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December Member News
   Mark Bouton, District 2, Carbondale, a new KAC member who has attended District 1 meetings, signed copies of his brand new mystery novel Max Conquers the Cosmos at a book party on Dec. 3, at The Raven Bookstore, Lawrence. Mark was a veteran FBI agent who loves to study the universe. His protagonist, Max Austin, an ex-FBI agent turned private eye, solves crimes through his knowledge of astronomy. The book is published by Five Star, Waterville, Maine. 12/4/03
   Rosie Cutrer, District 1, Topeka, our distinguished speaker at the November 2003 meeting of Kansas Authors Club District 1, is featured in an article in the Topeka Capital Journal, December 25, 2003. In “Woman makes living telling stories,” Anne Marie Bush tells about Rosie's appearance at the Pauline Central Primary School on December 17.
   Claude Lee, District 1, Topeka,  had a letter to the editor published in the December 9 Capital Journal headed “Sebelius is leader.” It was very supportive of her performance in office. 12/20/03
    Mary Alice Parmley, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of Seasons, her new book of poetry, at R J Carr’s Family Bookstore, Fairlawn Plaza, on December 13. Her book includes sections of seasonal poetry, haiku, and “On My Way,” written in response to life events. 12/13/03

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Report of Meeting, December 20, 2003

   Karen Brown, President, greeted about thirty members and guests for our annual Christmas celebration at McFarland’s. The tables were beautifully decorated with little Christmas trees with tiny books, tablets, pencils, and other tools of the writer’s trade, and candle lights. All was organized by Evie Green. The decorations were later given as door prices. We greeted a new member, Marie McKinney from Mayetta. Welcome, Marie!
   After the luncheon, we were entertained by some Christmas stories and poems mostly by authors of our own club. Karen Brown started out with a poem of former Kansas Author and editor of the Emporia Gazette, William Allen White. Judie Miller read her award-winning memoir “A Christmas to Remember.” Further contributions were by Janice Levering, Anne Sharrett, Elizabeth Nichols, Tom Nyquist, Bob Lawson, Mary Alice Parmley, George Paris, Dale Vaughn, and Evie Green. Karen Brown read poems by H. H. Siegele and Hazel Schowengerdt, former members, and contributions from Jean Crider and Rosemary Torrez, members who were not able to attend. Many of the readings were from a Christmas book edited for District 1 by Anne Sharrett in 1990. All the presentations were charming and helped create a Christmas atmosphere. We thank all the participants, especially Evie Green for the decorations, and wish all a very happy and healthy new year.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

November Member News

    Connie Beckett, District 4, Wabaunsee County, who attends KAC District 1 meetings, has recently had an article, “A Newbie’s Point of View,” published in the Wheathearts chapter newsletter of Women on Wheels Monthly Wheater and picked up by the national organization for the November/December 2003 issue of Women on Wheels. Connie, a member of Women on Wheels, wrote the article about how it felt to be a “newbie” at her first Women on Wheels convention held in July in Prescott, Arizona. Unfortunately Connie’s article doesn’t appear online, but a photo of Connie on her Harley is published online. 11/11/03
    Katrina V. Clark, District 1, Topeka, has been published for the first time. Her poem “Halloween Story” appeared in Reader Poetry, Kansas Plus, Topeka Capital-Journal, Friday, October 31, 2003. 11/02/03
    Dorothy Masters, District 4, Harveyville, who attends District 1 meetings regularly, has been sharing her humor around Topeka. SV Health Wise 55 has scheduled her talk “Live, Laugh, and Love” at Brewster Place, Auburn’s Valley Springs, McCrite Plaza, Drury Place, Lexington Park, and Atria Hearthstone. 11/11/03
  Trudy McFarland, District 1, Topeka, had a letter to the editor in the Topeka Capital Journal on Saturday, Nov. 15, including reminiscences of the National Smokehouse, a pool hall on Kansas Avenue once visited by Carrie Nation. (See: She enjoyed the book). 11/15/03
   Judie Miller, District 1, Topeka, took second place in the Autumn Haiku Contest sponsored by Horse Fly Magazine, Taos, NM. Her winning haiku will be published in the next issue. 11/06/03
Elizabeth Nichols, District 1, Topeka, had a letter to the editor in the Topeka Capital-Journal on Monday, November 10. “Don’t focus on frills” encouraged solving the problems of downtown development. 11/10/03
Don Pady, District 1, Topeka, and his book Poetry of William Allen White (Leathers, 2002), a complete collection of William Allen White’s poetry, were featured in the Topeka Capital-Journal on Sunday, September 14, 2003. Pady has collected approximately 200 of White’s poems published in newspapers as well as unpublished poems from White’s personal papers in the library at Emporia State University. Pady also provides copious notes on the poems, which help to explain the politics of the day. 11/01/03
Sam Pierson, District 2, Lebo, who regularly attends District 1 meetings, recently read “Margie Blue Pockets” by Anne McCourtie, District 1, Mayetta, at Eugene Field Elementary School. She also shared the illustrations she is drawing for the picture book that Anne hopes to publish soon. 11/11/03
   Bobbie J. A. Pfeifer, District 1, Topeka, signed copies of her suspense novel Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry at The Secret Place in Gage Center on Saturday, November 15. 11/15/03
   Debra Guiou Stufflebean, District 1, Dover, signed her new book Good Night, Mary Ann at on Wednesday, November 19 at Barnes & Noble, Topeka. Her newest book weaves oral history and imagination in a tale about the Sage family who founded the Sage Inn in Dover.. 11/20/03
Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, took part in a Holiday Open House sponsored by the Kansas State Historical Society Museum Store, Topeka, on Oct. 30, 2003 and signed his books, The Revival and Tales from Comanche County, at Northland Kansas City Border Books on Nov. 1, 2003. On November 6, 2003 Max spoke at the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth, Kansas. 11/05/03

   KAC members Gary Clark, Tom Ellis, Max Yoho (District 1, Topeka), Sam Pierson (District 2, Lebo), and Dorothy Masters (District 4, Harveyville) signed books on Sun., Nov. 23 at Waldenbooks at West Ridge Mall, Topeka, at "Simon Evening of Giving," a fundraiser for Topeka non-profit service organizations and the Simon Youth Foundation. 11/23/03

