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[graphic dot]Eunice Boeve
[graphic dot]Dan Close
[graphic dot]Pat Davids
[graphic dot]Paul E. Jackson
[graphic dot]Nancy Julien Kopp
[graphic dot]Stephanie A. Mann
[graphic dot]William Sheldon

[graphic dot]Tracy Million Simmons
[graphic dot]Ken Spurgeon
[graphic dot]Patsy Terrell
[graphic dot]B.D. Tharp
[graphic dot]Katie Funk Wiebe
[graphic dot]Jeb Wright
[graphic dot]Carol Yoho

Eunice BoeveEunice Boeve, born and raised in Montana and Idaho, married a Kansan she met while he was stationed in Montana in the Air Force. She has now lived in Kansas nearly forever. Writing since her mid-thirties, Eunice's children's short stories were the first to be published, followed by books of historical fiction. Her books Trapped and The Summer of the Crow (a Coffin Award book) were Kansas Reading Circle selections. Her novel Maggie Rose and Sass was chosen a Kansas Notable book.

Since then, Eunice has written two adult westerns, Ride a Shadowed Trail (Coffin Award) and its sequel Crossed Trails. Echoes of Kansas Past, a children's time travel story, was published the summer of 2012. For the past two and a half years, Eunice has written a yearly serial story for children for Newspapers in Education, appearing in many newspapers over the state. Her latest story, "A Home For Us," is about a boy who comes to Kansas on an Orphan Train. "Wishing You Home," written last year about a Kansas boy during WWII, won third place in the NIE program contest.

[graphic dot]"Emotions/Feelings Never Change—Writing the Children's Story"  —In Eunice's words, "Our hearts, our souls, our hopes, our fears live in the most successful of books, whether for children or adults. If our words are to touch the hearts of others, they need to touch our hearts first, or they will fail."

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Dan CloseDan Close is a tenured associate professor in the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University, where he has taught a variety of news, feature, editing, online and design courses for more than 20 years. He has advised the student newspaper staff of The Sunflower for 15 years. Previously, Dan was a reporter and editor for 14 years at The Wichita Eagle and a number of community newspapers. He was the editorial consultant for Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of the Serial Killer Next Door (HarperCollins, 2007).

[graphic dot]"Coaching Your Way to Constructive Criticism—Or Does Your Writing Sparkle or Suck?" — Despite a lone wolf mentality, constructive criticism of our writing can prove invaluable. Learn about the best ways to get your work honestly critiqued. The focus will be on using a proven coaching method to plan, create, edit and critique your work with a trusted mentor. A key step: What to do with all the positive/negative advice? Tips on what to believe about the confusing world of writer's groups, blog sites and contests will be discussed.

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Pat DavidsPat Davids, born and raised near Abilene, Kansas, enjoyed a rough and tumble childhood on the farm with her four brothers, three horses and a few dogs. In 1973 Pat wrote a letter to a lonely sailor at the request of a friend and her talent with words resulted in love and marriage to that same sailor. Always an avid reader, it would take a career in nursing and raising her family before she turned her attention to writing in 1996. Years of hard work and numerous rejections paid off in January of 2006 when her first book hit the shelves.

[graphic dot]"It Takes More than a Bonnet" —Today, an award-winning author of 20 Inspirational romance novels, Pat will present an overview of the popular genre of Amish fiction.In addition to a brief look at the history and popularity of Amish fiction, Pat will focus on what is needed to create a story with Amish characters and which publishers are looking for them.

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Paul E. JacksonPaul E. Jackson is a local composer, lyricist and performer who has appeared on almost every stage in Wichita. As a composer/lyricist he is best known for the Forum Theater's A Christmas Carol, A Spirited New Musical, for which he composed the music and lyrics. Prior to that most of his work had been produced in association with the Wichita Center for the Arts where workshops productions were held of his shows, The Wedding Project and The Bookless Musical. During the 1980's Paul wrote the majority of the music and lyrics for Lafitte, a musical based on the adventurous life of the New Orleans’ pirate. This show had a subsequent production at a musical theater festival in New York where it garnered an award for best new show.

In the summer of 2011, Paul and Wichita writer and KAC member Conrad Jestmore were asked by the Forum Theatre to write a new musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

[graphic dot]“From Big Ben to The Keeper of the Plains — Adapting Dickens' A Christmas Carol for a New Wichita Audience” —Paul will speak on the challenges of taking such a familiar work and presenting it for modern audiences. He will discuss his experience as the composer/lyricist and share his creative process when writing songs for the stage. 

