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2008 Convention Photos:

Photos by Tracy Simmons,
prepared for the web by Carol Yoho

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Don and ErrolCnythia, Virginia, Joan and Judy
Prem and Raj Bajaj Carol, Max, Cozette and PaulineKathleen and Tony Nelzen

District 6 and 7 Convention Organizers
District 6 and 7 convention organizers
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Workshop Speakers
Prem Bajaj – Letters to the EditorJane Holwerda – Poetry|CreativityCharlotte Hinger - Writing History
Charlene Scott – Newspaper Writing Amy Becker Eunice Boeve – Children’s Writing
Mark Simmons – Science Fiction Writing Gary Kraisinger – Historical Cattle Trails

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Dodge City Marshal Allen D. Bailey
singin' recitin' talkin' turkey

2009 KAC Officers
who were present at the convention

2009 KAC Officers

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head table, right of podium
head table, left of podium
Marshal Bailey swears in Joann Williams as Dodge City deputy
Teresa Fink, District 6 President Charlotte Hinger, keynote address Lorena Joyce Herrmann and Wayne Horlacher, registration greetersEvie Green and Grant Williams, in the Book Room

2008 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award: Sam Pierson
Read News Release

Sam Pierson is congratulated by Grant Williams Sam with her winning novel, Targets of Rage

2008 Nelson Poetry Book Award: Tom Mach
Read News Release

Tom Mach is congratulated by Grant Williams Tom Mach, 2008 Nelson Poetry Award winner, with Grant Williams

2008 Kansas History Book Award: Richard P. Tanos
Read News Release

Richard P. Tanos is congratulated by Grant Williams Grant with Rik Tanos, 2008 Kansas History Book winner

Read My Book: New books published since 2007 Convention

Rik Tanos, Grant Williams, Ursula Turner, Cynthia Ross, Eunice Boeve and Doris Schroeder

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Awards of Merit
Review Merit Award Honorees

Urusala Turner, Merit Awards chair for 2008, introduces awards presenters Tracy Million Simmons is congratulated by Joann Williams Susie Nightingale congratulates Tom Mach

William J. Karnowski Youth Poetry Awards

Alexandria Webb reads her first place poemAlexandria with her Karnowski Youth Poetry first place award
above: Alexandria Webb, First Place, Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest

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Poetry Literary Contest Results
See also: List of Poetry Contest Results
Evie Green and Tom Mach, classic poetry Barbara Brady, free verse Joan Breit, WhimsyEvie Green and Barbara Brady, themed poetry
Diane Palka, Barbara Booth, Evie Green and Barbara Brady, haiku

Prose Literary Contest Winner
See also: List of Prose Contest Results
Luanne French, Sam Pierson, Charlene Scott, prose short story
Evie Green, Judy Hatteburg, Sam Pierson, Tracy Million Simmons, Brabara Brady, and Ursula Turner, prose memoir Barbara Brady and  Ursula Turner, prose story for childrenLorene Joyce Herrmann, Luanne French, Ursula Turner, Tracy Million Simmons

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Youth Writing Contest Awards
See also: List of Youth Contest Results

below, Poetry
Youth Poetry Award winners, 2008

Prose: Fiction
2008 Youth Prose Fiction award winners

below, Prose: Non-Fiction
2008 Youth Prose Non-fiction award winners
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Invitation to 2008 Convention: Topeka, Oct. 16, 17 & 18, 2009

“Writing Is a Capital Idea”
The 2009 KAC Convention will be October 16, 17 & 18, 2009 at the Capitol Plaza in Topeka .

District 1 invites
Errol Anderson, verse 1 Heather Sells, verse 3 Carolyn Clark, Verse 2
Carol Yoho, verse 5 Evie Green, poem writer, handles the situation

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