    Several KAC members were featured book signers at "Christmas in the Country!," Nov. 8 and 9 at various stops around Southwest Topeka. Writers included Dorothy Masters (District 4) and Anne McCourtie, Naomi Patterson, Bobbie J.A. Pfeifer, and Debra Stufflebein (all District 1). 11/10/03

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Report of Meeting, November 15, 2003

    President Karen Brown greeted 30 members and guests for this meeting at McFarland's Restaurant. Introductions and announcements were made.
    2004 Centennial Convention Planning: George Paris reported that he has made some contacts about the banquet program, a “Meeting of the Minds” of early Kansas Authors Club members on writing in Kansas. Actors will be needed to portray past members. H.W. Roby, our founder, William Allen White, Charles Sheldon, and Margaret Hill McCarter have been proposed. Research and script writing will also be needed.
    December Meeting: Dec.20, 2003. Judie Miller will start the program with her winning memoir “A Christmas to Remember.” Others who would like to read a Christmas story or poem are asked to contact Karen. Evie Green volunteered to do holiday table decorations.
    Program: We were happy to have two members of KAC District 1 as today's presenters. Naomi Patterson read two prize-winning narratives: “Christina,” first place in Narrative Poem in the 2003 KAC Literary Contest, and “Marathon,” second place in Memoirs.
    Rosie Cutrer, a professional storyteller, performed stories of her own life experience and folklore-based pieces, enhanced by singing and playing songs she has written for the stories. Rosie also talked about her work, how she started, and her aspirations. She is telling stories to children as well as to adult audiences and also performs as an actress with the Topeka Civic Theater. She discussed how she processes her work and creates the stories. She sees a relationship between the written and spoken word.
    We enjoyed today's presentations very much. A heartfelt thanks to both Naomi and Rosie.
    Business meeting: The minutes from October were published in the newsletter and on the website. There were no corrections.
    Bob Carey, Treasurer, reported a balance of $185. He expressed concern about our low balance and feels there is a need of additional funds for this coming year's Centennial Convention. Karen informed that we should get some seed money from the State KAC.
    2004 Contest Rules: Karen further reported that information for the new yearbook had been readied and would be sent to the yearbook editor today. Members had a chance to review the changes that were made concerning the 2004 Literary Contest.
    The meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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October Member News

Barbara Brady, District 1, Topeka, has just published her third novel Seasoned With Salt with iUniverse. It is a sequel to A Variety of Gifts and Smiling at the Future. Fannie Pekum, who zips around on an artificial leg, proves life is never dull in a small town. 10/01/03

Singing invitation
    It was our privilege to introduce next year’s convention, date, and writing theme at the 2003 Convention, on Sunday, October 5, in Emporia.
    To invite all KAC members to participate in a unique way, Evie Green created clever lyrics that go with the melody of “If My Friends Could See Me Now.” District 1 members sang it to recorded music, wearing and doffing hats to go with our “Hats Off to Kansas Authors” logo designed by Carol Yoho. A printed invitation featuring the logo, Evie’s song lyrics, and the writing theme “What’s Write With Kansas” was placed on the luncheon tables.
    Carol Yoho rented some vintage hats from Topeka Civic Theater, and Bobbie Pfeiffer and Janice Levering lent some. Trinity Presbyterian Church lent several black plastic top hats. Members were welcome to wear their own favorite hats. Ray McComas and his daughter Natalie taped a peppy version of the song for singing along.

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Report of Meeting, October 18, 2003

   President Karen Sells Brown called the meeting to order after lunch. She welcomed 25 members and guests. Introductions and announcements were made. Myron Dunavan reported on the Lutheran Fine Arts Council’s Youth Writing Contest. George Paris read his winning Rhymed Verse, “Autumn.” Karen Brown read “The Kansas October” by Eugene Fitch Ware, aka Ironquill, 1907 President of Kansas Authors Club.
   Our speaker was Jan Biles, editor for Topeka Remembers, a history of the Capital City, produced by the Topeka Capital-Journal. Ms. Biles started her professional life as a teacher and then as a counselor for people with alcohol and drug addiction. However, her dream was to be a journalist, and she decided to pursue it. A year ago she was offered a position by the Capital Journal as weekend editor. Our Town, a 40-week series in celebration of Topeka’s 150th year, became one of her projects. The series with vintage photos has been published as a book. Much research was necessary, mainly through the Kansas State Historical Society. Many citizens contributed stories and photos. In addition, filmmaker Mark Albertson has produced a film. Questions included whether Topeka writers might be featured in next year’s coverage since the year 2004 is also an important year for the Authors Club, which will be celebrating its 100-year jubilee. Some of the early Kansas Authors Club members were involved in the development of this city. We enjoyed Jan Biles’ presentation very much.
   Business Meeting: The minutes from September are available on our web site. No newsletter was sent this month. Treasurer Bob Carey reported a balance of $260.21.
   New Business. 2004 Literary Contest Guidelines: Our district is in charge of next year’s Literary Contest. The question was posed if there should be changes in the Guidelines, which must be turned soon in for the 2004 Yearbook. Evie Green suggested a separate division for youth. We already have some money designated for a youth contest. Evie Green offered to donate additional money for the youth contest prizes if needed and help with the development of guidelines. The proposal was accepted.
   Election of Contest Managers for the Literary Contest 2004: The following contest managers were elected: Poetry, Katrina Clark; Prose, Tracy Million Simmons; Youth, Evie Green. It was decided to keep the same prize structure for all three divisions. We discussed a separate category within each division of the regular contest for Write about a Kansas Author. The Theme Contest will be "“What’s Write With Kansas.” A proposal that the Theme contest should have three divisions (Poetry, Prose, and Youth) passed as well.    Guidelines for poetry were discussed. The present guidelines seemed too restrictive to some of the participants. A committee was charged with revising the guidelines: Tracy Simmons, Evie Green, Katrina Clark, and Karen Brown. Members were encouraged to submit their suggestions to the committee.
   Guidelines for the Coffin Award will be strictly adhered to in 2004. A definition of “published” should be established, and District Presidents will be asked to assure that all books to be considered for nomination are eligible. All nominees will be recognized at the Awards Banquet at the 2004 Convention.
   The meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

