Youth Contest Awards

Awards event moderator, District 2 Youth writer Duane Porter Duane signs copies of his books reception 1
reception 2 Evie serves cake. Sam pours punch. Young writers and families take part
Author's space Jama Gleue won several awards, plus third place in Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest KAC published a book of winning entries

Flashlight Tour of State Capitol

After the Youth Awards presentation on
Friday evening, October 16, convention attendees
took a Flashlight Tour of the Kansas State Capitol.

Capitol dome was our destination Tour guide gives lecture on building of the Capitol Tour guide answers questions Kids rode the elevator part way
Looking down into the rotunda Upper story pediment We begin our climb
Upper story stairways Between inner and outer domes Looking down on false inner dome from above
Families pause in their climb for more tour lecture Outside on viewing deck, looking northeast Charles Curtis Building and view to the southeast view to the north, and slightly west
Tracy Millions Simmons and others enjoy the arial view Kansas Indian statue points his arrow at the North Star Kansa Indian cheeks
Looking straight down toward the east Capitol entrance Return trip, looking downward at the path we've climbed Family rests as we exit the dome tour

KAC Convention Speakers

Lisa Harkrader Barbara Baldwin Angela Johnson Thomas Fox Averill
Lisa Harkrader
Barbara Baldwin
Angela Johnson
Thomas Fox Averill
Max McCoy Denise Low Mark Bouton T. Dawn Richard
Max McCoy
Denise Low
Mark Bowton
T. Dawn Richard
T. Dawn Richard presentation Denise Low presentation Thomas Fox Averill presentation

Saturday Luncheon

Mark Bouton District 1 President and host, Errol Anderson
T. Dawn Richard is luncheon speaker Saturday luncheon crowd

Saturday Banquet

Fred Appelhanz entertains with dulcimer music Fred Appelhanz plays dulcimer Errol Anderson, host
Head table with Max McCoy, Sarah Anderson, Barbara Brady, Yvonee Evie Green and Trudy McFarland More head table, with Don Pady, Grant Williams, Reaona Hemmingway Max McCoy is introduced by Mark Bouton
Max McCoy Max McCoy gives keynote address Max McCoy and head table group

KAC Awards of Merit

Trudy McFarland announces Service Award to Yvonee Evie Green Trudy and Evie
Service award winner and KAC state secretary Maryann Barry, with award announcer Joann Williams Roy Bird gets a hug from Service Award winner Carol Yoho


Maryann Barry, District 2 , Bucyrus, KAC State Secretary
Yvonne Evie Green, District 1, Topeka, District 1 Vice President and manager of The Write Stuff area writing group —
Carol Yoho
, District 1, Topeka, KAC State web site manager

Annette Wood Roy Bird Yvonne Evie Green

KAC Membership Awards

Honored for continuous membership of fifteen years, plus Honored for continuous membership of 20 years plus
Continuous members, 10 years and 15 years —Read entire list
Continuous members, 20 years +, and Octogenarians —Read entire list

Book Awards

Pat Furgeson announces Furgeson History Book Award Pat with Furgeson History Book Award honoree Eileen Umbehr
Grant with Coffin Book Award winner Eunice Boeve

Eunice Boeve with her award-winning novel, Ride a Shadowed Trail

Furgeson History Book Award went to Eileen Umbehr, D4, Alma, for Small Town Showdown.
Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award went to Eunice Boeve, D6, Phillipburg, for Ride a Shadowed Trail.
Nelson Poetry Book Award
was for Snake in the Cradle by Lora K. Reiter, D2, Ottawa [Lora was not present]

Pat with honoree Eileen Umbehr
Grant Williams announce J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award honoree

Fall Board Meeting

William J. Karnowski Doris Schroeder Ann Everett Maryann Barry Don Pady
Officers 2010 A Don Pady More officers for 2010
This says something
Group photo of KAC officers for 2010 District 1 members and friends helped host the event

2009 Annual Meeting

President Joan Williams Ann Everett Don Pady Anne Shievers Doris Schroeder

Sunday Panel Discussion

Mark Bouton Lisa Harkrader speaks about getting published Mark makes comments

Panel 2

Mark Denise Low Barbara Baldwin

Sunday Luncheon

Fred Appelhanz again entertains at our Sunday luncheon Sunday luncheon attendees President Joan Williams Errol Anderson

