2008 Youth
Writing Contest Results

Contest Manager
Christie Breault

The 2008 KAC Youth Contest had three categories: Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction. Entrants entered their grade level as of April 2007.

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1-2 grade Poetry
1 April Ma   Purple Thunder
2 Katie Rocky   Damsel in Distress
3 Taylor Smith   Rain
1HM Anthony Oshakuade   Tall Flower
2HM Diane FInk   GUM (Haiku)

3-4 grade Poetry
1 Katie Buhler   Fenestrellina
2 Tom Teeter   Nature is My Friend
3 Catherine DeVillierr   My Doll
1HM Haley Grable   Tornado
2HM Bryce Griffin   Loved One Lost

5-6 grade Poetry
1 Lauren Griffen   What Do You Need???
2 Tammy Ma  

Nature's Song

3 Lauren Gibson


Nature Calls
HM Mailia Carr   The Working Writer
HM Jacob Schaefer   Steven Irwin

7-8 grade Poetry
1 Daphne Tibbetts   Crystal Powder
2 Christine Conway   Come Saturday Morning
3 Rachel Strohkorb   Run
HM Brenden Kearney   Running
HM Chelsey Haden   When You Get in Your Bed

9-12 grade
1 Erin Rand   The Struggle of Song
2 Jennifer Dwyer  


3 Kelsey Williams   High School
HM Garrett Newman   Tornado
HM Kayla McKinney   Just-Friends-Love

1-2 grade Fiction
1 Ryan Harra   Edward the Flying Alligator
2 Rachel Lian Zhang   The Little Tropical Fish
3 Diane Fink   Beaver Blessings
1HM Jonathan Martin   Adventure of Jon and Snuggles
2HM Ben Whitney   Highway 27

3-4 grade Fiction
1 Katie Buhler   The Book Tunnel
2 Madison Jensen   The Magic Tree
3 Haley Grable   The Fall of King Martin
1HM Hunter Williams   The Mysterious Door
2HM Rodney Longshaw   The Spies

5-6 grade Fiction
1 Amanda Harra   Freedom
2 Alex Gabrielli   A Day in the Forest
3 Kent Willmeth   How the Tiger Got His Stripes
HM Leah Metzger   The Royal Nut
HM Audrey Phillips   My Life as a Tawny Owl

7-8 grade Fiction


Allison Rand   Gone
2 Lexia Aurand   Journey West
3 Jessica Renzelman   Even
1HM Kerianne Petersen   Excerpt from The Prize
2HM Beth Ekis   The So-Called Life of Emily Perkes

9-12 grade Fiction

1(tie) Sam Teeter   The Story of the Dead Parachutist
1(tie) Allison Lemke   Seven Gates
2 Bailey Slavik   A Sidekick's View on Life
3 Erin Rand   Playing the Melody
1HM Deborah Wild   Children of the Choice
2HM Andres Nielson   Doris

1-2 grade Non-fiction
1 Darrah Devinney   The Trip to New Mexico
2 Anthony Oshakuade   Trip to the Zoo
3 April Ma   Red Barn Farm Field Trip
1HM Lasondra Aurand   My Dog Indy

3-4 grade Non-fiction
1 Grace McGowen   The Best News Ever!
2 Sarah Smith   Trying Something New
3(tie) Hannah Wild   Attack of the Four and Unders
3(tie) Clayton PhIlips   Summer is the Best
1HM Ellen Wenger   A Monster--ous Experience
2HM Rodney Longshaw   My Dog Yogi the Bear

5-6 grade Non-fiction
1 Mia Haden   Riding a Bike
2 Patrick Oshakuade   My Fear of Thunderstorms
3 Cory Conway   Who Nose What Might Happen!
1HM Jenny Crowther   If You Want an Exciting Vacation
2HM Amanda Harra   My Mt. Rushmore

7-8 grade Non-fiction
1 Jessica Renzelman   Black Ice
2 Prudence Wild   The Fight
3 Kerianne Petersen   Look, Mom, No Hands!
1HM Jessica Hermesch   I Can Be the Change
2HM Elizabeth Oshakuade   Global Cleanup

9-12 grade Non-fiction
1 Erin Rand   For Better or For Worse
2 Deborah Wild   To Stacey
3 Laurina Hannan   Walt Disney
1HM Luke Eschliman   What Makes a Hero?
2HM Rebha Chalise   Through a Sophomore's Eyes

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2008 Youth Judges

Poetry judges were:

  • Chantel C. Guidry (9-12) Chantel is an award-winning poet who has self-published her poetry in three booklets. She spent August 2007 in residence at the Harveyville Project, a retreat for artists and writers in Harveyville, Kansas. Her alter ego, Lawrence's Poet-in-the-Box, often entertains at community events across town. Chantel grew up in Southwestern Louisiana and has lived in Kansas since 2001.
  • Colleen Kelly Johnston (7-8) Colleen had her first poem published when she was a senior in high school. She wrote the first consumer newspaper columns in the Midwest and now writes poetry and short stories. Her first chapbook of poetry and memoirs, Stepping Stones: Moments in a Woman's Life , came out in 2000. A second chapbook and a collection of short stories will be published in early 2009.
  • Karen Madorin (1-2, 3-4 & 5--6) Karen is a high school English teacher whose students have won a number of writing awards. She teaches a writing workshop at Prairie Winds Young Writers Retreat each spring, and she writes an outdoor column for the Hays Daily News. Karen has published poetry and short stories, and is currently working on a novel.

Fiction judges were:

  • Lois Ruby (7-8 & 9-12) Lois is a former librarian who writes novels for kids age 10-16. Some of her books are about contemporary teens, but most are historical fiction set in any time period that captures her imagination. After 30 wonderful Kansas years, she now lives in Albuquerque with her husband Tom, with whom she shares three sons, three daughters-in-law, and four brilliant grandchildren.
  • Esther Luttrell (5-6) Esther has worked as writer-director-producer of documentaries, educational films, and syndicated television programs in the Midwest. She has worked in Los Angeles for CBS, then MGM Studios. Since moving to the Midwest five years ago, she has co-written and produced a feature film and authored four books.
  • Richard (Rik) Paul Tanos (1-2 & 3-4) Rik was born in Niagara Falls, Canada, moved to Florida in 1991 and then to Coffeyville in 2004. He started writing in 2000 with his debut novel The Home Child . Since then he has self-published fourteen novels. Mr. Tanos mainly writes historical novels, but also likes to write fiction.

Non-fiction judges were:

  • Cynthia Harris (7-8 & 9-12) Cynthia is a non-fiction writer. She is co-author of the newly released Hometown Appetites: The Story of Clementine Paddleford, The Forgotten Food Writer Who Chronicled How Ameria Ate; a contributing author to K-State Agronomy: A Century Remembered, 1906-2006; and her short story "The Blue Goose: A Rough Landing to Get Home" was published in the online magazine Eye On Kansas, Summer 2008.
  • Conrad Jestmore (5-6) Conrad has been a literature and drama teacher for over thirty years. He enjoys writing in all genres, but has published poetry, memoirs and short stories in various anthologies and journals. His agent currently has his mystery novel making the rounds of publishing houses.
  • L. Kathleen Nelzen (1-2 & 3-4) Kathleen is the author of Imagine That! She expresses her imagination through writing and, with her husband, operating an online novelty store, as well as creating newsletters and product brochures for various clubs and businesses. She has won writing contests from ByLine magazine and Kansas Authors Club. Ms. Nelzen is currently working on a light-hearted genealogy ‘how to' tentatively titled ‘Who Do You Think You Are?'
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