Write About a Kansas Author Contest
Write About a Kansas Author Contest Winners:

First Place:
Robert D. Carey
, District 1, Topeka, for “Kansas Icon–William Allen White”
Second Place:

Leona Dillard
, District 6, Hutchinson, for “Blanche M. Irving: Kansas Authors Club’s Twenty-Eighth President”
Third Place:

Annette Wood
, District 5, Wichita, for “Ray Nelson, the Poet”
Honorable Mention:

Duane Herrmann
, District 1, Topeka, for “Dr. David S. Ruhe, Kansas Author”
Honorable Mention:

Doris Schroeder
, District 6, Hutchinson, for “Stepping Stones to Writing for Kansas Author Esther Loewen Vogt”
Distinguished Mention:

Beth Lagaron
, Lawrence, for “‘Colorless Words’: The Dark Truth in Junky” (William S. Burroughs)
Judge: Steven Hind, Hutchinson, poet whose three books of poetry, A Place With No Map, That Trick of Silence, and Familiar Ground, intimately describe life in the Flint Hills where he grew up. Hind has recently retired from teaching literature and writing at Hutchinson County Community College.

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September Member News

INSIGHT OUT, an anthology of prose and poetry including work by Kansas Authors Club members Karen Sells Brown, Bob Carey, Edna Ferguson, Evie Green, Agnes Kazminski, Trudy McFarland, Judie Miller, Mary Lou Stein, and Rosemary Torrez, and Carolyn Gibson and Barbara Waterman Peters, who also contributed the art work for the volume, is now at the printer and will be released at the KAC Convention. All are members of The Write Stuff writing group. 9/19/03

Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, recently signed a contract with Books In Motion of Spokane, Washington, to produce his two novels as audiobooks. Both The Revival and Tales from Comanche County will be produced, unabridged, in cassette and CD formats. Production may take up to a year. Kansas authors Irene Bennett Brown, Don Coldsmith, and writing-team Vicky Britton/Loretta Jackson also have had their work produced as audiobooks by Books In Motion. 9/4/03

Report of Meeting, September 20, 2003

    Karen Brown called the meeting to order after Lunch. She greeted 20 members and guests. After the general introductions, the president also asked if anyone knows of any KAC member from our district who has died this past year. There were none.
    Speaker: Trudy McFarland reported about the book she is writing, Diary of a German War Bride. It is the story of her mother, who married an American soldier after World War I. Trudy always enjoyed writing and has been interested in creative writing for a long time. She joined the Bob Carey’s writing class where she gained the confidence to start writing her mother’s story. She feels it is important to write down family histories for the coming generations. Her book is written in diary form according to facts passed down to her by her mother and from letters and other written material from that time. It starts in Koblenz, Germany, in 1910 where her mother grew up. It continues through the war, and tells about the hardship the ordinary folks had to endure, the deep worry of her family because three sons were in the war, the bombing, and starvation. The story continues with the young bride coming to the United States, difficulty during the Great Depression, and starting a business in Topeka. Trudy read a passage from her manuscript. Her presentation was very enjoyable. Thank you, Trudy.
    Business meeting: The minutes of the August meeting, were approved as on our website and in the newsletter.
    Treasurer’s Report: There is a balance of $491 at the present time. There will be a pay-out for the prizes of the Write About a Kansas Author in the near future.
Writers in the Schools: Naomi Patterson reported that she has started teaching a poetry class in the Lutheran school, and it’s going well. If anybody is doing something in other schools or wants some information, they should please contact Naomi.
    Write about a Kansas Author Contest: The prizes will be awarded at the convention in Emporia on October 4, at the banquet. Unfortunately there were few entries. Steven Hind was kind enough to judge the entries.There was a question and discussion if the judge for the contest should receive an honorarium. There was some concern about setting a precedent for payment of judges for next year’s literary contest. A motion was made and approved to send the judge a thank you letter. Katrina Clark, contest chairman, had already done that.
    Invitation to 2004 Centennial Convention: It is our privilege to introduce next year’s convention, date, and writing theme at the 2003 convention, on Sunday, October 5, in Emporia. To invite all KAC members to participate in a unique way, Evie Green has created clever lyrics that go with the melody of “If My Friends Could See Me Now.” We will sing it to recorded music, wearing and doffing hats to go with our “Hats Off to Kansas Authors” logo designed by Carol Yoho. A printed invitation featuring the logo, Evie’s song lyrics, and the writing theme “What’s Write With Kansas” will be placed on the luncheon tables. Carol Yoho has rented some vintage hats from Topeka Civic Theater, and Bobbie Pfeiffer and Janice Levering have lent some. Trinity Presbyterian Church has lent several black plastic top hats. Members are welcome to wear their own favorite hats. Ray McComas and his daughter Natalie have taped a peppy version of the song for singing along. Copies of the tape for practice may be obtained from Karen Brown, 273-3448.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Coffin Book Award Nominee–BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR

   Gary Clarke’s I’d Rather Be on Safari, a non-fiction work based on Clarke’s experiences as a safari leader in Africa, has been selected best book of the year from a field of four published books written by members of Kansas Authors Club District 1.
   Other books considered for this honor by the Kansas Authors Club District 1 Coffin Award Selection Committee were When We Were Children: Growing Up in Switzerland During World War II, a memoir by Agnes Kazminski, Ozawkie; On My Own: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Young Adults, a reference work by Sally Taylor, Tecumseh; and Tales from Comanche County, a humorous novel by Max Yoho, Topeka. Max Yoho’s The Revival won the Coffin Award in 2002.
   Gary Clarke, Topeka, shares his love of Africa and his years of experience as safari leader with Cowabunga Safaris in a handsomely bound hardcover edition published by Baranski Publishing, Tecumseh, 2001. The design of the book is similar to books by early explorers of Africa. An outline of the continent of Africa superimposed with the title and the author’s signature are embossed in gold on the hunter green hardcover. A map of Africa has been used for the endpapers. A four-color dust jacket features photographs of Clarke on safari. Collages of African stamps, post cards, and safari memorabilia add visual interest to the volume. “I’d Rather Be on Safari” is also available in paperback.
   Clarke has written an exciting account of his adventures on safari. One of the most memorable is traveling by boat down the Zambezi River to view Victoria Falls from the top as Dr. David Livingstone did in 1855. Other safari incidents are treated with fun and humor and always a deep respect for the animals and peoples of Africa.
   Clarke held his first book signing in Nairobi, Kenya. I’d Rather Be on Safari is now sold internationally in bookstores throughout Africa and in England as well as in the United States.
   I’d Rather Be on Safari will compete at the statewide level for the J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award, which honors the best book by a Kansas Authors Club member published within the past two years. The 2003 Coffin Book Award winner will be announced at the Awards Banquet at the Kansas Authors Club State Convention in Emporia on October 5.
   May the best book win

