Members of District 1 Kansas Authors Club again judged the 2005 Lutheran Fine Arts Council Children's Writing Contest.     Awards were awarded
the winners of the writing contest on March 13, 2005 at the Topeka's Barnes & Noble Bookseller.

—Our thanks to Kansas Authors Club District 1 writing judges:
Errol Anderson
, Connie Beckett, Karen Brown, Myron Dunavan, Judie Miller,
Naomi Patterson
, Mary Lou Stein, and Rosemary Torrez

Lutheran Fine Arts Council Children's Writing Contest
2005 Winners


1 - 3 grades
1 Madison Schultz for “My Cat Bella”
2 Brian Wenger for “My Fat Cat”
3 Emmalie Myers for “Giant Pandas”

4 - 6 grades
1 Dalton Savage for “Otter's Treasure”
2 Sergei Dahlman for “The Color of Flowers”
3 Sergei Dahlman for “Open Doors Poem”
Honorable Mention to Patrick Dahlman for “Leprechaun”

7 - 9 grades
1 Kyle Loupe for “Little Child”
2 Samantha Bly for “The Tragic Life (and Death) of Jonny Bloo”
3 Delanie Attebury for “Sun”


1 - 3 grades
1 Allison Scott for “Shadowface”
2 Brian Wenger for “The Cats Who Went to School”
3 Ellen Wenger for “Ellen's Kittens”
Honorable Mention to Sara Price for “The Dancing Christmas”

4 - 6 grades
1 Marissa Khelil for “Leaving Home”
2 Jasmine Norman for “Candy and Cavities”
3 Dalton Savage for “Halloween Night”
Honorable Mention to Michael Frampton for “The Lost Bells”

7 - 9 grades
1 Kristin Lange for “What Would God Do?”
2 Rachel Kueck for “Oliver's Day”
3 Emily Prost for “The Bubblegum Moon”