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Nancy Julien KoppNancy Julien Kopp is a Kansan who grew up in Chicago. She and her retired husband live in Manhattan. Although she started writing late in life, Nancy has been published in 13 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, plus several other anthologies including Guideposts and the new series Not Your Mother's Book, along with ezines, newspapers and magazines. She gives programs to local groups and urges others to write family stories.

Once a classroom teacher, she now teaches through the written word. Visit her Monday through Friday blog for tips and encouragement for writers at www.writergrannysworld.blogpsot.com

[graphic dot]"Preserving the Best of Past Practices: How to Bring Back the Good Ol' Days" —Join us for a lively discussion:
We'll take a discerning look at Kansas Authors Club — where it's been, where it is now and how to move forward.

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Stephanie A. MannStephanie A. Mann, author of Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation, earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English Language and Literature from Wichita State University. She has taught English and History classes at W.S.U. and Newman University, as well as ministry and spirituality-based courses at various religious venues. Working on a second book about the stories of the English Catholic Martyrs, Stephanie has also written articles for online and print publications, and blogs at www.supremacyandsurvival.blogspot.com.

[graphic dot]“Marketing a Non-Fiction Book to a Niche Audience: It’s Quite a F.E.A.T.” —Stephanie will describe strategies she has developed and techniques she employs to promote her non-fiction, historical work to a niche audience of readers interesting in the history of religion in England. With humility and humor, Stephanie outlines her successes and failures, offering insights and lessons learned by using the acronym F.E.A.T.: F = Finding a Publisher and an Audience (research and success); E = Establishing a Platform (broadcast, print, and on-line social media); A = Addressing Challenges and Opportunities (current events and limitations); T = Tracking down Contacts and Customers (networking and working).

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William SheldonWilliam Sheldon lives with his family in Hutchinson, Kansas, where he writes and teaches at Hutchinson Community College. His poetry and prose have appeared widely in small press publications, including Columbia, Epoch, Midwest Quarterly, New Letters, and Prairie Schooner. He is the author of three collections of poetry, Retrieving Old Bones (Woodley, 2002), Into Distant Grass (Oil Hill Press, 2009), and Rain Comes Riding (Mammoth, 2011). Retrieving Old Bones was a 2002 Kansas City Star Notable Book and was named one of the Great Plains Alliance's Great Books of the Great Plains.

[graphic dot]"These Are Your Poets and Your Poems: Kansas Voices" —Bill's presentation will discuss the "Kansas Voice" in contemporary poetry with focus, in particular, on poetry of William Stafford, Steven Hind, Denise Low, Harley Elliott, and others.

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Tracy Million SimmonsTracy Million Simmons has spent most of her adult life in print and publishing in one form or another, with more than a decade now of professional freelance writing for both print and online publications. She has worked on the preparation side for self-published and vanity press books, as well as electronic publication from websites to e-books. She has published everything from feature articles in national and niche publications to ghostwritten material for busy health professionals. "Online" since 1990, Tracy considers the advent of the internet and electronic publishing options a core component of her growth and history as a writer. Tracy has been producing the Kansas Authors Club yearbook since 2007, the KAC Youth Award book, and is the author of Tiger Hunting, a novel published in April 2013. tracymillionsimmons.com

[graphic dot]"PublishingTools for Today and the Future" Tracy and Carol will talk about independent publishing in the era of digital e-readers and print-on-demand. They’ll discuss the evolution of electronic tools, formatting trends for print and e-readers, and self-promotion involving web sites, blogs and social media. The session will involve audience dialogue and shared experiences.

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Ken SpurgeonKen Spurgeon has spent the last 15 years teaching at the middle, high school and college levels. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in History from Wichita State University. He served for six years as the Director of Instruction for Cowley College, Arkansas City, Kansas. He currently is a History and Government teacher at Northfield School of the Liberal Arts and at Newman University in Wichita..

Ken was the writer and producer of the Lone Chimney Films documentary Touched by Fire: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 and served as the writer and director for Bloody Dawn: The Lawrence Massacre and the upcoming documentary The Road to Valhalla. He is the co-founder of Lone Chimney Films, Inc. and has served as executive director since 2004.

He has recently completed a book published by the History Press, Charleston,
South Carolina, released on March 12, 2013, A Kansas Soldier at War: The Civil War Letters of Christian and Elise Dubach Iseyy.

Ken and his wife, Amy, have four children and live on a farm near Towanda.

[graphic dot]"Historical Storytelling" —Maybe you’ve been interested in a specific historical event or period for quite some time or perhaps you’ve just stumbled across a factually based tidbit that you feel is a good possibility for a book. Explore the idea of finding, developing and creating a compelling story based on accurate historical facts and research. Ken is a dedicated Kansas historian and educator, spellbounding storyteller and top-notch presenter.