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August Member News

    Naomi Patterson, District 1, Topeka, now has her column appearing on the fourth Sunday of each month in the Hers section of The Topeka Capital-Journal. 8/15/03
    Sally Taylor, District 1, Tecumseh, recently received a finalist award for Best Reference Book at the seventh annual 2003 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards for On My Own: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Young Adults (published by Silly Goose Productions, LLC). Awards were presented to winning publishers at BookExpo America in Los Angeles on Friday, May 30th, 2003.
    A winner and two finalists were selected in categories ranging from Fine Art to Women's Issues. A total of 1,545 titles were entered by 952 publishers, a 25 percent gain over last year's participation. "The quality of the books entered this year took another quantum leap forward, and we were awed by their phenomenal creativity and craftsmanship," said Jim Barnes, Independent Publisher Online managing editor and coordinator of the awards. "From our viewpoint, independent publishing continues to mature, improve, and become a more vital part of the world of books and reading. I applaud the courage of authors and publishers who aren't afraid to take chances and break new ground. This is where the innovation in the world of publishing comes from." 8/15/03
    Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, spoke on Sunday, August 10th at "Second Sunday at Lakeview Village," 9100 Lake Street, Lenexa, Kansas. "Second Sunday" is a free monthly event featuring individual regional authors, and is sponsored by the Johnson County Public Library. Max entertained with humorous stories and discussed his two novels set in Kansas, The Revival and Tales From Comanche County. 8/15/03
   On Sunday, August 24 Max participated the grand opening of Northland Kansas City's Border Books Store in Kansas City, MO. On August 25 Max made a guest appearance on Kansas City Public Radio station KCUR's "Walt Bodine Show" (89.3 FM). Walt's live call-in program is broadcast on weekdays, 10-11 a.m. KCUR's web Archive includes links to previous broadcasts, so you can listen to Max on-line, even if you've missed the broadcast. At the Archive web site select: Walt Bodine 08-25-03 Author Max Yoho. 8/26/03

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Report of Meeting, August 9, 2003
   A group of about 25 members and guests enjoyed a delicious potluck buffet poolside at the Dunavan’s home. After the meal, the meeting was called to order by president Karen Brown.
   Minutes: A correction to the minutes of the last meeting needed to be made. The text reads "Naomi Patterson reports about Writers in the Schools...." Naomi was not present. That paragraph should be deleted. The Minutes were approved as corrected.
   Treasurer’s report: We have $470.00 in our account.
   Election of officers:
A slate of candidates that had been prepared by the nominating committee was presented by Myron Dunavan.:
  • President: Karen Brown
  • 1st Vice-President: Evie Green
  • 2nd Vice-President: Annette Billings
  • Secretary: Agnes Kazminski
  • Treasurer: Bob Carey
   There was a nomination from the floor for Carol Yoho for Vice-President. She, however, declined. All nominated officers were elected unanimously.
   Convention 2004: Karen Brown reminded us that the convention will be the 100th anniversary of Kansas Authors Club, which means a lot of work. Therefore it could not be planned and executed by the elected officers only. There will be appointees. She appeals to all to be available for the necessary help.
   Change of regular meeting days for our monthly meetings:
It was brought to our attention that there were some members who have a conflict on the second Saturday of the month. Therefore it is proposed that our meeting would be changed to the third Saturday of the month. McFarland’s Restaurant would be able to make the room available for these dates. Genitha Clark reported that the third Saturday would coincide with the regular meeting of the Shawnee County Fiction Writers. It was discussed whether the meeting could be held on the fourth or first Saturday; however there were conficts with holidays on those Saturdays. A motion to keep the meetings on the second Saturday failed to pass. A motion for the third Saturday was voted on and it carried. Therefore we will start to meet on the third Saturday on September 20, 2003.
   District 1 Coffin Award Selection: The book I’d Rather Be on Safari by Gary Clarke is nominated from the District 1 for the Coffin Award. Our congratulations, and we will be pulling for Gary to win at the state level. The Coffin Award will be presented at the Awards Banquet at the Convention on Saturday, October 4, 2003.
   Write About a Kansas Author Contest: Katrina Clark, contest manager, reported that the contest will be open till August 15. Eight entries have been received up to this point. No youth entries have been received. Claude Lee reported about money we are able to use for the contest. The money comes from a 1996 youth contest and published book. Claude will turn this money over to Bob Carey, Treasurer to be used for the youth contest.
   District 1 Publicity: Myron Dunavan proposed developing a brochure or flyer about Kansas Authors Club District 1 to give to interested parties. It could also be given to all the libraries of our district.
   The business meeting was adjourned.
   A read-around followed where our members presented a wide variety of poems and prose.
   We would like to thank Myron and his lovely wife Pat for being such gracious hosts.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