Karnowski Poetry Awards

Bill introduces Jessica Jessica Renzleman reads her poem Jake
Jessica Renzleman Jake Johnson Bill Karnowski introduces Youth Poetry honoree
Bill Karnowski and Jessica Renzelman Bill Karnowski and Jake Johnson Bill Karnowski with grandmother of Jama Gleue, Lorin Gleue
1st Place:
Jessica Renzelman, D1, for "Them"
2nd Place:
Jake Johnson, D6, for "A Hunter's Dream"
3rd Place:
Jama Gleue, D4, for "Hide and Seek"
Award accepted by Jama's grandmother, Lorine Gleue
Bill with Jessica, her mother, and her grandmother
William J. Karnowski with three generations:
Jessica, her mother, and her grandmother

Member Writing Awards


Poetry, Narrative Poetry, Haiku
Poetry: Narrative
3rd, Tom Mach, D2;
1st, George Paris, D1
Poetry: Haiku
1st, Virginia Hays, D5; HM Jean Jackson, D2; HM,
Yvonne Evie Green, D1; HM, Kristine Polansky, D1
Poetry, Free Verse Poetry, Classic Forms
Poetry: Free Verse
1st, George Paris, D1; 2nd, Rosemary Torrez, D1; 3rd, Jean Jackson, D2
Poetry: Classic Forms
1st, George Paris, D1; 2nd, Kristine Polansky, D1; 3rd, Ted Farmer, D5
Poetry, Whimsy Poetry, Rhyming Poetry, Theme
Poetry: Whimsy
1st & HM, Yvonne Evie Green, D1; 2nd, Barbara Booth, D4;
HM, Lorine Gleue, D4; HM, Sally Jadlow, D2; HM Kristine Polansky, D1
Poetry: Rhyming
HM, Kristine Polansky, D1
Poetry: Theme
1st, Barbara Brady, D1;
2nd, Yvonne Evie Green, D1

Read entire Poetry Winners List 2009


Prose, First Five Pages Prose, Inspirational Prose, Memoir Prose, Memoir, Honorable Mention
Prose: First 5 Pages
1st, Duane Johnson, D1
3rd, Joan Williams, D2
Prose: Inspirational
HM, Judie R. Miller, D1
Prose: Memoir
HM, Agnes Kasminski, D1
HM, Evie Green, D1
Prose: Memoir
HM, Kenneth Neel Holler, D5
Prose, Feature Article Prose for Children, Second place Prose for Children, Third Place
Prose: Feature Article
3rd, Barbara Lerma, D1; HM, Diane Palka, D2: HM, Judie R. Miller, D1
Prose for Children:
2nd, Kristine Polansky, D1
Prose for Children:
3rd, Jolene Haas, D3
Prose, Short Story Prose, Short Story Prose for Children, Honorable Mention
Prose: Short Story
2nd, Arlene R. Graber, D5
Prose: Short Story
3rd, Kenneth Neel Holler, D5; HM, Tom Morrisey, D2
Prose for Children: HM, Eunice Boeve, D5;
HM, Reaona Hemmingway, D1; HM Trudy McFarland, D1
Prose, Theme
Prose: Theme
1st, James Yoder, D5; 2nd, Joann Williams, D2; HM, Robert Conley, D1;
HM, Trudy McFarland, D1; HM, Barbara Brady, D1

Read entire Prose Winners List 2009

Invitation to 2010 Convention

Elizabeth Black Elizabeth Black 2 One Free Nation, Many Voices is theme of the 2009 KAC Convention, Lawrence, KS
District 2 President Elizabeth Black invites attendees to come to KAC Convention 2010 in Lawrence, KS.


Capitol Plaza fountain Capitol Plaza, high in the elevator Capitol Plaza fountain
Book Room assistants, Sarah Anderson and Patsie Sweeden Book Room 1 Book Room 2
Lisa Harkrader Thomas Fox Averill Angela Johnson William J. Karnowski Carol and Max Yoho Fred Appelhanz
Saturday banquet podium area coffee break members attend Sunday panel discussion
Listening as writing competition winners are announced Sam Pierson and Gary Clarke Hosts welcoming attendees are Rosemary, Sam, Evie, Carolyn and Judie
Gathering for KAC annual meeting Saturday evening banquet meal

See and copy high resolution 2009 Convention photos on flickr--flinthillsgal & flickr--goobmom23

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