[graphic dot]"From Story to Film" —Ever wonder about the nitty gritty of taking a story and bringing it to life through film? Join Ken for a behind-the-scenes look at what is involved to get from printed page to big screen as he discusses his hands-on experiences with writing, producing and directing three full-length documentaries, the latest being “The Road to Valhalla” filmed earlier this year and due out this month.

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Patsy TerrellPatsy Terrell is a consultant with an extensive background in marketing and public relations. She blends her knowledge of new media with her foundation in traditional marketing for maximum benefit to clients, including authors, the tourism industry, museums, businesses and organizations. Terrell has worked in radio, television and print journalism. She does freelance writing for a number of publications and has a monthly column in Kansas Country Living. Patsy believes the best marketing results from a plan that encompasses both traditional and new media.

[graphic dot]"Marketing 101" —If you're self-publishing or looking for a traditional publisher, you'll be expected to handle much of the marketing and public relations yourself. The best marketing results from a plan that encompasses both traditional and new media to reach your goals. We'll cover everything from how and why to write a press release, to how to build a platform using social media. 

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P.D. TharpB.D. Tharp —Born and raised in Kansas, B.D. Tharp spent many of her formative years in her grandmother’s kitchen as official taste tester and believes that all the best discussions happen around the kitchen table. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Wichita State University with a B.A. in Communications, Women & Minority Studies and Fine Arts, her award-winning women’s fiction novel, Feisty Family Values, was chosen one of the 150 Kansas Best Books, named as a finalist for the USA News Best Books of 2010 and was winner of the J. Coffin Memorial Book Award for 2011. Additional publishing credits include magazine articles, essays and short stories in numerous publications.

[graphic dot]“How to Keep Readers Turning the Page” —B.D. feels that today’s readers are much different then those in the early 20th century. Recognizing that book lovers want to jump into the middle of the action and get involved with the characters as if they were family, she will talk about the best ways to make your story one that a reader can't put down.

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Katie Funk WiebeKatie Funk Wiebe, professor emeritus of Tabor College, inherited her love of family history from her German-Russian immigrant parents. She has tried to pass that love on to others through her books and by teaching classes on writing family history at Wichita-based LifeVentures, as well as doing other regional workshops, and appearing as a popular speaker for many community organizations and clubs.

[graphic dot]"Everyone has a story to tell. If you don't tell it, who will?" —Described as being the "Gold Standard" author in family history, Katie's most recent books are How to Write Your Personal or Family History — If You Don't Do It, Who Will? (Good Books) and You Never Gave Me a Name (Cascadia). An early book is Good Times with Old Times: How to Write Your Memoirs. Katie inspires her audience to get started by "digging into the soil of the past," organizing the findings and then keeping the momentum going.

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Jeb WrightJeb Wright is an internationally published rock and roll journalist, appearing in numerous rock magazines around the world. He has written many cover stories and articles for artists as diverse as John Fogerty, Motley Crue, The Kinks, Kansas, Styx, Ozzy Osbourne and Heart.

In 1999, Wright started the website, Classic Rock Revisited, without any computer or journalism training. The website is one of the oldest and largest websites on Classic Rock from the 1970’s and 1980’s in the world. He did all of this while a resident of Arkansas City a small town in south central Kansas. Wright has conducted over 1100 hundred interviews with Rock Royalty.  His interviewing style consists of knowing his stuff and presenting himself as just having a conversation with his subjects.  This style leads to open, honest, and often provocative interviews. 

Wright has two books, the self-published Stadium Rock and Rock Icons N' Metal Gods, published by Rock and Roll Books. Both feature Wright’s best interviews from Classic Rock Revisited.

[graphic dot]"Interviewing, Blogging & Rock 'n' Roll" —Classic Rock Revisited mastermind and published author, will be speaking about his experiences in turning his blog of rock star interviews into the published book, Rock Icons N' Metal Gods. He will answer questions about interviewing, blogging and publishing.

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Carol YohoCarol Yoho has a background in fine arts and media education. She has been involved in creating print and non-print graphics, digital photography and in web publishing. Carol holds a Master of Science degree in Media Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washburn University. Currently she does freelance web site design and maintains web sites for non-profit businesses in the Topeka area and statewide (including Kansas Authors Club). She’s helped publish seven Indie books to date.
Dancing Goat Press.

[graphic dot]"PublishingTools for Today and the Future" —Tracy and Carol will talk about independent publishing in the era of digital e-readers and print-on-demand. They’ll discuss the evolution of electronic tools, formatting trends for print and e-readers, and self-promotion involving web sites, blogs and social media. The session will involve audience dialogue and shared experiences.

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