Report of Meeting, July 12, 2003, at Historic Sage Inn, Dover

    Our regular meeting place, McFarland’s Restaurant, was closed for renovation. Therefore we accepted the invitation of Mike and Debra Stufflebean, Innkeepers of the Sage Inn. It was a nice change to drive out to Dover on a beautiful summer day to the historic place. After a light luncheon, the meeting was called to order by Carol Yoho, in the absence of the president, Karen Brown, who was attending a state KAC meeting. Twenty club members and guests introduced themselves and reported on their writing. Bob Carey, Treasurer reports a balance of $451.00 Besides this the funds for the Anniversary in 2004 are starting to build up. A balance was not available at this time.
    Evie Green reported that four books were submitted to be considered for the Coffin Award. The winner is I’d Rather Be on Safari by Gary Clarke. Our congratulations to Gary. We all are pulling for him to win at the state level. Our thanks to the Coffin Award Selection Committee for their diligent reading and careful consideration.
    Myron Dunavan has been appointed as interim Vice President for the remaining term since Tulora Roeckers has been too busy with school and research projects to attend meetings this year. We extend our thanks to Tulora for her service as vice president. Tulora will be a senior at Washburn this fall with a double major in English and Psychology. She plans to enter graduate school the following year. We wish her continued success in her academic and writing careers.
    Elections for 2004 officers will be held at the August meeting. Myron Dunavan presented the slate of candidates proposed by the nominating committee, which also included Naomi Patterson and Liz Nichols.
    President: Karen Brown, 1st Vice-President: Evie Green, 2nd Vice-President: Annette Billings, Secretary: Agnes Kazminski, Treasurer: Bob Carey. Other offices will be appointed as needed to complete the tasks associated with the 2004 Centennial Convention.
    Some members have had continuing conflicts with our regular Second Saturday Noon Meetings. Those present at the meeting approved changing the regular meeting day to the third Saturday. Saturday noon meetings at McFarland’s will resume on September 20, 2004.
    Debra Stufflebean spoke about Heritage Days and Christmas in the Country in Dover on November 8 and 9. She is planning a book signing at the Sage Inn and invites KAC members to inquire about participating. Debra carries books by Kansas authors on consignment in her gift shop. Debra also talked about the history of the Sage Inn and the area and gave us a tour of the inn. We thank the innkeepers for their kind hospitality.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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June Member News
Edna Ferguson, District 1, Topeka, has recently had two letters to the editor published in the Topeka Capital Journal: "Privacy in Peril" on May 30 and "Wildlife Over Retail" on June 6. 6/3/03
    Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, has been nominated for a Kansas Arts Commission 2003 Governor's Arts Award by Susan Marchant, director of the Kansas Center for the Book, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. Also, on June 2 Max was kick-off speaker for the Pittsburg Public Library's adult summer reading program. This year's state-wide youth and adult reading program theme is "Laugh It Up @ Your Library." ALSO: Max and Carol Yoho both served as faculty of the Tallgrass Writing Workshop at Emporia State University, June 14-15. 6/15/03

June Meeting: Noon, Saturday, June 14, 2003, McFarland's Restaurant, Topeka, KS

Naomi Patterson, our most prize-winning poet, spoke on "Shoes and ships and sealing wax, and poetry and judges" at the June District 1 meeting. Naomi encouraged entries and gave some tips--and then elaborated a bit on poetry forms. She also read a poem or two.

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May Member News

Congratulations to the many District 1 members who placed in the recent District 4 Writing Contest: Barbara Brady, Janice Levering, Mary Lou Stein, Dale Vaughn, Max Yoho, and of course, Dorothy Masters (D4) and Sam Pierson (D2) whom we also claim as our own.

Report of WRITE ABOUT A KANSAS AUTHOR Workshop, May 10, 2003

   This workshop, sponsored by Kansas Authors District 1 to encourage entries in the Write About a Kansas Author Contest, replaced the regular District 1 meeting. Six speakers presented helpful hints about research writing for the contest to 18 participants. Pat Ferguson, Kansas City, Kansas, State President of Kansas Authors Club attended as our guest and encouraged interest in the history of the club.
   Cynthia Pederson, independent scholar and freelance writer, pointed out that not only is it important to give the author’s biographical information, but also how well-known the writer’s work is–statewide, nationally or even internationally. Other important aspects are the quality, style and content of the writing. As an example of the writing style, the participants were given a quiz of five Kansas Authors.
   Gail Martin, El Dorado, Kansas Authors Club State Archivist, spoke about "Look Who I Met in the Archives." Her very interesting information and show pieces drew a lot of attention from the participants. There were yearbooks dating back to 1921 and a collection of pictures of all the Club’s State Presidents with personal information. .
   After a nice lunch in the company of fellow writers, Donald Pady, District 1, editor of the book The Poetry of William Allen White presented valuable information about "Collecting the Poems." His comments foremost in connection with William A. White’s work were received. with great interest.
   Sue Novak spoke about "The Mysteries of Writing Histories." As the managing editor of Kansas Heritage and associate editor of Kansas History, she had a wealth of information to share with the group. She pointed out to make sure that we report the facts and not legend and assure the accuracy of the source. She elaborated on the difference between a primary and a secondary source.
   We spent a fascinating time at the Topeka Room and Kansas Center for the Book at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, where Susan Marchant and Warren Taylor showed us some very special and exciting books, including two large volumes of typewritten poems by our founder H. W. Roby. He also quoted Roby’s obituary about his involvement in the invention of the Remington typewriter.
   We thank all the excellent presenters for their outstanding information.
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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April Member News

    Evie Green, District 1, Topeka, has a letter to the editor "Cheers for History Series" the April 10, 2003 Topeka Capital Journal. 4/10/03
Bob Lawson, District 1, Topeka, has recently signed a contract for his book Bridge of Dreams to be published by Creative Arts Book Co., in Berkeley, CA. Bob plans to sell and sign books at the 2004 Convention to be held in Topeka. 4/10/03
Donavene Brian Liggett
, District 1, Topeka,had a booth at the HERS Kansas Expo, April 22, 2003, at the Expocentre. Donavene featured her latest book, Our Quiet Heroes (about caregivers and long-term care giving) and some of her other works, among them Generations, a small book of writings by eight generations of women from one family from 1895 to 1992, and I Remember the 1930's, including the plains of Kansas, the Depression, the back door vendors, from a five-year-old’s perspective. 4/23/03
Dorothy Masters
, District 4, Harveyville, has an excellent article, "Life goes on in spite of arthritis," published in the Topeka Capital Journal's "Beyond 50" magazine (Sunday, April 27, 2003 issue). Dorothy attends District 1 meetings regularly. Congratulations, Dorothy! 4/28/03
Dorothy Masters
, District 4, Harveyville, has her new book back from the printer. A Day on the Trail, is now available from the author. Dorothy attends District 1 meetings regularly. 4/24/03
Trudy McFarland, District 1, Topeka has a story about "The McFarland Bakery and Cafe" appeared in the May Specials issue of Good Old Days Magazine.(District 1, Topeka) 4/10/03
Elizabeth Nichols, District 1, Topeka, known as Grandmother Fluteplayer, is a renewing KAC member who recently moved back to Topeka from Colorado Springs. She presented a program of Indian legend and love songs, a benefit for the Unity building fund, at Unity Church of Christianity, Sunday April 27, 2003. 4/28/03
Donald Stuart Pady, District 1, Topeka, a new Kansas Authors Club member, gave a presentation about his new book, Poetry of William Allen White, at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Topeka, on Friday, April 11, 2003. William Allen White was an early member of Kansas Authors Club. Donald has collected and edited nearly 200 poems with annotations and detailed explications of the famous newspaper editor's poetic intentions. 4/12/03
Mary Lou Stein, District 1, Topeka, had a letter to the editor "Time for Renaissance" published in the February 23, 2003 Topeka Capital-Journal. 4/10/03
    Max Yoho, District 1, Topeka, spoke at the Annual Dinner of the Friends of the Burlingame Community Library, on Thursday, April 24, 2003. Listeners laughed as Max expounded on his short career as a farmer, how he fell in love at the library, and how he came to write his humorous novels, The Revival and Tales from Comanche County. 4/28/03

