announcing: Winners of the Lutheran Fine Arts Council Children's Writing Contest 2004.

Officers of Kansas Authors Club, District 1
for the year 2004:

1st Vice President:
  2nd Vice President:

Karen Sells Brown 
Evie Green
Annette Billings

Bob Carey
Agnes Kazminski

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