2010 Youth
Writing Contest Results

Contest Manager
Kristine A. Plansky

The 2010 KAC Youth Contest had three categories:
, Fiction and Non-fiction.

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Poetry Judges
Karen Rappoport (1-7) is a recently retired teacher with a doctorate in children’s drama. She has supported the Newspapers in Education project, proofread books for adults, and worked at getting children’s authors to Manhattan, Kansas.
Debra Schapaugh (1-12) is a Title One teacher in the Manhattan-Odgen School District. She has achieved Master Teacher Certification. For Mrs. Schapaugh, writing forms the foundation for the teaching of reading and helps her bring out the best in students.
Katherine Swenson (1-12) has a master’s degree in education and currently teaches first grade in the Manhattan-Odgen School District. She effectively uses writing to teach reading and has worked with Mrs. Rappoport to bring children’s authors to Manhattan.

1-2 grade Poetry
1 Anna Christmas   The Deadness on the Hill
2 Cassidy Williams   Horses

3-4 grade Poetry
1 Ben Whitney   Color Poems
2 Jenri Conley   On a Weird Morn at Corning Church
3 Alex King   Goodbye Summer
HM Sydney Sagehorn   My Pet Duck
HM Connor Sutton   Lord Brocktree
HM Sebastian Hickok   Sea Draconis

5-6 grade Poetry
1 Zach Winterman   The Error
2 Anna Grendah  

Silver Lining

3 Kara Nixon


Just Sit and Watch
HM Jeremy Sitz   Down the Slope
HM Lindsay McQuin   I Am
HM Catherine DeVillier   Fancy, the Little Dog

7-8 grade Poetry
1 Wren Howerton   Smile
2 Sha Noah Davis   The Way We Should Be
3 Sydney Nelson   Tomorrow
HM Will Katz   Do We Listen
HM Elizabeth Watson   Ode to Music
HM Kayla Marple   In the Morning’s Hazy Glow

9-12 grade
1 Tristan Opie   The Undefeatable Foe
2 Clark Wininger  

The Boy

3 Mikaela Harris   Rain and Wine
HM Chelsey Haden   The Runaway
HM Robbie Winslow   Sabotage

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Fiction Judges
Patricia Bonine (5-12) taught writing at the middle school/high school level for 35 years and, recently retired, is concentrating on her own writing. She is a member of Kansas Authors Club, the Write Stuff, and Kansas Writers Association.
Katherine Swenson (1-4) has a master’s degree in education and currently teaches first grade in the Manhattan-Odgen School District. She remembers her mother, Marie Peterson, an honoree of the Kansas Teacher Hall of Fame located in Dodge City, Kansas, incorporating writing experience in her grade school classrooms in Oakley and Monument, Kansas. Mrs. Swenson has continued the tradition of using writing to teach reading and has worked with other teachers to bring children’s authors to Manhattan.

1-2 grade Fiction

1 Cassidy Williams   The Two Lazy Sisters and One Cowgirl

3-4 grade Fiction
1 Alex King   Medusa’s Hair
2 Ryan Harra   The Age of Men
3 Sydney Sagehorn   Alphabet Soup (And How I Survived, Sort Of)
HM Kaman Simmons   Mr. Tum the Lonely Giant
HM Peyton Vincze   The Best Way to Shampoo a Hydra

5-6 grade Fiction
1 Terri Nutsch   The Day the Experiment was RUINED
2 Zac Scott   The Day My Pinky Finger Went Mad
3 Jeremy Sitz   The First Toy in Space
HM Mark Mondt   The Venus Twinkie Trap
HM Alisha Gupta   A Helping Hand

7-8 grade Fiction


Stephen Brown   Everest
2 Mia Haden   Cry
3 Amanda Harra   Riding Lessons
HM Wren Howerton   What’s Lurking Behind the Church Pews?

9-12 grade Fiction

1 Cole Fox   Tough Changes
2 Faith Thompson   Drive By
3 Whitney Horn   The Silver Lining
HM Chelsey Haden   Come Nightfall
HM Janice Alleyne   A Song for Mama

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Nonfiction Judge
Cecilia Harris (1-12) is a professional freelance writer who is the author of two books, Historic Homes of Abilene and Abilene's Carousel. She also writes regularly for KANSAS!, Sunflower Living, and The Greyhound Review magazines and has been published in Midwest Living, Territorial, Kansas Heritage, and Greyhound Monthly (England) magazines. Other work includes press releases, travel feature stories, video scripts, brochures, museum display texts, and newsletters.

1-2 grade Non-fiction

1 Cassidy Williams   First Communion

3-4 grade Non-fiction
1 Evan Byers   The Day My Grandpa Died
2 Peyton Williams   Weekend at KU
3 Chandler Dowd   Is He the Pizza King
HM Reilly Haverkamp   The Dolphin
HM Kaman Simmons   The World of the Sperm Whale

5-6 grade Non-fiction
1 Carina N. Smith   My First Rollercoaster
2 Hunter Williams   My Trip to Washington, D.C.
3 Sadie Polson   Bump! Set! Spike!: All the Way to Victory
HM Maddie Simmons   The Teddy Bear President
HM Lindsay McQuinn   Haiti Earthquake

7-8 grade Non-fiction
1 Jenny Crowther   A Quick Rise from Poverty
2 Mia Haden   Untitled
3 Ann Yu   Cherished Time
HM Elizabeth Watson   French is More Than a Language

9-12 grade Non-fiction
1 Chelsey Haden   A Sister’s Love
2 Jessica Hermesch   Paper Bag Tumble

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