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Report of Meeting, April 12, 2003
    District 1 met at McFarland’s Restaurant at 12 noon. President Karen Brown welcomed 1 guest and 4 new members and 17 club members.

Program: Our speaker today was Bobbie J.A. Pfeifer, a new member. She reported about her recent book Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry. Bobbie is a lifelong resident of Topeka. She graduated from Washburn University in biology, chemistry and physics. She explained that she always enjoyed writing, however this was not considered an appropriate profession in her family. Bobbie took the audience on a tour through the ups and downs of the creation of her book. Her husband and her sons always encouraged her to write, to believe in her self and her work. She chose to have her book published with iUniverse, an "on-demand" publishing company and is very satisfied with that step. She feels, she had more freedom and was in charge what and how things were done. She did have to do much promotion, book-signings, special presentations, and speeches. But it is her impression it would not have been less with an other publisher. If a writer is already well known, there is more money to be made with a traditional publishing house, but the author also has less control over the book. Bobbie reported about the Writer’s convention in Hawaii in 1998. although it is difficult and expensive to gain access to it, she was very much impressed with the kind of people she met there, writers and publishers of high profile. Bobbie stressed the importance of editing a book. She suggested the writer read the manuscript several times, then have several reader-volunteers read it and give feedback on content and readability. Then she had a professional editor has to go over the text for language formality, spelling and punctuation. No matter where the book is published, it needs to be presented perfectly. It will have a better chance for success, and mistakes that would stay in the book forever can be avoided. Her book took four months to write and a year and a half to edit. Mrs. Pfeifer’s presentation was most interesting and well received by our club members. Thank you very much.

Business meeting: The minutes published in the newsletter were approved.
    Write About a Kansas Author Contest: Karen passed out guidelines for our planned contest at the KAC State Board Meeting on April 5, 2003. It will start now and the deadline will be August 15, 2003. Karen Brown announced that Katrina Clark will be our contest manager. We thank Katrina for taking on this important responsibility. Special thanks go to Carol Yoho for an excellent job of getting the contest and Historical Calendar on our web site. Karen also reported that we have several sponsors for the expenses of the contest, like prizes, copies, envelopes, postage etc.: PLAN Inc., Lloyd Zimmer Books and Maps, and McFarland’s Restaurant at $ 100.00 each. Evie Green has also donated $25.00 toward expenses. Claude Lee, a former member of KAC who has recently rejoined, reported that there is some money left over from a previous youth writing contest in the amount of $462, which we are allowed to use for our contest. We will finance the youth contest with it. The expenses for our contest seem to be covered.
    2004 Centennial Convention: However, more fund raising will be needed for the convention. The following special positions need to be filled: manager of fund raising and manager of publicity. If you are interested in one of these positions please contact Karen Brown.
    Write About a Kansas Author Workshop on May 10: Instead of our regular May meeting, we will host a one-day workshop. Special invitation will be sent to all Kansas Authors Club members by e-mail and by mail for those who do not have e-mail. The workshop will start at 10.00 at McFarland’s Restaurant with a speech by Gail Martin KAC Archivist. At noon a Sandwich Buffet Luncheon will be served. At 1:00 Sue Novak will be our Keynote speaker. At 1:45, we will travel over to the Topeka Library where we will have special tours and presentations by Susan Marchant and Warren Taylor. Charge for the workshop including lunch will be $20.00.
    Historical Calendar: A Historical Calendar, which will be used to help promote interest in Kansas Authors during the Centennial year 2004, has been started and appears on our website. Contributions are welcome.
    Writers in the Schools: Naomi Patterson reports that things are going well. One school has started the Billy Collins poetry program, and Naomi has made two presentations at local schools. (see details)
    Writers Group for Youth? Karen Brown reported that she has been contacted by three parents seeking a writers group for middle school youth. If you are interested in helping start such a group, contact Karen Brown. It will not fall under Writers in the Schools because it will not meet in the schools, but perhaps at the library.
    KAC District 1 Members say a heartfelt thank you to Karen Brown, President,
Submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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April Report, Writers in the Schools, District
John Dewey Learning Academy, Lecompton KS, was provided with copies of the 180 poems selected by Poet Laureate Billy Collins for his Project 180. One poem is to be read to the students each day during the school year.
    Plans for presenting writing sessions for grades 5, 6, 7, & 8 at Topeka Lutheran School beginning this fall have been confirmed.
    Naomi Patterson made a brief presentation about writing to the student body at Whitson Elementary school and assisted with presenting awards for winners of the school-initiated writing contest.
    Naomi Patterson taught a class of fourth graders at Jay Shideler on the subject of tight writing in poetry and fiction.

