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2008 Book Award Reviews:

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J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award
Nelson Poetry Book Award
History Book Award

2008 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award:
Sam Pierson
, District 2 , Lebo
Targets of Rage

Targets of Rage by Sam PiersonTargets of Rage is a suspense novel, set in and around Ottawa, Kansas. Sheriff Thad Marlow is looking for a murderer, a murderer who may be looking to kill again. Citizens just want the murders to stop. It has been one bad thing after the other ever since that blonde arrived in town claiming everything Old Emma Fisher used to own. Sam Pierson with Targets of RageAnd, there are some that think the sheriff is giving that damn nutty kid with the shifty eyes and slow wit, too much rope.
    Someone’s home will be destroyed. There is another murder. People are afraid for their lives and they are asking for blood, even if it isn’t the real murderer’s blood.
    A group of old men who play detective in a restaurant situated at the edge of Ottawa, will take part in the arrest of a bumbling taxi driver, and a fumbling old man and his new friend will bring the end to the murderer's trail of blood.
   And wouldn’t you know, love blooms during all of this mayhem.

Judge’s statement :
"Sam Pierson's book, Targets of Rage, is well written and an enjoyable book to read. Her ability to present the written word was amazing. My wife who is a professor of English and my daughter, who is a teacher also, read all of the books in the contest and, without consultation between us, we all chose the winner, Targets of Rage."
2008 Judge: Troy Boucher is Chair of English program and Professor of English at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. He is a Kansas author and a former member of the Kansas Authors Club.  He has judged for the prestigious "Kansas Voices" literary contest, along with other local projects.

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2008 Nelson Poetry Book Award:
Tom Mach, District 2, Lawrence.
The Uni Verse
The Uni Verse by Tom Mach

In The Uni Verse, poet Tom Mach attempts to look through Walt Whitman's eyes as he contemplates the wonders of our amazing cosmos. Tom Mach"Like Whitman," Mach writes, "I know I am deathless and I will live on because my soul lives on."  Broken into three sections, "Song of Beginnings", "Song of the Solar System", and  "Song of the Earth," poems in The Uni Verse are, according to one reviewer, "bright shining diamonds lurking amongst the other minor gems."

Judge’s statement :
"The book was professional in its content and its presentation. It was the best of the competition."

2008 Judge: Ms. Marlys Cervantes is the Chairperson for the Humanities Department for Cowley College. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in English at Oklahoma State University and her Masters of Arts Degree in Literature at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater Oklahoma.  She has been honored with the Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence and has been presented with the awards of Master Teacher and the award of Master Presenter. She is active at the Ponca Playhouse in Ponca City Oklahoma, RAIN Team, and ReACT. She also is the co-Director for the Multicultural Scholars program and is responsible for the Creative Claws writing club.

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2008 History Book Award:
Richard P. Tanos, District 3, Coffeyville
The Best Ever: A centennial celebration in Montgomery County, Kansas

Richard P. TanosThis book covers, in words and pictures, the history of the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo on its 100th anniversary. It was published by Tanos Book Publishing, Coffeyville, KS.

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