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March Member News
Inscape, the literary magazine of Washburn University, was published in March. This 2002 issue featured two photographs by Carol Yoho, District 1, Topeka, one of which was used on the cover, and included a short story, "The Invitation," by Tulora Roeckers, District 1, Topeka. 3/24/03
A book signing was held on Saturday, Mar. 15, at Hastings for KAC members Annette Hope Billings, Robert D. Carey, Tom Ellis, Duane L. Herrmann, Agnes Kazminski, Dorothy Masters, Sam Pierson, and Max Yoho. Topeka Capital-Journal articlePhotos of event  3/13/03
    Rosemary Torrez, District 1, Topeka, has a poem published in the March/April Saturday Evening Post. "You Gotta ‘Hand’ It to ‘Em” appears on the Post Scripts page. 2/21/03
Kansas Authors Club District 1 is proud to have two members who received Olive Ann Beech Awards in the Kansas Factual Story Contest, a statewide contest sponsored by The Native Sons and Daughter of Kansas. Annette Hope Billings, District 1,Topeka, won First Place of $150 for her story, “Occasions to Laugh.” Annette turns a potentially embarrassing incident as a school girl at Clay Street Elementary to humor and a valuable life lesson. Trudy McFarland, District 1, Topeka, won Honorable Mention of $50 for her story, “McFarland’s Bakery and Cafe.” Trudy tells the story of McFarland’s Restaurant from the very beginning in 1934, showing how hard work as a family paid off. You can hear these wonderful Kansas stories read by their illustrious authors at the February 8 meeting of Kansas Authors Club District 1. Congratulations to you both! 2/21/03
Tulora Roeckers, District 1, District Vice-President, Topeka, has quite a bit of research going on now. Tulora is a psychology student at Washburn University. She recently won a Midwestern Psychological Association award for research "Effects of hair length and symmetry on perceptions of attractiveness and age." She previously was awarded a Psi Chi research grant for "Effects of hair length, hair color and facial symmetry on perceived attractiveness," which is a project that will be based on the first research project. She is also working on a project concerning emotional recall and brain function asymmetries in relation to handedness (lefties versus righties). Tulora says it's very interesting stuff! Tulora will be heading for the Midwest Psychological Association conference in Chicago in May. Congratulations, Tulora, and keep up the good work! 2/21/03

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Report of Meeting, March 8, 2003

District 1 met at McFarland’s. Restaurant at 12 noon. President Karen Brown welcomed 15 guests and club members to our meeting.
   Program: Our guest speaker was Sally Taylor, author of On My Own: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Young Adults. It is written in easy to read language and includes an interactive CD-ROM The large volume contains a wealth of information. Sally told the story of how this book came about. The information gathering took six years, but the actual work of putting the book together from start to finish was done in 13 months. Although the book is mainly advertised for the ages of 16 to 24, it provides useful information for many age groups, actually for anybody who struggles with all the questions and problems of independent living. Sally gave considerable information about the production and promotion of her book. She has formed her own company, Silly Goose Productions. We thank Sally Taylor very much for her most interesting presentation.
    Business Meeting: The treasurers report states that there is a balance of $ 82.04. Karen reported that no newsletter was sent this month because bad weather, so the balance will remain the same for this month.
   Planning for the 2004 Kansas Authors Club Centennial Convention: It was decided that Karen Brown’s report at the State Board Meeting on April 5 will state that the 2004 convention will have a historical emphasis to celebrate the Centennial. The convention planning committee reported on a tentative plan for the banquet program, which was approved. The committee will proceed to make arrangements.
    The committee’s proposal for sponsoring a statewide Write About a Kansas Author Contest this spring/summer, encouraging research on former club members, was approved. The goal of the contest is to raise awareness statewide about Kansas writers and to generate information that can be used in planning for the Centennial Celebration. The entry fees would be kept low, and there would be monetary prizes. Proposed dates for the contest are from April 15 to July 15 2003. The convention planning committee will complete plans for the contest by April 1, so that it can be presented at the State Board Meeting. A contest manager will need to be appointed and a sponsor found to help with prize money.
    The proposed theme for the Convention of 2004, for which we thank George Paris, was accepted.
   Trudy McFarland, one of our members, has donated $100 as seed money for the 2004 convention. It was decided that a special account for the Convention expenses will be started with it, to be managed by Bob Carey, treasurer. Additional money is being sought through a grant from the Kansas Humanities Council. Other ideas for fundraising would be welcome.
    The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Report of Meeting, February 8, 2003

KAC District 1 met at McFarland’s Restaurant at 12 noon. President Karen Brown welcomed 32 members and guests.
   Program: We had two speakers: Trudy McFarland and Annette Hope Billings, who won awards in this year’s Olive Ann Beach Factual Kansas Stories Contest, sponsored by the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas. Trudy McFarland read her story "McFarland’s Bakery and Cafe," which recounts vividly and often humorously how in 1934 her parents turned a tiny former barber shop into the small cafe that eventually became McFarland’s Restaurant. Trudy received an Honorable Mention for her story. Annette Hope Billings, who was the First Prize winner, read her story "Occasions to Laugh," which tells how she changed an embarrassing childhood event involving her prized kilt skirt into an occasion to laugh right along with everyone else. She also read poetry and prose from her recently published book Hope’s Wife.
   Business Meeting: The minutes sent to the members in the news letter were approved without changes. The president reminds everybody to let her know if they can get the newsletter via E-mail. This would greatly cut down on mailing costs. Carol Yoho is doing an excellent job in keeping up the web page. Please contact Karen Brown if you have information that would of interest to KAC members.
   Book Signing at Hastings: Carol Yoho reported on the book signing for eight Kansas Authors Club authors at Hastings on Saturday, March 15, from 1 - 4 p.m. This may be the first in a series if other authors would like to organize a similar event. Hastings is willing.
   Writers in the Schools: Naomi Patterson reported that she is proceeding with this program. Starting in September she will be four days per month at Topeka Lutheran School. Donna Rankin also had some interesting suggestions she wants to pursue. If you have some ideas or want to help, please contact Naomi Patterson.
   Convention 2004: The first meeting of the planning committee was today at 11 a.m. Carol Yoho presented the logo she has designed, which was generally very well received. The convention is set for October 22 – 24, 2004, at the Capital Plaza Hotel and Convention Center. There was some discussion about theme and name for the convention, but no firm decisions were made. Ideas should be forwarded to someone on the committee: Karen Brown, George Paris, Evie Green, Trudy McFarland, Myron Dunavan, Bob Carey, or Agnes Kazminski.
    The meeting was adjourned.
—Respectfully submitted by
Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Creative Writing Class:Esther Luttrell's creative writing class at Unity will be every Saturday, beginning February 8, 2003,.from 3-5 pm, on a love offering basis. The class will be ongoing, and Esther is open to let it evolve as the students wish. The class will be loosely based on concepts out of Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones. No registration is required, but is appreciated. You can call the church office and Michael Jamison, for details on directions to Unity or anything else you might want to know. I surely hope we see you there! Contact: Michael Jamison, UNITY CHURCH OF CHRISTIANITY, 9126 SW 10th St
Topeka KS 66615-96911, 785-478-1333

Screenwriting Class: Esther Luttrell’s Screenwriting Class at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library begins on February 4th, 6-8 pm (Tuesdays). It will run for 6 weeks. The cost of $10 per session is to be paid upfront on the first night. Esther’s book Tools of the Screenwriting Trade, which she will be using to teach the course, will be available at a discount to students, but purchase is not mandatory. See also Screen Writers News web site.

Report of Meeting, January 11, 2003

District 1 met at McFarland’s Restaurant at 12 noon. Two participants in the Lutheran Fine Art Council’s Children’s Writing Contest read their winning entries. Rachael Rost, age 13, read her First Place poem “It’s Great to Be a Kid.” Chelsea Rogers, age 13, read her First Place “The True Story.”
   Program: Our guest speaker was Esther Luttrell. She is a screenwriter and worked for years in Hollywood. We heard about her experiences, how she came to Los Angeles and became a screenwriter, and her extensive experience as a screenwriter for feature films, movies, and television specials. Esther briefly discussed how to turn a novel into a screenplay. She explained that a movie often changes the story and has a different emphasis then the book. The reasons can be varied; for example that a permit for a certain shot is too difficult to obtain. She also reported that it most often takes a long time till a novel is accepted for a movie. Driving Miss Daisy, for example, took 5 years. We thank Esther Luttrell very much for her interesting presentation, which was enjoyed by our members.
   Business meeting report: The minutes were sent out to the members in the newsletter. There were no changes and they were accepted as written. Bob Carey, Treasurer, reported a balance of $208.00.
   Karen Brown, President, discussed the cost of mailing the newsletter. We have enjoyed an increase in membership and we also want to send our newsletter to prospective members. In addition the state organization asks that newsletters be sent to members of the state board. The cost of mailing is a significant drain on our treasury. She asked that those members who are satisfied with receiving the news as posted on the website instead of the paper newsletter notify her. We thank Carol Yoho for creating and updating our District 1 web page. We will continue to send the newsletter to members who do not use e-mail.
   Carol Yoho reported that the bookstore Hastings is offering to host a booksigning for our members on a Saturday afternoon. They would take books written by our members on consignment Authors would make individual arrangements with the store to sell their books. A month advance notice is needed. Carol had a sign-up sheet for those interested in participating in such an event.
   The Writers in Schools program was discussed. At present few of us are involved in it. Myron Dunavan asked six of us to serve as judges for the Lutheran Fine Arts Council’s Writing Contest for Children. Naomi Patterson and Max Yoho have done presentations in schools. Karen suggested that we name a person to be in charge of this important program in our district. The state chairperson is Frankie Roland. Naomi Patterson volunteered, and Karen Brown appointed her to serve as Chair for Writers in the Schools for District 1.
   Convention 2004: Karen will call for a meeting of the planning committee in the near future. She also mentioned that the help of all club members in one way or another would be necessary for this big event. Carol Yoho has developed some sketches for our logo. Some suggestions for name and theme were discussed. These issues about the convention were deferred to the planning committee for discussion and recommendations. The committee was asked to develop a list of job assignments to be presented at a future meeting.
    The meeting was adjourned.
—Submitted by
Agnes Kazminski, Secretary

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Lutheran Fine Arts Council's Children's Writing Contest
2002–2003 Winners Announced

Winners of the contest were honored at a reading and reception at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 6130 SW 17th St., Topeka, on Sunday, January 12, 2003. Duane Herrmann read selections for children. Some of the young writers read their winning works. Members of Kansas Authors Club, District 1 attended the reception.

The contest was judged by members of Kansas Authors Club, District 1. Thanks to Barbara Lerma, Donna Rankin, John Gould, George Paris, Myron Dunavan, and Karen Brown, who served as judges. Prizes were awarded according to age categories.

Prose Winners

  • Sergei Dahlman, age 7, First Place for “Witch's Party” (Our Savior’s Lutheran Church)
  • Brooke Schultz, age 9, First Place for “The Day It Rained Chocolate” (Our Savior's Lutheran. Church)
  • Kristin Lange, age 11, Second Place for “Expect the Unexpected” (St. John's Lutheran Church)
  • Rachael Coker, age 12, Third Place for “Trapped Inside a Bouncy Ball” (Our Savior's Lutheran Church)
  • Chelsea Rogers, age 13, First Place for “The True Story” (St. John's Lutheran Church)
  • Elise Burns, age 13, Second Place for “All Things Are Possible” (Christ Lutheran Church)
  • Stephanie Lange, age 14, Third Place for “From Rags to Somewhat Riches” (St. John's Lutheran Church)
  • Cale Neddermeyer, age 13, Third Place for “My Dogs” (Faith Lutheran Church)
Poetry Winners
  • Carissa Mahon, age 8, First Place for “What A Day!” (Faith Lutheran Church)
  • Kaitlin Roesch, age 8, Second Place for “Trinity” (Trinity Lutheran Church)
  • Carissa Mahon, age 8, Third Place for “The Winter of 2001” (Faith Lutheran Church)
  • Michelle Smith, age 11, First Place for “The World” (Hope Lutheran Church)
  • Brooke Schultz, age 9, Second Place for “September 11”; Third Place for “My Land” (Our Savior’s Lutheran Church)
  • Delanie Atteberry, age 10, Third Place for “Jesus” (Christ Lutheran Church)
  • Rachael Rost, age 13, First Place for “It’s Great to Be a Kid”; Second Place “Our Salvation” (St. John's Lutheran Church)
  • Jonathan Currie, age 12,Third Place for “Josh Rhyme” (St. John's Lutheran Church)
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